Monday, September 29, 2008

Ryan's back!!

Ryan came home Saturday...thank goodness! I needed him home badly, for my sanity's sake. As soon as he came through the door Haley yells out, "We're a real family again!!!". Well said.

Not much went on this weekend. Sunday morning I was able to take Etta out, Jeff came with me. There's this great spot out by Provo airport, it's a dirt road that goes forever right along Utah lake. Etta can run free and I can practice training her somewhere other than our backyard. Plus it's pretty quite so she doesn't get distracted as easily. Right now I'm still working on the command "come" (she knows sit and stay pretty well now). She knows "come" by my calling the command and by the whistle but I want her to learn using only my hand signals...she's having trouble with that one. Anyway, eventually I'll need a field to practice in. My neighborhood is surrounded by fields, one after another, but all are fenced with "No Trespassing" signs. But on Sunday, Jeff and I spotted two pheasant hunters in a field hunting with their dogs. PERFECT! It turns out you have to be a member of the hunting club to go onto the field, but the owner said that I could use it any time to work with my dog. So I'm pretty relieved...I found a perfect spot super close to where I live.

In other news...It's amazing what school can do for your kids. They're like little sponges, taking everything in even when you think they aren't listening. The other day I was fixing the girls' their lunch when Haley started singing...I know what's new there, she's always singing! But then I started listening and realized she was singing the months of the order, starting from January to December!!! Wow! But then when I asked her to do it for Ryan when he came home she absolutely refused...I haven't heard her do it since. But then she has never done anything on command, she has always done things her way. But I was pretty impressed to say the least!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Not my finest...

It seems I've been having a lot of these lately...I'll blame it on the fact that Ryan has been gone since Sunday.

This evening I went a bit crazy! Do you ever have those moments that you look around the house and you just feel so closed in, surrounded by so much stuff that you just want to throw everything away?! Well, that's exactly how I felt when I walked into the girls' room. I didn't know where to begin!! Toys were everywhere!! Not to mention an opened shampoo bottle on the floor, a wet diaper (Morgan has been into striping lately), my broom and dust pan (I have no idea how those got there) and my scrapbooking pens (all with their caps off). You're probably asking where was I during all this...OK, I was talking on the phone to Ryan when they were getting into their shenanigans...but in my defense, this was my first time actually getting to talk to him longer than 3 minutes. I think we got to talk about 10 minutes this time...woo hoo!! He has been so super busy in Vegas usually we just say hi and then he talks to the girls a little bit and then it's "I love you, goodbye". So I heard the girls playing in their room when I was on the phone, I was just relieved that they weren't fighting and kept my fingers crossed and hoped for the best! Well, that didn't work out so well.

Anyway, so I walk into their room going into crazy mama mode. I brought in the trash can and just started throwing things away. NO, I didn't throw away their good toys, just junky, stupid toys that I have no idea where they came from and of course real trash, such as coloring book pages or torn up kid magazines. Haley started completely freaking out, "Don't throw away my toys, I love my toys, they're my favorite toys!!!!". Then she started yelling "Daddy is my best friend, he loves my toys too!!!!". Lovely.

So finally, after a bit of arguing and fussing...and one broken storage bin later, we got the room cleaned up.

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


...I've been off my game this week with my updates! I've gotta get on the ball!

So Ryan has been in Vegas this week, he left on Sunday and he'll be back on Saturday. And just for the record, we haven't had cereal for dinner yet this week!! Since Jeff is living here I thought I'd better keep on cooking dinners before he wastes away to nothing. He's lost about 10 pounds since he's moved here!!! He's loosing his freshman fifteen instead of gaining it! I swear there's food here, and I cook dinner every night...I promise!! Although, he wouldn't care if we did have cereal for dinner, he could live off that stuff! Last night I'm cooking dinner he asks, "Is there anything I can do to help you?" WHAT?!! Is that Jeff asking that?!!! WOW!!! So I told him there's a box of brownie mix...he can make some dessert. And he did!! That was super nice of him, and the girls were also very grateful! It certainly makes things easier for me when Ryan's gone.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Playhouse is Finished!!

I can't believe how hard my Grandpa and my Uncle worked on this playhouse...two days straight. They only took a break when they were eating lunch or had to make a quick run to the lumber yard...I'm so impressed!! It looks fantastic!! We just love it!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Playhouse is coming!!

We are awaiting the arrival of my grandparents and Uncle who are driving in today. My grandpa, that would be Haley and Morgan's Great Grandfather, is gracious enough to build a playhouse for our yard. This isn't just any playhouse either! It's going to be 6 feet square and 6 feet high, with a cute little porch. He has basically built most of it already, and he will assemble it when he gets here. They're driving in from the L.B.C. so I don't expect them until later this evening. I've been trying to decide on what colors to paint it...Haley wants green, but we'll see. It took me about 3 months to decide on the color for our living room/kitchen, so hopefully I don't take that long this time! Have I ever mentioned that I can be very indecisive!

On a different note... Morgan has been very interested in the potty these past several days. You would think I would be very excited about this, but to tell you the truth I am SOOOO NOT ready to potty train her! Maybe the last experience of training Haley is too fresh in my mind or maybe it's the fact that I'm trying to train a puppy where to poop...I don't need more poop messes right now! But whatever the reason I'm just not that into it. Of course I'm not going to fight the issue, but I'm not going to force it either. Yesterday, she peed in the potty. I know, I know that's very good! She still wears a diaper for now, but if she wants to use it, I'm certainly not going to say no. Haley is so funny, she's like Morgan's little cheerleader when she's trying to go. That's kinda cute! And Morgan sits there for the longest time squinting her eyes trying so hard to produce something...because the only thing she's really excited about is getting to use the toilet paper is she does go. It's the little things it life!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Losing my marbles...uh, I mean peaches!

A few years ago we planted a peach tree in our backyard, and finally, this year it's producing fruit! I've been keeping an eye on those peaches all year, the girls have been super excited about them too. They would always give me the latest update in size or color change in them, and they would never dare pick one! I would say we had over 30 growing earlier this, we have about 3 left...let me add, we have not even had one yet!!!! The thieves being my dogs...I love them, but man, can they drive me crazy!! In the beginning Cassidy could reach the low hanging ones, and Etta would run like crazy toward the tree and jump snatching them off in midair (kind of impressive really). Now that they've gotten all the low ones they have to get a little more creative. Cassidy has been on death's door several times this year with random illnesses, and her back legs are so bad she can barely hold herself up anymore. But when it comes to peaches, nothing stops her. I saw her the other day very carefully balancing herself on her hind legs and raising herself to get one. Of course I yell at her "NO!!" and race over there to protect my precious peach! Etta will grab hold of the lower branches and shake them vigorously until a peach falls. Now all that's left from my bounty are scattered peach pits throughout the hoo.

So not only is that going with our poor tree, but it's also on the verge of falling over! During the latest storm, the wind blew it so hard that it's now leaning way over. So I got some stakes to secure it and then put a little fence around it to keep Etta from gnawing on the ties that are holding it in place. It's also helping to prevent her from gnawing directly on the truck of the tree, another favorite pastime for her. That poor tree has really endured a lot this summer...I hope it survives all the abuse! And hopefully I'll get to try at least one peach this year!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Back to Monday...

We had a pretty nice weekend, the weather has been beautiful lately. The mornings are getting much cooler! Fall is definitely here... the leaves up in the mountains are already changing! I have to admit I do love this time of year, although I'm going to miss summer.

Anyway, back to the weekend. I was able to go on a hike Saturday morning, just me and the dog (Etta). It was wonderful!!! We hiked up Rock Canyon a ways, actually it was the furthest I've ever hiked up. Usually the kids are with us so we're kinda of limited to how far we can go. This time I just couldn't stop, it kept getting prettier every turn I took. And it was so nice to be alone, very soothing, and peaceful! It was much needed...thank you Ryan! I felt very refreshed when I got home!

Sunday we went on our morning ride up the canyon...kinda chilly! It won't be long and I'll have to wear leg warmers. Then Church followed by a visit to the park in the afternoon. We choose this park that has a huge field beside it so I could work with Etta while the girls played. However, that Sunday (usually no one is there on a Sunday) it was so crowed...I think it must have been a family reunion going on. So of course my training session was a disaster since Etta kept on getting distracted. I made up for it later that evening.

My training is going pretty well. I'm just working on the basics so far; sit, stay, come. I have to make sure she knows these all by hand motions too, along with whistle cues, because when she's in the field she may not be able to hear me. She does really well when we're in the moment of training, but as soon as the leash comes off and I use my cues she doesn't do it! It is very frustrating at times, but I'll keep trying. This has got to pay off eventually, right?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Trying to keep up!

During the past few weeks I've had to take Jeff to the mall on several occasions for him to pick up applications, return applications, and a few interviews. So I've had some time to do a lot of window shopping. The Fall fashions line the store fronts...and I've come to the conclusion that Ryan and I need new clothes!! I try so hard to keep up with the times; the clothes, shoes, hair styles, make-up, but no matter what, it seems I'm always falling behind. In my defense, a lot of the extra money goes to the kids and things they need since they're constantly out growing everything! Maybe I been feeling a little behind the times because I've been spending a lot of time on Jeff's college campus...that's just not a good place for me! I just feel old!! It feels just like yesterday that Ryan and I were walking around our college campus...looking cool of course. Where did the time go?! It's amazing how when you have kids life goes into super speed, and before you know it the cute shoes that you thought you bought last year are really from 5 years ago and not looking so cute anymore.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Little Teacher

So lately when I bring Haley home from Preschool she immediately turns into Miss Haley the school teacher, Morgan and Pooh Bear being her students. It's just so cute! She pulls out a stool for Morgan to sit on, and Poor Bear gets to sit on the diaper genie (lucky him) and she uses all the papers and projects she brought home that day as "work" for her "students" to do. And surprisingly, Morgan actually follows along with it! So sometimes, if I'm lucky, I get a few minutes to catch up on other things while they play nicely in the room.

Off the topic...but funny!

When Morgan wants to say cookie, she says it "dookie". It pretty much cracks us up every time! "I want a dookie please!" Ahhh, so funny!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Time to Vent!

I have a bone to pick with mothers who display too much perfection!! I just don't get it! Mothers need to see other mothers imperfections...a messy house once in a while, kids that don't always behave, a crappy dinner, you get the idea! This one family that used to live in my neighborhood ALWAYS had a perfect house, I could be just popping in one day...yep, PERFECT, not a crumb anywhere! And it seemed their kids always behaved well, they were little angels that never got a smudge on their clothes, chewed with their mouths closed, never once picked their noses, and never ever forgot to say please and thank you. (OK, I'm probably exaggerating quite a bit now) But is that possible!! I just leave their house feeling bad. We all want to make good first impressions, I understand that, but come one is perfect all the time! And I don't want people to think I am...I screw up probably on a daily basis. I could go on and on with all the things that I need to work on. I'm sure Ryan could add to my already long list, but, I'm trying every day to do the best I can. It's OK to have crumbs under the table sometimes, or dishes in the sink...and who cares if the whole family is still wearing pj's at 11:00 in the morning!! Yes, I know, I shouldn't compare myself to anyone...but come on...we all do it sometimes! I get on these tangents every now and then, and then I'm OK. One of the things I love best is when I get together with other mothers and hear all their crazy stories of know the stories that when it happened you're in tears, but later you laugh about it (goodness, I have a lot of those). I get sick of hearing about how life is so so perfect, nothing ever goes wrong, "What, your kid had a temper tantrum in the grocery store? My kids never do that!". UGH!

OK, I'm not sure I should even post this...I certainly don't want to offend anyone. But I'm all about honesty on this blog!

My point: Don't be a's OK to show other people your imperfections!! And if you are that perfect...well, then I think there's more that goes on behind closed doors that people just don't see. Nobody can be perfect all the time!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Fun Filled Weekend

One of the things I love about Utah, is how easy it is to get of town! Within minutes you can be up in the mountains making you feel you're hours away from home. Love that!
So anyway, we packed up the car Saturday morning and headed out to Nebo for an overnight camp trip. Packing the car was a process in itself!! I wish my camera was working because it was a sight to see! Ryan accomplished what I thought might me the impossible...I can't believe how much stuff we needed for just one night! Granted the dog box took up the majority of the space, and then after the camp kitchen was in, it didn't leave much room after that! But we managed to get everything we needed...and probably stuff we didn't really need.
So anyway, we found a nice little camp spot with a lake/pond in hiking distance, which was nice. We also took a drive in the afternoon further up Nebo Loop to take in some sights...beautiful! We ended the day with a campfire and smores...probably Haley and Morgan's favorite part! That, and sleeping in a tent...they just love it! However, that night I didn't get any sleep...that's usually a given when camping. It was Morgan's first time in her own sleeping bag...which she was super excited about! Morgan slept next to me, and she woke up about every 30 minutes (I may be exaggerating, but that's what it felt like). She would call out "Mommy!" and then reach out to me smashing her hands against every inch of my face. Yes,'s still me beside you!! So that wasn't very cool. And then sometime in the middle of night Etta needed out of her crate to go to the bathroom. So I got up to do that...but then I got scared standing outside the tent. I thought what if a bear attacks me and carries me away... my family wouldn't even know what happened to me! (Yes, I have a slight fear of bears.) So I poked my head into the tent and called Ryan's 10 times! He didn't I ended up finally getting his attention by throwing a shoe at him (don't worry, not at his head or anything). I just wanted him to be a little awake to he could rescue me in case something happened...makes sense right?! Luckily, there were no bears.
The next morning we had a great breakfast...something about cooking bacon or sausage in the great can't have a better start to the day!! That and Pringles with lunch seems to be a given when we camp. Chips were extremely rare growing up, but my mom always bought Pringles when we went camping...a tradition that I'm carrying on! I have such great memories of all the camping trips we went on growing up. It was so care free as a child. Now as a adult, I know what my parents went through for every camping's hard!! Preparing meals, cooking, cleaning the dishes, packing the car, not to mention the dirt that is accumulated everywhere! But it's so worth it! Haley and Morgan love it!!

Friday, September 5, 2008 rewarding!

This morning Jeff and I are talking in the kitchen while grabbing a quick breakfast. I realized that we had been talking for like 10 minutes without a single interruption from the girls...that's NOT a good thing!! Haley comes in the room with a ziplock baggie that she filled full of panties from her drawer. (Earlier, both Haley and Morgan were trying on all the different kinds of panties...whatever.) So anyway, I ask Haley where she got the ziplock baggie. She says she took out the cream that was in it so she could put her panties in it. OH NO!! I go running into the bedroom to find Morgan standing there without her diaper, rubbing the diaper cream all herself. Not to mention all over the floor! Of course Haley is absolutely no help...she gave me no warning that Morgan was getting into mischief. The funny part about the whole thing was when I was talking to Jeff, I was talking about how rewarding having children can be! Good timing Morggie!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Living with Jeffy boy!

So I'm not sure what's going through Jeff's head...maybe..."What on Earth am I doing here?!". Living in a house with two small children is a huge adjustment for him, actually I think he takes it quite well. He's such a mellow person, it would take a lot to make him go completely nuts.

He went with us today to drop Haley off at preschool so that we could get some errands done for him before his class. I kid you not, Morgan screamed the entire time we were driving around! We had to make a stop at the mall because he wanted to pick up some applications for a job. We were walking through the mall to the Buckle store (Morgan was not being the best child at the moment). Jeff's words to me, "Umm, are you coming in too?". I'm sure he was thinking, "Please, do not follow me into this store with that screaming child!!!". To his relief, I took Morgan into the Disney store while we waited for him to do his thing. Even if she was being good at that moment, I wouldn't have gone in with him, just for the record.

Then later today, after his class, he was supposed to get a ride home from our brother Matt (he is also taking classes there). They were going to meet up and maybe grab lunch together and do cool college type things. However, Matt wasn't able to get down there. So last minute I had to jump back in the car and go back to the school to pick Jeff up. I found him at the fountain in the center of campus looking very collegiate reading in the shade. And I looked anything but collegiate racing through the Student Center (the first fifteen minutes are free parking, hence the reason I was racing) toting two children. I'm sure I was the last person he wanted to see! Not really, he was very appreciative! I guess if you're other option is to walk home, he'll take a ride in the family wagon!

We have really enjoyed having him here, whether he feels the same...well, I don't know! But he's a very easy going person, and he can be very helpful with the girls. I'm sure he doesn't enjoy hearing the sound of dress up shoes on tile floors at 8:00 on a Saturday morning. Or the fact that he sits next to Morgan during dinner and has to dodge her sticky hands when she waves her arms around. Or sometimes he has to sit in the back middle seat, which is pretty tough for a tall guy. I do want to add that I take that seat a lot so he can have the front to make thing a bit easier, but sometimes he just has brush the cracker crumbs aside and bite the bullet!

Monday, September 1, 2008

The sweatsuits come out of the closet!

Well, today marks the first time in months that I've worn a sweatsuit. Yes, I don't care what the fashion gurus say about them...nothing beats a sweatsuit on a cold day! Gotta love them! Plus, you can find some really cute ones. My goal is to get myself and the girls matching ones just like in the movie Royal Tenenbaums...OK, not really.

So today, like I was saying, is cold and rainy along with lightning and thunder. Doesn't make for good Labor Day, although I do love listening to the thunder. We wanted to get out for a hike or something, but looks like we may be rained out, it doesn't look like it going to slow down any...bummer.

One good's a perfect cookie baking day!
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