Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Everyday life.

I realized as I was downloading my photos that nearly all of them posted today are selfies.
Weird.  I should probably do a better job taking pictures.

 A couple of weeks ago Ryan and I went to my employee work party at Sundance.  In the past we've had a sitter stay with the kids...but Haley is 11 1/2 and we thought, I bet they can take care of each other now.  We've left them alone plenty of times before, but never in the evening for multiple hours.  And I don't think we've ever left all four together at the same time...I've always feared they would just fight the whole time.  

So yeah, back to the date.  In preparation for them being alone, we picked up three (yes, three) movies from the library, ramen noodle cups (or salt cups as we call them), and popcorn.  You know, just the necessities for any child home alone.  My only rules: 1.  Everyone is safe and taken care of.  2.  The house isn't trashed.  And 3.  Everyone needed to be in jammies when we got home.

And I'm happy to report they did great.
The kitchen and family room were clean, and everyone had jammies on when we walked in...oh, and everyone was safe (most importantly!)
So, this has opened a whole new door of opportunities for Ryan and I!  It's a pretty nice feeling when we hit new milestones as parents...like having a child old enough now to watch the younger ones.  Wow...it's kinda weird...but cool too.

Carpooling to work with my little bro and co-workers.  
They keep me feeling young...or sometimes really old (I'm old enough to be some of my co-workers' mother...that's pretty scary!)...but whatever.  Speaking of old (just kidding, he's not old...yet), today is Jeffy's birthday!!  So Happy Birthday little bro!  When I grow up I want to ski just like you!!  Seriously people, he can rip the S#*t out of any mountain!  That's the truth!

 Speaking of ripping it up...Utah has been killing it with all the snow this year.
We took the family night skiing a week or so ago and it was dumping snow!
They met me up there after I finished working so I had a grand total of over 8 hours on the snow when the day was done.  I WAS BEAT!  But the girls had a ball, and there is nothing better than seeing my kiddos ski!

 Misty, the cat that decided to adopt us last Fall, is alive and well.  In fact she has claimed the upstairs (Haley's room in particular) as her own.  She rarely comes down stairs...if at all.  But when she does make an appearance she is the sweetest cat (and I'm not even a cat person!)

In other exciting news (exciting to me anyway), yesterday I hit my goal weight!
I have lost 8 pounds since the end of last summer and I'm pretty darn thrilled I achieved that!

Happy Tuesday ya'll!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The latest.

So what's been going on around here...

 ...my children continue to never where clothes, even when we have arctic temperatures outside.
I was lucky she had a shirt on this time.

 I have been working every weekend on the slopes...and let me tell ya, during the holidays I had to endure some pretty chilly temps...chilly as in below zero chilly!  Seriously, how did I survive?!  And more importantly, how did all those children who took lessons survive?!  Hot chocolate breaks are a must!  

We've been trying to get the kids skiing as often as possible.
Last week we had our most successful ski outing to date.  First off, everyone can ski independently now, which is pretty darn cool!  And secondly, not one kid complained or whined or cried...this is unheard of for our family.  Usually, there is always at least one kid having an off day.  Not this time!  Everyone was pumped and didn't want to stop skiing...we seriously had to drag them off the mountain when it was time to go home.  It was a dog gone miracle!

 Morgan making cookies.  
This girl loves crafting and cooking.

After work smooching.
If you can believe it, Rory snapped this photo.  She was perched up on the counter right beside my phone...so I found this photo along with a photo of our sink and one of our fruit bowl and another of the stove...you get the idea.  But I'll give her credit on this one.

So with that...hope ya'll are having a fabulous hump day!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas 2015

 Ryan and I got to bed around 12:30 after finishing all our little tasks that need to be done Christmas Eve.  As a child I remember being so excited it was hard for me to sleep...and now as an adult, I'm just as giddy...I'm just so excited to see my girls' eyes light up when they wake up and come down stairs.  Christmas is just so magical with children!

After Ryan and I went to bed we got a visit from Morgan about every 30 minutes until morning.  She would come in and say, "I can't sleep.  Is it morning yet?"  And we would respond the same way..."Does your clock say 7:00?  Then it's not morning..."  
Poor thing...I remember feeling her pain when I was her age.  Little did she know, I was just as restless with excitement!

But morning indeed came!
And so did Santa!!

Some top gifts were Penny boards and Polaroid mini cameras for the older girls, and new Razors and dolls for the little ones.
 The girls and I in our new Mexican house dresses.

It's all about the Pit Vipers this year.

We had my family over Christmas evening for a ham dinner and hot chocolate bar dessert...and MORE presents!

 It was a beautiful day!
But we missed my brother, Andrew, who's living in Big Bear.  Bummed he wasn't able to join us...next year, right Andrew?

This year has been loads of fun and I'm pretty sure 2016 won't disappoint!

Happy New Year ya'll!!
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