Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

This afternoon was all about carving the pumpkins. The girls came up with some great faces and did just about all the carving themselves. I even got in on the action...I'm so tired of missing out on EVERYTHING!

Tomorrow is the big day. We are celebrating my dad and my brother's birthday too...their birthdays are both on Nov. 1 and it's tradition to celebrate them on Halloween. All the festivities are going to be at our house...because, you know...I'm tired of missing out on EVERYTHING!

Their masterpieces.

I was really debating putting this next picture of me in the bunch...I know I look like crapola.
But, I want to document that I was a part of at least some things that are happening around this house. So yeah, go easy on me please.

You know, I haven't put make-up on in 7 weeks.
I haven't done anything with my hair other than pull in back in 7 weeks.
I haven't driven a car in 7 weeks.
I haven' know...with Ryan in 7 weeks.
Okay, I'm way off topic...we're talking about pumpkins here!
Bottom line...bed rest is awful.

Halloween, here we come!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Pictures of the week.

Haley was scootering home from school and as she pulled up the walk to our house I could hear her say, "Oh my, look at all these leaves!!! I have a lot of raking to do!". And she pretty much got right to it! What a helper...and in her tutu no less. Just because you are working in the yard doesn't mean you can't still be glamorous!

When Piper sees me with the camera she smiles big and says "Cheese". Actually, it's more like "Eeeeeee", but we know what she's trying to say.

Morgan LOVES being a big sister...maybe too much. She is ALWAYS picking Piper up and carrying her around the house or smothering her with hugs and kisses. Half the time Piper screams out to be left alone...a girl needs her space every now and then!

I am now 35 weeks. 2 weeks left of bed rest...oh, how I long for this to be over.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

All hyped up.

I'm sure my kids aren't the only ones who get super excited around the holidays. If it was possible to keep them in the dark until the day of the actual holiday I totally would! But, you just can't keep Halloween secret, or Christmas for that matter...they are old enough now that they are keeping track of every day that passes, counting down the days. And in the meantime they are wired in the day and sleeping very little at night. It happens every year in the Fall. No matter what time we put them to bed, they are up early with tons on their mind. Yesterday Haley and Morgan were going full blast preparing themselves for "jammie day" at school. After school they both ran upstairs picking out their favorite jammies and immediately putting them on. That's right, jammies already on at 4:00 in afternoon. And of course they were both up around 6:15 completely geared up for the least I didn't have to worry about them finding an outfit to put on this morning.

So with all the excitement comes more behavior's bound to happen when kids are so hyped up and not sleeping well. Anyway, today Morgan was talking back and refused to go upstairs when I told her to. Now remember, I'm on bed rest so I can't really take her by the arm and escort her upstairs myself. So, I used the infamous line, "Morgan, if you do not get up those stairs right now...........then something REALLY bad is going to happen." I know, totally weak...but I could not think of any good consequence at the time. I was certain she would call me bluff. But, she didn't. She decided not to stick around to find out what the "REALLY bad thing" was and went straight upstairs.

I love it when a bad parenting moment actually works out. I don't think that phrase will work too much longer though.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cross Out Cancer

Yesterday Ryan took the girls to Wheeler Farm in SLC to participate in the Cross Out Cancer event. They held a run in the morning and cross races the rest of the day, complete with children's races. The funds went to the Huntsman Cancer Institute and Livestrong. When he was registering, Ryan asked the guy if he could chose exactly where his money went. The guy quickly responded, "Oh, you want to make sure your money goes to Huntsman huh?" Hmmmm, something tells me Ryan wasn't the first to ask this question. (We have some strong feelings about Livestrong, and where exactly that money is going. But that is a completely different post...and we won't go there!) Unfortunately, the funds just go into one big there is no telling where it goes...I'll very well assume that our money went to the Huntsman Institute.

Anyway, enough of that. Back to the races. Of course again I'm super bummed I missed out on yet another fun outing...such is life.

The girls were super excited, even though neither one has any experience off road. The turnout was huge...well over 50 kids. Ryan said it was complete chaos, but everyone was having fun.

On the line, ready to go.

Ryan said that Haley was near the back when they were getting everyone to the line. In seconds she had wiggled her way through the crowd to the front of the line with all the older kids. Wow, she's just like her dad! She also insisted that her stuffed monkey remain in her basket for the race...oh, and some water.

I'm thinking we may have to upgrade their bikes next Spring, they're looking a little big on them. Shessh, kids grow too fast!

It looked like a lot of fun...and what beautiful weather! We've been very lucky to have such a nice Fall!

What did I do while they were gone? Oh, I read the paper. My dad stopped by for a visit. I watched an "Up All Night" and a "Modern Family" episode on Hulu. And I bought a couple of things for the girls for Christmas. Yeah, that's right people...I'm on it this year!

Thrilling afternoon for me, huh?

My mom is on the mend after her grueling day with the flu. I'm still a little on edge that the girls or I may still get it. I just don't want to go into labor at the same time as having the flu...what a nightmare that would be!

On a different note...I've been in my jammies all day so far today. One of these days, when I'm off bed rest I'll be able to dress in something other than sweats (or jammies in this case), do my hair and put on make-up...maybe then I'll feel pretty again. That will be nice.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Houses

The girls have Thursday and Friday of this week off...Fall break. Fall break is originally because of the deer hunt...a little perk of living in Utah. So yesterday a friend came over with her daughter to make Halloween houses with the girls. What a fun project! I sat outside for over two hours. It felt so good to feel the sun on me and chat the afternoon away with her and my mom while the kids played. I needed a good dose of Vitamin D!

I had Morgan take pictures of the houses for me, so the quality may not be all that great. But, I think the houses turned out really, I mean spooky!


Extra house that Haley started.


My mom's


My dad drove in yesterday from Long Beach, it's so nice to have him back in town. Unfortunately, I think my mom is down for the count. She woke up this morning with what we think are the startings of...yes, the dreaded flu. I just feel awful about it. I thought we were all in the clear now, apparently not. Damn.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mid week update

My mom and I have been going through all my bins of girl clothes and getting them organized. They were organized at one point...honest. I guess after a few years I just got lazy and started throwing things into whatever bin I could get my hands on. Now, they are all neatly labeled: 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 2 T, 3 T, get the idea. It's wonderful having things in their proper places. Hopefully, I'll keep it that way. But anyway, we pulled out all the newborn stuff. I know it hasn't been all that long since I had Piper wearing that stuff, but oh, how I loved seeing it all again! Little layettes, and sleepers...dresses, and booties! So cute! It makes me very excited to see our newest little member of our family.

We're still working on names. One name keeps coming to the table, so we may have a winner. But you'll just have to wait to find out what it is. Don't you just hate when people do that!

Illness update. Ryan is on the mend today. He was sick ALL day was awful! But he went back to work today and seems to be feeling much better, thank goodness! Piper was next...she threw up 3 times in about an hour span and then she was perfectly fine for the rest of the day. In fact, she was starving at dinner! Scarfed down everything! Aren't kids weird when it comes to being sick? I mean how can she been barfing one second and then inhaling her food the next? Strange...but a good thing I guess. Everyone else seems to be doing fine, but then I've been there, done that. Just when you think you're in the clear...BAM, someone else gets sick. And why is it we are always dealing with a stomach bug in this house?! It has only been FOUR months since the last time the kids were harfing! What's up with that?! I just can't win.

By the way...I'm going on 34 weeks (did I already mention that).

I'm thinking a picture is in order in soon.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My poor Ryan.

As if things couldn't get any Ryan's sick. And I mean sick, harfing sick. Why????? Talk about bad timing. Poor guy, he looks absolutely miserable. After a rough night he says to me, "It's okay...I think I can still go to work." Uh...yeah right, Ryan...nice try. He's been quarantined in our bedroom for the day. No children can enter that room! I cannot have anyone else getting sick!! We'll just open the door a crack and throw in an occasional Gatorade or Sprite. "Here Ryan, CATCH!" Just kidding, we're taking good care of him...promise.

Had my check-in with the doctor today. Come Wednesday, I'll have three weeks left of bed rest. I'm on the downslide now...I think it's uplifted my spirits a bit. He may take me off my contraction meds at 36 weeks...we'll see. I go back in two weeks. I can do it!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mountain on Fire

The view from my porch.
It looks much better in me!

I'm glad I have this amazing view from my front makes me happy.
I love where I live.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Feeling a bit down today.

I've been confined to a silent house all afternoon and evening...going on 6 1/2 hours now. Ryan took Haley and Morgan to a Fall type carnival thing and Piper is at my mom's house. I know having a long uninterrupted break from a chaotic household sounds lovely to any other mom. And normally it would be pretty nice for me too. But, I'm limited with what I can do to pass the time. And something about this very quiet house makes me really miss my family. I get sad very easily. I miss being a normal family. I wanted to go with them today.

Why is this so hard for me?

People may think, "How hard can it be? Give me a break?"
But seriously, bed rest is torture for me.

Having my mom here during the week helping me has been my saving grace. I know she's working really hard with keeping our routine with the kids, but we get to chat throughout the day and that helps pass the time. There's also meal planning that we have to do and I do homework with the kids and my mom and I have been doing a lot of organizing (well, as much as I can do from the couch that is)...all these things keep my mind occupied. I feel a bit more involved during the week...which is nice.

But come the weekend...I really start to get down. I want to join in with the family activities...making a big breakfast, taking the dogs to the park, going on a hike to see the Fall colors (which look amazing from my window by the way), just normal family stuff. I miss it. Sometimes I long for the week to start again, just so it's normal everyday stuff (school, homework, dinner) I don't feel like I'm missing out as much. But, I'm glad my family is having fun. I know the girls are having a great time. I just wish I could see them having a great time...hopefully Ryan got some good pictures of them running around today.

This is TEMPORARY...I need to keep reminding myself.

Yes, I know I'm wallowing again. But you know what? This is my journal! And if I feel sad or down or frustrated, I need to write about it. It helps...a little.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Half way baby.

Movie night with the girls. Feature attraction: Balto.

Morgan and Piper enjoying their juice drinks outside.

Every time I begin a post I start to complain...I've written so many, just to delete them in the end. I'm tired of complaining. And really, I have no right to complain...not when everyone around me is working so hard. Yes, I'm frustrated! But my life isn't the only one that's been disrupted. So, I want people to know how much I appreciate them...because I do.

Just so you know...I'm now 33 weeks. I'm at my halfway point! 4 weeks down...4 to go.

Friday, October 7, 2011


* I went to the doctor yesterday for a check-up. I got to bypass the waiting room and went straight back to see the doctor...they didn't want me out of "bed" for more than I needed to be. So that's a highlight of bed rest...I get quick service! They gave my mom some major kudos for looking after my family...they even gave her a free flu shot! Now everyone has been given a flu shot in this household (except for Ryan who is a flu shot hater). But, no matter how hard we try to avoid illness, someone always still gets sick.

So yeah, the doctors visit...when talking, he told me that if I were to go into labor right now, the baby would most likely be about 3 pounds and have to be in the NICU for 4-6 weeks. This kinda put it all in perspective for me. A reminder that it's not about job is to protect this little matter how hard bed rest is! I need to be more positive instead of wallowing around...THIS IS TEMPORARY!!

* We got our first snow of the season yesterday. I couldn't believe it. Granted it was a slushy, wet snow that didn't stick on the ground or anything...but still, it was snow falling from the sky! It's been quite chilly all week and for the past two days I've had the heat on in the house. Actually, it's a cozy feeling sitting in a warm house looking out the windows while it's raining/snowing. My mom made chili and corn bread last was the perfect meal to complement the cold day. I do look forward to all the comfort food Fall and Winter bring!

* My neighbor got my mom and I started on Drop Dead Diva, a show that I think airs on Lifetime. Anyway, she came over Monday and we watched the first show of the first season on her Netflix. We can get together when Haley and Morgan are both at school and Piper is napping (quiet house!) It made for a very girly afternoon watching TV and eating fruit and chocolate!

Another week down...go me!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

3 Weeks down...hoping for 5 more.

I know I've been MIA this past week. I just wanted to give a quick post to report that yes, I'm still pregnant. And yes, I'm still on bed rest. I'm going on three weeks of bed rest tomorrow...ugh. And of course I'm hoping that I will remain on bed rest for the rest of October and then some. It's a real pain to absolutely hate bed rest and being completely miserable, yet, I have to hope that I'll be on it for a long time. Weird how that is. In case you're wondering I'll be 32 weeks and the end of the week. Remember...I'm hoping to get to at least 37 weeks. Five weeks to go...oh my, give me strength.

My mother-in-law was in town last week helping us out. She left on Sunday and now my mom has taken over.'s a full time job!! Have I mentioned how grateful I am for family? Well, I am!!

And of course Ryan has never been busier...what a guy! Working full time and taking over a ton more responsibilities around the house and nightly duties when children cry out or can't sleep, yadda, yadda. All this and no sex (doctor's orders)...what a bum deal. This is when a sister wife would come in handy...KIDDING!!!! You can see what sitting of a sofa can do...I'm getting crazy these days...saying what ever comes in my head. Better move on to something else.

The nurse from my doctor's office calls me twice a week to check up on me. We might start sharing recipes or something before we know it we talk so often. Anyway, she says that the doctor is actually having me leave the sofa to come in and see him on Thursday. Just a routine check: baby's heartbeat, my weight (I really don't want to know that one), and I'm not sure if he's going to check me (as in to see if I've dilated more since two weeks ago). Let's hope not!

I've got to schedule Piper's 18 month check up soon. I can't believe she's already 18 months! She's become a little more vocal...she knows "Mommy" and "Daddy" (although she tends to use Mommy for Ryan and Grandma too). She says "owie" when she's hurt. When it's time to go somewhere she says "Go, go, go" all the way to the door. And just recently she started trying to mimic the girls when the yell out "echo". Although when Piper says it it comes out more like "decho". What a cutie she is.

And since we're talking about what kids say I'll leave you with a Morgie quote for the day.

"You know...poop is a bad word. Like you don't say "I just went poop" to people. You shouldn't do that."

Words to live by.
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