Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Yes...that's right...snow. Ugh! I'm so not in the mood to see snow at this point, and unfortunately, I think we're going to see more tomorrow. Not happy about that. At least I don't have to go anywhere. Just brewed a pot of decaf. Warm cup of decaf + the last piece of gooey butter cake = a beautiful thing! I have such a weakness for cake in the morning...I just can't resist! I had to kind of sneak it while Morgan played in the other room. I hid out in the kitchen and every time Morgan came running in the room I had to quickly stash the cake behind something so she couldn't see it. I know...I'm awful...I can't even share with my own daughter! Now that I think about it...Big pregnant lady hiding out in the kitchen eating cake...hmmm...doesn't sound very flattering. Well, I figure I'll get back on track after I pop this baby out...honest.

It seems everyone in this house is sick. Morgan is still recovering with a lingering cough that just won't quit. Ryan has had a nasty cold since last week and has been getting limited sleep. His hacking at night combined with my apparent snoring (I blame it on the pregnancy because I'm NOT a snorer normally!!) it doesn't make for very good sleeping conditions. Also, this pregnancy is doing a number on my hips. Since I can only sleep on my sides combined with the extra weight/pressure on them, it gets to be very painful. So that results in me flopping from side to side all night, which let me add, is no easy task! Ahh, do we sound glamorous or what?! And Haley seems to be getting another cold! Will this ever end?!

Today is my last window to go into labor. After that, I've got to make it to Monday. So, here's to NOT going into labor for four days...wish me luck!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Baby update.

I just got back from my appointment...nothing has changed. I'm still dilated to nearly 3 cm and 75 effaced. How can that be?! I thought for sure I'd be a 4 and he would be like, "Well, lets go ahead and induce you today." But no...the waiting game continues. And to make things worse, I thought it was just Saturday and Sunday that I couldn't go into labor, but now, starting Wednesday night through Sunday my doctor will be out of town. Which means if I go into labor any of those days I'll have to go to the bigger hospital and pay the big bucks. If I wasn't already completely paranoid. And it's Easter weekend! How can I just sit around and relax?! There's so much to do!! girl number three...again...DO NOT decide to arrive Wednesday night through Sunday...bad days...very bad you hear me?! You don't want a grumpy mommy the day you come into the you?! (I'm just kidding around, I'll be very happy to see you...but seriously...don't come on those days!)

In other news, my parents arrived last night. Very exciting! They get to stay for a while...hopefully through the end of May! I love it when family is near!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Look Back

First of all, let me just say that Morgan does NOT have a fever this morning!!! In fact she didn't have a fever all day yesterday either...I'm so excited! I think my Morga Muffin is on the road to recovery! Yay!

I thought I'd post some pictures of my growing belly. I had Ryan take my picture the other night to make sure we captured the ninth month, I didn't want to pop before I documented it. So if I make it closer to 40 weeks (which I doubt) I'll have to post another.

Anyway, here we go.

3 Months
Don't you just want to smack the woman in this photo?!
3 months pregnant and sporting a little thin body...ugh!! Oh little skinny
body, I miss you...will I ever see you again?!

Almost 20 weeks...the half way point.

25 Weeks/6 Months

33 Weeks/ 8 Months

37 Weeks/ 9 Months
Ready to pop!
Apparently some people are making predictions on when they think I'll go into labor...the babypool on Twitter. I'm not on Twitter, but I'll go ahead and make my prediction...I can make my own prediction right?! I'm gonna say...Wednesday, March 31. But I would really like it if she's born on April 2. Oh wait...then I'd miss Easter with my family. I take it back, I would like to have this baby the Monday after Easter...April 5th! Yeah...April 5th...perfect! I definitely don't want an April Fools baby. Have I mentioned that I'm really bad at making predictions. Watch, I'll probably make it to my scheduled day to be induced, April 9th.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Not out of the woods yet.

I thought we were in the clear, Morgan didn't have a fever for over a 24 hour period. However, by yesterday late afternoon it returned. We're devastated yet again. How can this be?! I took her to the after hours care...the earliest I could get in was 8:00 that night. I need answers! I'm supposed to protect her...I supposed to make everything better! I feel absolutely helpless with this one!

As we're waiting for the doctor, Morgan is nearly asleep on my lap, and she says to me, "Mommy, can eating leaves make you sick?". "No", I say. "Why, did you eat a leaf?". In a small voice she answers, "Yeah." (I'm sure she didn't actually eat a leaf, but I wouldn't be surprised if she put it in her mouth). I thought of all the times I've told the girls to keep things out of their mouths because "it will make you sick." I use that phrase A LOT! "Stay out of the gutter!! It will make you sick!"..."Don't put that in you mouth, it will make you sick!!"..."Wash your hands! Or you will get sick!" So now, my poor little Morgie is probably going back thinking of all the things she did that may have gotten her sick. I assured her it was NOTHING that she did that made her sick. I'll try not to use that phrase so much...I certainly don't want my kids to be paranoid!

So, basically the doctors are baffled. They don't know what's causing her fever other than a viral respiratory infection. There are no red flags that indicate a major problem with the tests they've done so far. So, again, we wait. If she still has a fever on Thursday, I need to take her back in again and she'll most likely have to go through a series of tests...again. I really hope it doesn't come to that. I've gotten to a point now that I'm terrified to take her temperature...I'm scared at what I might see.

In the meantime...I'm surprised that baby number three hasn't fallen out of me yet. I'm dilated to nearly 3 cm, and I'm 75% effaced. And despite, I'm not in labor yet. I guess some people thought I was from Ryan's update on his blog. Hopefully, the baby will wait until the house is healthy before making her appearance...that would be nice.

Also, good doctor as told me that he is willing to deliver my baby at MY hospital!! I nearly broke into tears when he told me that! However, if I go into labor Easter weekend, he wouldn't be able to (he is not on call that weekend)...I would have to pay more and go to the bigger hospital. So...Little Baby number three...DO NOT decide to come Easter weekend!!! You have many other days to choose from...just NOT those two days!! Got it?! Although if I had to guess, I'm thinking this baby is coming before Easter...but that's just my opinion.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Morgan Update six. It was low grade and I thought she would snap out of it, so I opted not to get her blood checked. Well, her fever spiked over 102 in the late afternoon. Devastated. Decided to get her blood tested Monday morning...first thing.

Monday...Day seven with a fever. Ryan came with me to the hospital for Morgan's blood work. I figured they would need Morgan to sit on someones lap to help restrain her. And since I don't have any lap to speak of at this point, I needed his. I took Haley with me to wait in the lobby while Ryan stayed with Morgan. I didn't want Haley to get upset watching. I was so so nervous for Morgan and scared...I cried while I waited...I know, my emotions are totally out of control right now. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for them to come out of the lab. I pictured Ryan holding Morgan, and Morgan crying uncontrollably with a look on her face that said, "How could you do that to me?!! WHY would you hurt me like that?!". But surprise, surprise, they came out all smiles! Morgan got a big a sticker, and she was super excited about her cool little bandage on her hand. Ryan said she didn't even make a peep! Wow! She's definitely braver than me! I feel faint just looking at a needle! And yes, I know, I'm having a baby in less than a month...I'll have to face all my hospital fears very soon. But anyway, I was so glad Morgan wasn't completely traumatized like I thought she would be! Yay, for Morgie!

She's still had a fever today, but pretty low. And as far as her blood results go...they couldn't find any major problems. They did notice that her inflammatory levels (not sure that's the right term) were elevated. So bottom line...if she still has a fever tomorrow morning I have to bring her back in to get her lungs checked case of pneumonia. She went to bed with a temp of 99.6...not much, but we'll see happens over night. I want my healthy Morgie back!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Getting Desperate!

Morgan woke up to a fever five. I really thought she would have recovered by now. She keeps saying, "Mommy, I don't want to be sick anymore!". Oh, she's breaking my heart!

This week has been one of the worst! I'm completely drained and at my wits end! I want answers!! What does she have?!

After a slight breakdown...crying to Ryan...crying to my mom...I decided to take her back in to see a doctor. A nurse saw her yesterday, and nothing against nurses, but I just wanted a doctor's opinion...and a piece of mind. Well, he ended up reviewing her X-Ray, because he said she did sound pretty bad in her lungs. But infection. He assumes it's a virus as well. Her tongue and lips are covered with fever blisters, another sign that it's probably a virus. If she still has a high temp tomorrow I'm supposed to take her in to get some blood work done. I really would like to avoid just doesn't sound very pleasant for a little three year old to go through!

So, here's to hoping for a healthy little girl tomorrow...we cannot bare another day of this!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Doctors or No Doctors

I never know what to do when one of my kids get sick. Meaning, are they sick enough for a doctor's visit or not. I agonize over this. I don't want to pay a $20 co-pay just to be told to "keep an eye on her", or "give her lots of fluids", or something else I already know. But of course I don't want it to be something serious and I don't take her in just because I want to save $20...what kind of mother is that?! So, I spend my entire day deciding on what to do, nothing else gets done. Dinner, laundry, cleaning, taking care of the dogs, errands, everything goes to the wayside while I take care of and cuddle my little sickie. I ended up making an appointment yesterday afternoon, just to cancel it fifteen minutes before it. Morgan was sleeping! I couldn't bare to wake her up! Terrible?...maybe. I decided that if she had a fever in the morning I'd take her in. Well, this morning she had a four. I took her in.

Because she had a lung infection in the Fall, they thought it would be a good idea to X-Ray her lungs to rule that out. Well, after three hours of running and waiting around at the doctor's office and then at the hospital, oh and a quick stop at McDonald's in there (it was out of desperation) we made it home. Results: lungs are fine. Apparently she has a virus. The nurse says to me over the phone, "Just keep an eye on her and make sure she gets lots of fluids." Thanks...

Don't get me wrong...I'm very relieved that my little Morgie doesn't have anything serious. I'm more than happy to giver her more cuddles.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nice Temps...Rough Week

I'm loving this Spring weather! Unfortunately, it hasn't been the best week ever.

Let's see...I guess I'll start with my St. Patrick's Day dinner flop. I had it all planned out, Irish Stew for dinner and green cake for dessert (a tradition that I started last year). My kids have been a little under the weather this week...on and off again fevers with cold symptoms. But yesterday morning Haley seemed fine, so I sent her off to school. Morgan had a little temp. but I reeeally needed to get to the store to get the stuff for dinner. So gave her some meds and she was good to go. But unfortunately they didn't have the crucial ingredient that I needed for the stew...LAMB. I didn't have time to go anywhere else since Haley's bus was going to be back. Okay, scratch the Irish Stew, we'll have to settle on pulled beef sandwiches with strawberry spinach salad...I know, not very Irish. But I was still going to have a green cake!

Later that day Morgan's fever jumped up and then Haley decided she didn't want to be left out and came down with a fever as well. Movie time! While they cozied up with a blanket and watched a movie I started on the green cake. I decided to make a new recipe of vanilla cupcakes and just dye the frosting green. Honest, I followed the recipe, but everything was going wrong! The batter looked like play-doe that had been left out for a day...DRY...and not at all "batter" like. So I added a little more oil, and a little bit of this and a little bit of that, trying my best to salvage what I had. It thinned out slightly, but I still had to scoop the "batter" into the cupcakes liners as if it was cookie dough...whatever. Luckily they came out looking more or less like cupcakes. On to the frosting. Long story short: I started a fire in the microwave trying to melt chocolate, I put in waaaaay too much butter, I didn't cream the ingredients right and it came out lumpy. I tried to add a little bit of this and a little bit of that to make it work...but it didn't...I ended up with green slime...which wouldn't have been that bad if it at least it tasted didn't. No green dessert. Just weird looking cupcakes, with a not-at-all Irish dinner. And I never did get to my Leprechaun scavenger hunt I planned for the kids.

*sigh* I guess I can't win them all.

Now, this morning...Haley woke up feeling great and went to school. Morgan on the other hand, not so much. She had a temp of 102.9 before bed. So basically I worried all night, I'd check on her constantly, take her temp, give medicine, lay with was loooong night. She woke up with a low temp and looking awful! She ended up throwing up twice, water mostly. I think it may be a gagging reflex with her cough...not sure...but, definitely not good. She's taking a little nap on the living room floor right now. And I have hunch, there's going to be much TV and cuddling time today. My little Morgie, she always gets hit the hardest when illness runs through the house. And here I thought we were done with all the sickies!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Missing Jeffy

Yesterday afternoon the girls and I took Jeff to the airport. He's spending his Spring break back home in Long Beach. We hung out with him while he was getting his boarding pass and then said goodbye to him before he went through security. At the Salt Lake airport they have a balcony that overlooks the security line, so the girls and I waited up there to watch him walk through the line and every now and then he looked up at us we'd wave. And then finally right before he went out of sight, one last wave...I know, I'm a little dorky...but he amused the three of us and waved back, even if he did think we were dorks. On the way back to the car Haley was a little quiet. I asked if she was alright and she immediately burst into tears. "I don't want Jeffy to leave! He needs to stay with US! I'm going to miss him so much!" You wouldn't think Jeff has had that big of an impact on the girls...but he does...more than he thinks! She calmed down on the way home after I assured her that he would be back in a week. We are all are going to miss our Jeffy!

Jeff took his bike with him, so we had to take his Suburban to the airport to fit everything. Which meant, I had to drive it home. Love it! It's like driving a tank! I can't wait until we get a big family car...which hopefully will be sooner than later!

In other news, we've been having such nice weather! Yesterday afternoon I was able to leave the back door open while I folded clothes. The girls were playing out back and the dogs could come in and out as they pleased. This time of year is so nice because there aren't any flys to get into the that! And our backyard is drying up, yay! No more mud pit!

But with all this nice weather, something has to go wrong. Morgan woke up with a fever this morning. Not sure what's that about. So we'll have to take it easy today and stay home. We'll still have to soak in that sun though...gotta get our hit of Vitamin D!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Etta and Cassidy

Isn't this picture the sweetest thing?! I just love it!
Every so often Jeff will change the photo that's on our screen saver. Usually, he'll find some goofball photo, or a photo that someone looks really bad in. But this was his latest. It's from 2008 when Etta was just a puppy. When Etta wasn't harassing Cassidy: biting her ears, pulling on her tail or jumping on her...she would be doing this. Oh, how we miss our Cassidy.
Just thought I'd share!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Chums Classic

This weekend is the kickoff for Utah racing with the stage race Tour Del Sol. Ryan mentioned it in his last post. I know he's bummed that he's not doing it. The idea was to take the whole family down to St. George for the race...get a little sun! But since I'm just about in my ninth month, I just don't feel comfortable leaving town. Ahh, the joys of living with a knocked up wife!

The stage race is called Tour Del Sol...but back in the day it was called Chums Classic. Ryan mentioned the fact that I raced it 15 or so years, memories! First off, it's hard to imagine myself as a bike racer, it just seems forever ago! But none the less, I'm proud of the fact that I was once a competitive athlete...really...I was...honest! And...I enjoyed it!

So I dug up a picture from that very race. Here we're rolling out for the road race. I'm sure you can pick me out.
Really the only things I remember about this race was that it was FREEZING when we started, but I was boiling up by the end. And the fact that it was really hard. Oh, and I remember seeing a woman popping a squat to pee right beside me as we were staging for the race. I know we all need to go...but come on, she could have gone behind a car or something! Be discreet a little at least.

So there you have it, a little tidbit of my past.

In other news...hmmm...well, not much to report. I have been really tired lately! All I want to do is nap and sit around. Let's just hope it's because I'm 35 weeks pregnant and not just being lazy. I'm waiting for this so called "nesting" instinct to kick in soon, as I have tons to do!

One of the biggest things on our mind is the fact that this baby needs a name!! We have a few ideas, but nothing set in stone. It's just so hard for me to settle on anything. And the fact that we have gone through our girl names twice now...I'm running out of ideas! I'll go ahead a say that Kate has always been a name I've loved. But it's just so darn common! So it may have to be a middle name or we'll just throw it out. I'm not going to share any of our runners'll just have to wait! However, I will take suggestions if you have them!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Fairy Tea Party

The girls had so much fun at the Fairy Tea Party Saturday! These are times that I'm just so lucky to have two little girls! Getting them all dressed up with frilly girly things is the best, and the fact they love it too makes it even better! The only things I needed to get were the fairy wings and I also made little head pieces for them to wear. Other than that, we had everything we needed.

Here are the head pieces. I think they turned out pretty cute!

Haley was so excited when they brought out little plates of muffins, cookie, strawberry and couple other little things to eat. "Look Mommy!! They're giving us REAL food!!!". That's right...this is the real deal, no imaginary food at this tea party!

I was really impressed with the library staff and the show they put on. It's so fun to see the librarians all dressed up!

The Fairy King and his court.
Before the Tea began all the kids got to walk down a little catwalk, do a little spin and then curtsy in front of the King. So cute!
They also had performances from several ballerinas.
The girls are already talking about going next year!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Attitude adjustment...

...I'm in serious need of one! I woke up cranky. Maybe it was the five inches of snow outside that greeted me, and the fact that it was still coming down hard. I'll just blame it on that. That would make anyone cranky...seeing snow in March and April...I hate it! My backyard was just starting to dry out and the lawn was coming back. Now, we're back to the mud pit and muddy dogs. And, to add to the mud, now both dogs are in heat...yes, lovely.

I'm full of complaints today.

At least the sun is out now, and it's surprisingly warm! The girls are outside playing with just jeans, long sleeve t-shirts and snow boots. I think they're playing in the gutter...that's nice, and clean. I think Haley is collecting the worms from the gutter....ahhh, good times. They ran inside a minute ago and grabbed a couple of plastic bowls to puts rocks from the gutter of course. Why is the gutter so fascinating for kids...okay, my kids?!

One good thing about this time of year with the warmer temps...the kids are out and about in the neighborhood! I love it! I'll send my girls out to play and within minutes there will be several other kids playing in our front yard. And, I love the fact that I know every child that comes around I know, and I know their parents...very well. I love that! Right now the little girl from across the street is playing with my girls. I wonder what she thinks of my girls playing in the gutter? Oh well, they're having fun, and that's what matters.

Anyway, I'm glad it's Friday. Tomorrow I'm taking the girls to a Fairy Tea Party hosted by the local library. They get to dress up as fairies and boy, are they excited! And then of course the Academy Awards are on Sunday. I haven't seen one movie that's up for awards, but you know, it's still fun to watch. Another excuse to eat junk food and sweets...I'm all over it!'s to a fun weekend! No more bad attitude!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I had my 34 week check-up this morning. The doctor took the B-strep culture, or whatever it's called...checking for a particular bacteria or something...very routine. Anyway, I asked if he was going to check me to see if anything is going on down know, if I'm dilating or anything. He said he wasn't going to, but would if I wanted him to. I was like...well, since I'm undressed and all, you might as well! Morgan was with me, kinda awkward. She kept trying to see what the doctor was doing...and...well, it's kinda hard to grab her when I'm all layed out on the table. Luckily the nurse kept her corralled by my head. Thank you nurse, you saved my daughter from being permanently traumatized for the rest of her life! So anyway, back to this thrilling exam. Turns out, I'm 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. I think it mostly means that I get to walk around uncomfortable longer. Although, the doctor is predicting I'll go early. We'll see, I was dilated to a 3 the entire last month with Morgan, and she was you never know!

I can definitely feel that this baby has dropped down. The pressure down there has really seems to get worse for every pregnancy. I have to be careful...I don't want to get the pregnancy waddle. But sometimes it's hard to avoid when you have a bowling ball between your legs!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Morgan's turn to hit the slopes.

The weather has been so nice these past couple of the 50's!! So last night we took advantage of the warmer temps and had Morgan take her turn at skiing. As soon as Ryan got home from work we scarfed down some dinner and headed up to Sundance. Haley and I went along too to cheer her on. Morgan was so excited! And I must say she did great for her first time!
Does this little girl look excited to ski, or what?!

I have to hand it to Ryan...having to be in the bent down position to hold Morgan up for extended periods of time has got to be hard for a tall guy! He would let her go when they neared to bottom of the bunny run and she would just fly down...she hasn't got the whole snow plow idea yet to slow herself down. I would have to catch her or she would probably run off into a ditch or something! But she didn't have much fear at all...kinda different from Haley. Morgan insisted that she go on the big lift! So right before we left Ryan took her up...and apparently she had a ball! So proud! Hopefully we'll be able to get them out a few more times before they close. Maybe next year we'll invest in some ski gear for them!

Monday, March 1, 2010

33 Weeks

I can't believe that next month we will have a little baby in this house! Time is going so quickly! This little baby moves so much more than my first two. Sometimes she pushes so hard it feels as though a little foot is going to break through my skin (I know, kinda gross...but that's what it feels like). I'm kinda looking forward to my ninth month just so she'll be so squished in there...maybe she won't be able to do her bicycle kicks on me as easily.

I do look forward to not being pregnant though. It's starting to get a bit uncomfortable. There are so many things I look forward to. I look forward to being able to change sleeping positions in under five minutes. Sleeping on my stomach...oh, how I've missed that! Not having to go to the bathroom constantly throughout the day. Changing the girls' sheets on their bunk beds without feeling like a just ran a marathon after...or scared that I'd get stuck on the top bunk and have to lay there like beached whale. Putting on tights with ease...let me tell ya, I've never enjoyed putting on tights in front of anyone (Ryan), it's just not a very sexy task (I think)...but to do it eight months's definitely a private matter! Clipping my toenails...shaving my legs...taking a deep breath...a day without heartburn...well, I think you get the idea.

In any case...33's getting close now.
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