Thursday, March 31, 2011

How do you eat your cereal?

Have you noticed that everyone eats cereal differently? Seriously, everyone enjoys a bowl of cereal in their own unique way.

Some people enjoy mixing cereals...this was very common in my family growing up.

My dad in particular ALWAYS adds raisins to his bowl.

Haley gets very close to her cereal (her lip pretty much touching her bowl) and goes for the "shovel it in" method.

Morgan spoons up all the milk out of the bowl first, then starts working on the cereal. But usually by then she's over it and walks away from the table leaving a bowl full of cereal but not an ounce of milk is left.

Ryan holds his spoon differently than he does his fork. It's kinda child-like. (Ryan don't hate me) He does it when he eats ice cream too. He says it he does it that way because he is enjoying it with child-like vigor.

Me...well, I always pour a little extra milk into my bowl of cereal just to make sure I have extra left in the bowl when my cereal is gone. That way I can pour a little more cereal into the left over milk. This really only works with a honey cereal, because then your left over milk is super sweet making your next bowl of cereal really good! I've done this since I was a kid...still do it.

Anyway, just a random thought for the day.

In other (and this time I mean it) is Ryan's last day at his work. The good news...they're extending our health insurance through April! Yay, now I have another month to put off applying for a new health plan! Paperwork...blah!! Procrastination...yay!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Until next time

Yep...I enjoyed you while I had you...and I will miss you. You gave me more confidence in myself (women may deny it, but it's true, they do). You helped me fit a lot better in all my shirts, sweaters, dresses, and yes, swimsuit! It was lovely, I felt like a woman and not a preteen. Yes, I'm referring to my breasts. I realized the other day when I ran down the stairs...putting my arm under my chest for extra support was no longer needed. There was nothing there to support anymore...sad. I'm still nursing, but only once a day in the evenings. But even then, they're pretty much nonexistent. Woe is me...

But, on the up side...I'm sleeping without a bra for the first time in a year! A year, people!! That's a long freakin' time! In fact, at this point a bra is pretty much useless at anytime of the day.

I will be mourning this loss for a while.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Weekend in Review

* First off...I didn't leave the house once. It was wonderful! I love that I have a home I feel I never need to escape from. It's my haven, my safety zone, and a place where I'm always comfortable. As a housewife (and I think I speak for many) we pride ourselves in having a cozy home...a home that people always feel welcome at any time...a home my children will always have fond memories of, and feel safe and loved the minute they walk in the door. No matter how many toys scatter the floor, or dishes in the sink, laundry piled on the washer (and believe me...I try to keep up with those things!) it just doesn't matter in the whole scheme of things. I have to remind myself, that those things won't always be there. One day, toys won't scatter my family room, there won't be crumbs permanently on my kitchen floor, or dirty socks (and underwear...what's up with that?) laying in every nook and cranny in this house...and honestly, it will make me a little sad.

* My parents arrived in town! They got in late Saturday night, so early Sunday morning my mom walked over to our house to surprise the girls. I love that we can walk to each other's's the best! My dad came over a little later and we had a nice breakfast and chatted all morning!

*My little Piper is crawling like a champ! Literally, after I posted about her being a zombie baby and still dragging her body around, she decided she would start crawling. It's like she knew we were teasing her. However, every so often she brings out the zombie baby again. But anyway, she has become quite speedy! She's also cruising around holding onto furniture. * Flowers are blooming!! Does anyone know what these are? Daffodils?? Well, they are beautiful...and I love how everything is a surprise in this yard!
* Morgan learned how to ride a two wheel!! Ryan took off the training wheels, gave her a push, she wobbled a little, and then she was off. I think Ryan got off the hook on this running beside her holding onto her seat over and over and over (can we say SORE back). Well, not this time! Just one push and that was all it took...she's a natural! I have to give some credit to those scooters. I think it really helped her learn balance quickly. Yes, I know she had a close encounter with the cement last week on her scooter...but I got say...I do like those things!

Haley and Morgan were zipping all over the place in the cul-de-sac across the street.

So that was our weekend!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another Week

Last week I posted that Ryan only had one more week left of his job before he moves on. However, it's being extended another week...for now anyway. This just gives me more time to stress (and maybe procrastinate) purchasing our health insurance. Oh I dislike researching different plans...such a pain...and so much money!

Parent/teacher conferences are this week. I met with Haley's teacher last night and we had a very nice chat. I'm so proud of my little Haley girl...she has worked so hard this year! I absolutely love her teacher. Being a teacher (years ago) myself, I can spot a good one pretty quickly! She's very supportive and always available. She's also very maternal which is nice since Haley can be on the sensitive side sometimes. She really made Haley's transition into a new school a smooth one. I really hope she'll be there when Morgan is in first grade!

Anyway she shared a funny story about Haley.

One of the mom's that volunteer in the classroom had a baby. So Haley's teacher had the class create a book for her with baby tips or advice on motherhood to give her as a gift. She said Haley's contribution was the funniest!

Haley wrote (and of course I'm just going by memory):

"First, you get really BIG! Then, after you have the baby you get really, really busy! Finally, you just let yourself go."

Should I be offended? Nah...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I'm Reading

Last night Ryan went to a meeting and didn't come home til later in the evening. After I put the kids to bed I started reading this blog NieNie Dialogues and could not stop! I sat there for over an hour going through her archives. My friend Meg at So Buttons introduced me to it.

I remember NieNie's story...I read all about in our local newspapers when her accident happened in was big news around here. Nie Nie (Stephanie) and her husband were in a terrible plane crash in East Arizona. She was burned over 80% of her body, and her husband was also badly burned though not to the extent she was. I remember watching her story on Oprah too. But, I didn't realize she was a big, I was doing a lot of catching up last night. I love how she writes...and love her style (although I could never pull it off)! She writes about her family and being a mom, and I think she does it so well! Not at all gaggy! I love that! She is very makes my trials seem pretty pettily. Anyway, just thought I'd share.

And just a side note...Her post today shows a picture of her dog (I believe it's a Brittany like we have) pooping and then...what do you know...he turns around and eats it. Nice to know another Brittany does that too! Just for the record though...only one of my Brittanys will eat her poop. Belle is the guilty one!

Speaking of reading...I finished Life of Pi a few months ago. It only took me like two years to finally finish it! I know...sad! I started it, then I forgot about it, then I would start reading it again and so on. I enjoy reading a lot, it's just hard to find the time. Before bed I'm too tired (or I'm too busy reading other people's blogs). Usually, when both kids are in school and Piper's napping is when I sit down and pull out my, that totals to about 2 hours a week. So yeah, Life of Pi...I really enjoyed it, although it started out a bit on the slow side. A lot jibber jabber about zoos and such. It didn't really get good until he was on the boat. But anyway, not that I'm telling anybody anything knew...I think I'm one of the last people to have read it.

A month or so I started reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It's not so much my style, I'm not the thriller/mystery kind of girl. My favorites would have to be Historical Fiction. But anyway, it's holding my attention, it's definitely very interesting! We'll see how long it takes me to finish. Life of Pi is only like 300 pages or something and it took me two years to read it. This book is like over 600, so I imagine I'll be done five years from now.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Desert Dwellers Part II

We're back from our weekend in St. unforgettable trip as always.

We left Friday afternoon, not the earliest start, but I guess it could have been worse. We
don't even get to the freeway yet and Morgan is already saying, "Are we there yet?" So yeah, that kinda gives you an idea of how the drive went...not so good. Lots of bickering, loud playing with toys, crying, more bickering, and tons and tons of "Are we there yet." Seriously, if I never hear, "Are we there yet?", "How many more minutes?" or "Are we almost there?" I'll be a happy lady.

That night wasn't much I said earlier, hotel rooms equal no sleep. Ryan had the time trial Saturday morning so the girls and I decided to find a hike to do. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't all that great. Cold and overcast...the good news is that we saw lots of blossoms on the trees! Spring had arrived there! So yeah, hiking. Luckily, we found a great place! A Ranger suggested it and I'm so glad. It was a little tucked away place on BLM land...just beautiful!

I was loving the green everywhere!

The trail followed a little river.

I had a great time on that hike with the girls...they hiked like champs!
Later we met up with Ryan, had some lunch, and just chilled for a couple of hours in the hotel. Oh, yeah...the hotel. First off, let me mention that EVERYTHING was booked that we got the bottom of the barrel as far as hotels go. Piper found two pills on the floor in the hotel. Yes, PILLS...on two different occasions. She got them into her mouth before I noticed them. One was white and one was red. I was hoping the red one was a Red Hot...but no such was a pill of some sort. I was able to get them out of her mouth before they dissolved and she didn't start trippin' or anything, but yeah...scary!
That evening was the crit...and it was pretty much miserable for spectating. Very cold, and very windy. I was very tempted to bail and go to the mall while Ryan raced. But I held strong and waited it out.
Ryan had an early start we didn't really see him at all that morning. I packed up the hotel room (thank goodness for that TV and Disney saved our sanity!) and left for Snow Canyon State Park. Of course I did make a much needed (and deserved) detour to Starbucks before I hit up the park.
We started the adventure with a walk (the girls rode their scooters) on a paved path that runs the entire length of the park. The wind was whipping and it was quite cold, but I held to the plan! About five hundred yards into the walk I hear Morgan screaming around the corner. I raced to get to her. I find her sprawled across the path and her scooter in a bush. Yeah, not good...she biffed it pretty hard. My poor little Morgie...I felt so bad. She vowed she would never ride her scooter again and crawled into the basket of the stroller, and there she stayed for the remainder of the walk. I rigged her scooter so it was hanging off the handle of the stroller. By this point Piper is screaming, Morgan won't stop whining, "I want to go home!!"...and me...I'm trying my best to stay positive! Every so often amidst the screaming I would say, "Oh girls!! Look at those rock formations...Aren't they amazing?!!" Like I said, I was trying my best to stay didn't work...Piper and Morgan were miserable. Then, if things couldn't get any started to rain. Yeah, that's the point where you just don't know whether you should laugh or cry.
Luckily, my Haley girl was happy as can be. She was my saving grace! Thank you Haley for being such a trooper! Sun, rain, snow, sleet, just doesn't matter to her, as long as she's in nature, she's a happy girl!

Look at that face...breaking my heart all over again.
And this one...crying...the...whole...way.
Happy girl!
It was beautiful though...even if it was cold.

After our failed walk on the path, we went to the sand dunes. Luckily by this point the wind died down and attitudes perked up.
That's Morgan way out there.
Happy again!

Is this not the coolest picture?! I'm quite proud of myself that I was able to get that with just my little point and shoot camera.
Ryan met up with us just as we were having our picnic lunch. He had a bite to eat and then it was on the road for home. About 30 minutes into the drive ALL THREE girls fell fast the same time!! The stars must have been in line or something because this very rarely happens! Ryan and I had 1 1/2 hours uninterrupted conversation or just simple, wonderful, silence! It was fabulous! It was much needed since we were deprived of our alone time in the evenings when the kids are in bed like at home. When the kids fall asleep in a hotel room, we basically go to bed too...we don't want to risk making any noise in fear that a child will wake up!
Our worn out little girls.

So that's that. that was a big post my friends! I went a little crazy with the photos too!
Just for the record...Morgan has rode her scooter again since her spill. She rode it today when we picked up Haley from school. I knew she would come around!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Desert Dwelling this Weekend

We're off to St. George for the weekend. Let the bike racing season begin! Yes, this weekend marks the first big race of the year, and let me tell you, Ryan is as giddy as ever! He has a new team he's directing and a bunch of new guys, so they are excited to get started!

The kids and I are tagging along. I have moments where I lack the motivation to go...and then moments of excitement. It will be a lot of work with my three darling children. But I have some ideas of things we can do...I'm getting to know St. George pretty well over the years! We'll probably hit up Snow Canyon, it's one of our favorites spots! There are tons of hiking trails and a walking path as well. And don't forget the sand dunes, always a big hit with the kids! I know where all the parks are and all the coffee houses as know, I'm just sayin'...lack of sleep may be an issue. Don't you find hotel rooms always bring out the wild side of children! It always takes waaaay longer for them to settle down and go to sleep! But all in all, it will be nice to get out of town for a bit.

So with that, I better get back to it. Laundry is calling my name.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

One Week

One week from now Ryan will be self employed. Wow. It's still a bit surreal to me. I'm's true. However, I have no doubt that a year from now everything will be completely under control and financially stable. But this year will be hard...that I know. Luckily, Ryan and I make a good team...I think we do well under pressure. Okay, he does well under pressure. I basically do better if I don't know the financial details...I just save like a mad woman assuming the worst...even when were doing just fine. I think I have some type of phobia of finances. Seriously, women lib people would be appalled at me for not taking more initiative in my finances...Ryan does it all. I paid the bills once...long, long ago...but I would just freak out, "Oh my gosh...look at all these expenses!! We can't afford this, can we?!". So Ryan took over all bill paying...I can't handle it. Sad, I know. But, I think I'm pretty good at saving money...that's where I contribute. I'm not a crazy spender...I think about every purchase I make and ask myself the same questions. "Do I really need this? Can I go without for a while longer? Where can I find this cheaper?" So anyway, we're cutting all the corners we can...and saving our pennies.

Something that is causing me much stress is the fact that we have to now purchase our own health insurance...and I have been researching different plans...yeah, talk about freaking out! There is a lot that goes into getting your own health insurance...I take back all the bad mouthing I did when we were getting it through Ryan's work. I didn't know how good I had it! But it needs to be done! And dental...we need dental! Teeth can either make or break your gotta have good teeth!!

Anyway, I'm digging deep and finding my inner pioneer woman. I bake my own bread and all our sweets. And of course our garden...don't let me down garden...I need you to come through for me this year!

And something that we are extremely proud of and work hard to do is the fact that (besides our two mortgages), we are debt free!! least we have that going for us! Which is nice.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A bike ride can soothe the soul.

Seriously, family bike rides just brings out happiness!

Look at the face on that girl...pure joy!
Haley cracks me up when she's on the tandem...the entire time she's either talking about something, or singing. She absolutely loves looking at the scenery and points out every horse she sees. One of the reasons riding to the lake is perfect for her...there are lots of horses! The weather was perfect! We went to the lake and then back up to our hood to let the girls play at a park for a while.
Piper and Morgan took a nap in the trailer. Unfortunately, since she napped, Morgan didn't fall asleep until 10:30 that night. She sat in her bed reading the time she dozed off her bed was full of books and she had a huge stack of them beside the bed as well. The price we pay for a afternoon family bike ride. I'd say it was worth it!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stay away...I'm feeling confrontational lately.

Friday was another lovely day! Haley got out at 1:30 that day, so the rest of the afternoon her and Morgan played outside. It must have been in the mid 60's and according to Haley and Morgan that's swimsuit weather...crazy children! If we had a play pool they would have set it up in a heartbeat...we didn' they had fun playing with buckets of water.

I put Piper in the little swing in our backyard. The yellow part of the swing that keeps her in broke a while ago (Haley and Morgan being too rough with it)...but, I rigged it so that is would stay put. I sat right beside her the whole time just giving little pushes. I wanted to run in just for a minute to grab the camera so I asked Morgan to sit beside her. I ran in (literally it must have been 15 seconds later) Haley runs in yelling that Piper fell. I race outside (again, under a minute of time has past) and find little Piper sitting under the swing crying and Morgan now where to be seen. Apparently, Morgan decided to pull the swing back really far, Piper then leaned way forward dislodging my handy work and out she fell. Morgan freaked out and ran to the side yard to hide and cry alone. (She does that, hides when she's upset...her favorite spot is behind our fake little tree in the living room...she reminds me of that kid in Christmas Story when he hid in the cabinet under the sink.) So anyway, Piper was fine, no harm done. But I think I need to get a new swing that's more secure!

Swimsuits and buckets of water...what else does a kid need?!
Saturday we met up with Ryan in Salt Lake (he was doing some racing). After, we took the kids to Liberty Park for a picnic...the girls were so excited! So we find a good spot and not five minutes pass and this little mangy mut (not on a leash) starts scoping out our stroller. The dog belongs to this really trashy lady. Sure enough that damn dog peed on the stroller! So I get up and tell her to put her dog on a leash...her reply (after she puts her hand to her ear and pretends not to hear me) "Put your kids on a leash!". I yell something back, I don't even know what I said...but I was mad! She walks away over to her equally trashy husband. I seriously wanted to take her down and smash her face in the wood chips! I sat back down, but couldn't relax until they left the park...I was too busy giving them evil stares the entire time. I hate it when I do that...let people effect me that way, because believe me, I was thinking about it for the rest of the day...I still am. What happened to just being nice. If she had said, "I'm so sorry." She wouldn't even have to put the dog on a leash, just a simple "sorry" would have made all the difference...just acknowledge that she didn't mean for that to happen. Is that too much to ask for these days?!
And then, also in the park these three boys were chasing around a squirrel. The squirrel ran up a tree and then the kids started throwing rocks at it! What the hell?!! What is wrong with people?!! They were old enough to know better. And then Haley starts chasing them telling them that it's not nice to do that to animals. And then some random lady yelled at them to cut it out and leave the squirrel alone. Seriously, I wanted to go high five that woman! Too many people sit on the wayside letting things we are scared to stand up for what's right! Don't be.
So, other than those two incidents we had a great time. We came home, Ryan made a fire, ate leftovers and called it a day.
It looks like another beautiful day today. I'm thinking a family bike ride is in order this afternoon.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring is in the air!

I finally did it! I planted three rows of seeds! One row of peas, one of spinach, and another of lettuce. Again, I have no idea what I'm doing...and because you can see my garden from the road I feel that people are driving or walking by laughing at me inside. "What is she doing?! Ha, ha...she'll be lucky if she gets anything to grow!" But, I'm out there getting my hands dirty...trying. It felt so good to be out in the sun was beautiful! It must have hit 65 and no wind...just lovely! I needed a day like that, being outside the majority of the day getting my vitamin D fix. And it's amazing how when the weather warms up, everyone is out and about, jogging or biking, and kids are playing. Haley had a friend over all afternoon and they had a ball riding there scooters all over the place. Piper played in the grass while I worked in the garden...yes, the grass is getting greener and bulbs are starting to pop up! I don't have any idea what's planted in this yard, so Spring will bring lots of surprises!

I'm starting to get to know more women in the neighborhood. There is a group of moms that walk their kids to and from school too. Every day after school we hang out and chat while our kids play on the's really nice. And the other day the girls spent a good chuck of the afternoon playing with our backyard neighbors on their tramp. There is a little door in the fence separating our yards that the girls go's kinda cute! The fence is really old and nearly falling down in places so I'm sure it will have to be replaced at some point. I wonder if they would be up for keeping the little door there?!

I love this time of year. But yes, I know it's only March and we'll have more storms, but for now it's just beautiful!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Beginnings

Ryan has put in his notice at his work...that's right...two more weeks and he's done. This was not a decision that was done on whim...we've been discussing it for a long time. He's been grabbing other opportunities that have come his way to make this transition work. He is now moving into the role of an Independent Sales far his lines consist of Reynolds, Colnago, Pactimo, and Krieg Bags. Coaching and freelance writing will also be thrown in the mix.

Like I said, we've discussed this for a long time. It's the right thing to do, and it's the right time to do it. But...I'm scared. Excited too...but very scared. I know it will all work will be just fine. But I'm terrible with change. This is where Ryan and I complement each other very well. He's more of a risk taker...he's confident..and he handles change much better than me.

Spring brings a fresh beginnings...and I'm excited for whats in store for us this year! It's going to be a big change...that's for sure!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Feeling Frustrated

I'm at a loss. Morgan has such a difficult time playing on her own...therefore it can be extremely draining during the day because I kid you not, she does not leave my side...ever! Okay, I soon as Haley comes home from school, off they run together, playing the afternoon away! But with me...nothing...she refuses. Seriously, she would rather just lay on the couch doing nothing. This really bothers me. I thought, maybe she needs more attention...maybe she feels left out because she's not in school every day. So I make a special effort throughout the day to make sure she's getting some one-on-one time with me. We read, bake, color, play a game...but then when I give her options of things she can do on her own, she refuses. She absolutely will not play downstairs alone, so I tell her to bring stuff up stairs to play...nope. What about reading on your own for a while...nope. Play outside...nope. But if I'm with her, she would love to do any of those things. But I have to be watching. It's killing me!!

She is cuddler, I know this, and I love this about her...if she could, she would just cuddle all day, listening to stories, watching TV...she would love it! But oh, how I wish she would just play on her own for a little while so I can do some housework or maybe just so I can zone out for a minute on the computer. When she's not playing I start to feel such tremendous guilt. It feels like someone would say, "How dare you clean the toilet!! Look at your daughter just sitting there should be doing something with a book with her!!" But then, I have to stop myself. No...she needs to learn to do things on her own! I've read with her, I baked some bread with her, she helped me clean the I need a little break. And if she would rather just lay there instead of playing with Barbies...then, that's her choice. I think she relies on Haley too much to entertain her.

So anyway...I'm hoping she finds her groove...and she realizes that she doesn't need someone by her side all day long. She has such a wonderful imagination...she is quite capable of some independent play time.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat Tuesday

Let's see, not a whole lot.

Fat Tuesday today. I'm making a Mardi Gras King Cake tonight to get into the spirit...any reason to make something sweet I'm all for! I'm supposed to hide a fava bean in it, the person who gets the bean will have good luck all year. Well, I don't have fava beans and neither did the store I went that's out. But I'm sure we'll enjoy the cake either way.

Speaking of sweets. My little bro (yes I just used "bro" in a sentence) came over last night with freshly made lemon bars. The bars were made from scratch (no box mix people!) by...wait for it...Jeff himself!! I know!! I thought he was lying when he said he made them. Say what?! Anyway, I guess he was feeling a bit domestic and whipped them up...and lucky for us, we live close enough that he brought some over! Yummy, thanks Jeffy boy!

Okay, so is it bad to nearly flip someone off when I'm with my children? That's probably not a good idea. Okay, I know it's not a good idea, that's why I refrained in doing it. But, sometimes, when someone is out of range to be yelled at, or in my case the person was in their car...the "bird"is the only thing I think of to do to let someone know how angry I am at them! Okay, let me explain. I was walking to get Haley from school and a car (already going well over the speed limit) driving down the same street. They're coming to the stop sign that we're approaching to as well. I'm already peeved because they're going too fast. Then, right in front of us they decide to blow the stop sign...not even a tap on the brakes!! If I had a rock in my hands I would have thrown it at the car! I didn't, so naturally, the next thing I thought of was giving the finger. I didn't. I just yelled something, "What are you MORON!!" Not that it did any good...whatever. But seriously...I can't stand people like that! They have absolutely no regard for what's going on around them. Idiot.

I would not be a good commuter...I would have a serious problem with road rage.

Dang my temper.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saturday in Pictures

We started the day off with the annual Fairy Tea Party held at the library. The girls had such a good time last year, we decided to go again...I think I may just plan on doing it every year while I can. The day will come when these things won't appeal to them anymore...I'm not looking forward to that! I love these girly-girl things, and I'm glad they do to!

Practicing her curtsy.

All ready to go!
It just so happened that Haley's friends from school were also there.

The Fairy King and his Court.

The Ballerinas.

The girls were showing the ballerinas their moves.
The Fairy Princess.
Later that afternoon we ALL went for a bike ride...first time ever for Piper! It was a beautiful day! I was supposed to work in the garden...I have to get those seeds planted. But, the idea of going on a ride sounded better...and I'm glad I did! It felt so good to get out for a bit. The garden will have to wait. I did get a small area prepped on Friday. Good enough I hope. So all I have to do is make some trenches and get those seeds in. This week...honest, I'll do it! So yeah, the bike was really nice!
Piper did really well...her and Morgan took a little nap, and Morgan read her a story. I don't think Piper cried once!

Haley took this picture...she said her hands were cold and she couldn't hold the camera steady. So this was the best one. In the other one Ryan's head was completely cut off. So, at least she got our faces in this one!
I feel it, Spring is coming!! I can't wait!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Piper...moving up in the world.

My little Piper is almost 11 months old! She started pulling herself up a couple weeks ago, but just these past few days she's been doing more often. She has discovered that there is a whole new world on top of our coffee more folding clothes on it for me! She's pulling herself up, however she still doesn't crawl. She prefers to drag herself still...she uses one arm and one leg to get around. Ryan calls her our Zombie baby.

She has started fighting her naps recently. I let her cry for a while, then I go rock her, she cries, I rock on and so on. It takes nearly an 45 minutes for her to finally fall asleep! Hopefully she won't keep that up for too long!
I'm trying to get motivated to get our garden going. I'll get started prepping the soil. I really don't know what that means, but I'll get out there and try to do something. My goal is to have some seeds planted by this weekend. My garden won't be perfect this year...I'm a rookie after all. But I'm excited about it...I'm excited about having the girls help me with it too! It will be a learning experience for all of us!
Oh, and in case you were wondering if a harmonica can be flushed down the toilet without clogging can.
Yeah, don't ask.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Haley was very excited that today is Dr. Seuss's birthday and insisted that she have some type of costume. I was at a loss...we have nothing Dr. Seuss-like in this house. And yes, I suppose I could have gotten crafty and started making something a week ago so we were completely ready...ha, yeah right! Don't you know I'm the queen of procrastination?!

So anyway, Haley has a little paper flower kit that I gave her for was perfect for her costume!
Ta Da!! Daisy Head Mayzie

And let me add that Mayzie was wearing a pink dress in the book. Not too shabby for last minute!
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