Monday, September 28, 2009

I want to kill my dogs!!

Okay...I won't really kill my dogs...don't call the police on me or anything.

I'm losing my mind with them, I'm at my limit!!! They have chewed up everything under the sun: several stuffed animals, socks, flip flops, my patio set, towels, blankets, a quilt that my grandma made, plastic dishes, Tupperware, clothes, their bedding, toys, balls, name it, they've chewed it up. Anything in the backyard is up for grabs to them. So we've learned that if we want it...DON'T LEAVE IT OUTSIDE!

This morning while I was getting Haley ready for school, I couldn't find her purple she wore her brown dressy shoes. Whatever...not the first time I couldn't find their shoes...they'll turn up. Well, about an hour later I go to let the dogs out (they sleep in a large dog run we had built). As I'm walking to the kennel I notice Haley's purple shoe in the middle of the grass. I remembered that she took them off last night after we had dinner on the patio. My first thought was "Oh, I'm so glad the dogs were kenneled, or they would have gotten these shoes for sure." Then I look over in the kennel, and see tiny little bits of something I can't even make out what it is. I examine it closer and then see a little purple Velcro strap in the pile of bits and pieces. The dogs had completely disintegrated her shoe! I could have strangled them right then and there!!! How or when they got that shoe and brought into their kennel...I don't know...but I'm so angry with myself that I didn't pick them up right after she took them off last night.

And yes, I'm upset over a sandal...I even cried about it (I"ll blame that on pregnancy hormones). Those were the best shoes I have ever purchased for the kids. First of all they are sturdy pair of Osh Kosh sandals that retail for around 30 dollars. I got them at Ross for $10!! And it's REALLY hard to find what you like at Ross, especially in their size and I was able to find matching pairs for both Haley and Morgan. That is nearly impossible to do!!! They have been through the wash nearly a dozen times and they still look new. Plus, I got them a little on big side so they would last until next Spring. I'm just so upset with myself.

So this afternoon...shoe shopping.

I know this post is all about one sandal...but you need to realize what a chore it is to find good quality shoes at a good price...well, it's hard to do.

And by the way...when I go out this afternoon, I don't want to see any Dora the Explorer shoes...I'm sick and tired of seeing Dora everywhere!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ryan is coming home today!

How I've missed my Ryan this week! Glad he's coming home today...hopefully it will be before the girls' bedtime. I really don't want to keep them up any later. Ryan being gone has really started to effect Haley, she gets really upset about it. When she talks to him on the phone she gets all teary...kinda chokes me up to watch it. So, she'll be one excited little girl tonight!

I can't help but think about my neighbor friend...her husband also comes home today. However, he has been deployed in Iraq for the last six months! She has three boys, her newest baby is only 7 months about a lot of work! She is one strong woman and I admire her a lot! Anyway, thinking of you today Autumn! You did it!!!

Also, I want to give a shout out to my fabulous sister-in-law, Beth. She celebrates her birthday today...Happy Birthday!! We'll be seeing her and her family in two months for Thanksgiving...can't wait!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

How was I ever a teacher?!

I'm in the most wretched mood! And let me tell you, I should never do something that requires a lot of patience when I'm already in a bad mood! It just makes things ten times worse!

How is it that when I was a teacher I had tons of patience, but I have none when I'm working with my own children?! Haley has had a lot of trouble with her letters, mainly identifying them. She was invited to work with a specialist in a small group setting everyday (a free program offered to Kindergarten students). I thought perhaps it may be a good idea. But the thought of her being pulled out of her normal class every single day for a half hour I just wasn't crazy about. I have tried to get a hold of her teacher to talk about it, but she has yet to return my call. Forget it! I have a degree in elementary education, I taught for 4 years...I think I can teach my own child her letters! Well, I'm finding out that it's a bit harder when working with your own kid.

I set Morgan up with some crafts so Haley and I could work without distractions. Failed at that! Morgan kept sticking pictures in my face or repeating the letters sounds real loud, asking for milk, having to go potty, she fell off her chair, brought a little book for me to read...which finally resulted in me taking the book from her and throwing it across the room. I know...weak moment for me.

So we were working on the words "at" and "look" for a while (they were on her homework page). She got all the letters in the word "look" with no problems, she sounded them out and then said the word. But she was really hung up on the word "at". We went over and over the letter sounds, okay, she has it I thought. Now, smoosh the letters together and what do you have? "Rat!" No, there's no "r" in the word. "Bat!" No, it there's no "b" either. It's "at" I tell her. So what's this word as I point to it again. "Cat!" she says. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!! Very frustrating to say the least.

So we're working a lot with our big letter magnets on the fridge so I can "quiz" her every now and then. I'll have to get more creative, and start pulling out some ideas that I know I have stored away in my brain. I've got to get the "teacher" back out of me.

Now, just for a little patience!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Holding down the fort.

First of little getaway with Ryan was WONDERFUL! I so so so needed that! Even if it was for a very short time, it was well worth it! We ended up staying in Park City for the night. Had a nice dinner on Main St. (we were tempted to make up stories and tell people we were newlyweds, because honestly that's what it felt like...I was so giddy). We got to wake up on our kids pouncing us at the wee hours of the morning...ahhhh, wonderful! And finally we enjoyed a very nice breakfast (my favorite meal to go out for) before heading back to Provo.

And the girls did great at my folks' house...they were so excited to have their first "sleepover"! Thanks again mom...we needed that!

So now I'm holding down the fort here by myself while Ryan is at Interbike in Vegas for the week. Actually I'm not really alone, Jeff is here. It's nice to have another adult in the house to keep my sanity, and to have someone besides a child to talk to. My parents went back to Long Beach today...I know, bad timing! They have some things to take care of there and then they'll be back in the beginning of October.

In the pregnancy department...I've had to find a new obgyn because my old doctor doesn't deliver at my hospital anymore. Bummer! So I found one, but apparently he's very popular! It's nearly impossible to get an appointment with him! So I have to see the midwife at the office first and then I can see him the rest of the time. And even then, I couldn't see her until October 6th! I've never had my first appointment this late before...I'll be 12 weeks by then. But whatever, not much I can do about it. On a good note, I'm starting to feel a little better lately. I'm not as nauseated in the afternoon and I'm starting to get my energy back. I'm not laying completely comatose on the sofa while the kids run amok around me anymore, so that's nice. And I can make and eat dinner without the urge to vomit every time I look at my plate, so that's good too. Making progress!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Well, it's official...we've pulled our offer on the house. We're over it...done...sick of it! No regrets!

I'm just not in the mood to move anymore, I'm content in our little home for a little while longer. I'm sure I'll be going crazy this Winter when we're all couped up inside all the time...oh well. Some larger families have it much worse, I should be thankful I own my home! So maybe next year we'll give it another go, perhaps I'll get motivated again. We'll see.

In other news...My mom just called and invited the girls to stay the night over at their house tonight...yeah, ALL NIGHT!! I'm just beside myself with excitement! My mom said, "Yeah, that way you and Ryan can go out to dinner and sleep in a little.". I was like, "If you're taking my kids all night, I'm booking a room somewhere!!". I want to get out of the house, go on a mini trip (local of course)! Oh my...the possibilities!! Can you tell this is my very first time having a night away from my kids? I'm ditching the sweat pants tonight baby!!!! I'm bringing sexy back!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Antelope Island

We went on a family outing yesterday to Antelope Island. I had never been there before. Ryan on the other hand has been there five times! All for bike races, three of which he won! So he has some good memories there!

Antelope Island is located in the Great Salt Lake and there's a causeway you can drive on the get onto ferry necessary. The island was home for prehistoric people more than 6,000 years ago, but the first permanent residence was built in 1848...which is Utah's oldest Anglo-built structure still standing on the existing foundation. Yeah...I totally remembered all way I had the pamphlet sitting right in front of me.

The Ranch house. People were still living in this house until 1981!

Buffalo are everywhere on the island, and they just roam where ever they want...sometimes right off the side of road. It was pretty spectacular. Obviously antelope are everywhere too, they're just a little harder to spot. However, right before we were leaving the island two antelope jumped right in front of the truck. Luckily we didn't hit them! They ran beside the truck for a little bit before they finally ran back into the brush. Yeah...can't get any closer than that!

HORSES! The girls were heaven!

Hanging out on the beach.

We were going to grill some hot dogs and have smore's on the island, but we got rained out. So we all went back to our place to eat it. So yeah...this is me roasting a marshmallow on an electric stove top...pretty ghetto...but it was soooo worth it! That was a good smore's! I can't take credit for that idea, it was my mom's (everyone else was making them in the microwave). But she didn't want to be in the picture...I don't know why!

The day was tippy-tops!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Love, love, love...

having my parents here! They've always been a phone call away, but NOW I can hop in my car and see them when ever I want! It's the best! Today I picked up my mom and we went to Costco together (we're planning an outing tomorrow and we needed a some stuff for a picnic). I know it's just Costco, but it's these little simple things that I love doing together. And I love how we can have dinner together when ever we want. Cheesy as it may sound, I feel much more complete the more family I have close by.

They're staying in the house they own, making a lot of improvements to it before it goes up for rent again. I'm trying really really hard to talk them into leaving it open so they can come and go when ever they want...not sure I'm very successful at it, but it's worth a shot!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm not ready!!

Okay...I'm currently 8 weeks along in my pregnancy...I think...well, I'm pretty sure. I haven't gone to the doctor yet, so we'll see soon enough. Anyway, that's not that far along at all if you think about it (even though it feels like FOREVER that I've been feeling nasty). I mean really, my little bun in the oven is not that big, a pea size maybe...if that! Anyway, my question...Why do I already feel FAT?! My first pregnancy, I didn't show ANYTHING until around the end of my fourth month. And even in my fifth month when I started wearing maternity clothes, I still didn't look pregnant. I feel like I'm gaining weight like crazy...not sure how...when everything tastes gross to me right now. Okay, not everything...those Dorritos I had earlier really tasted good today. And yes, I know that sounds bad when I'm asking how I'm gaining weight, but I don't eat Dorritos everyday! Now, I know a lot of people are laughing at me right now and thinking, "What on Earth is Kelly talking about, she doesn't look any different!". But the truth is I DO...I'm the one that sees myself naked in front of the mirror...and I'm telling ya...I'm already changing! I'm not ready to be fat!!!! Already one of my pairs of jeans don't fit, and a pair of shorts. So I'm down to my skirts, one pair of jeans (they have a stretch to them), and finally...sweats. Oh...the horror! Have I mentioned that I'm not ready to be fat! Funny how during my first pregnancy I couldn't wait to show. I wanted the whole world to know that I was pregnant! Now...not so much. good thing about this weight gain...I get to have breasts again! Yippee for me!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Have you ever gone to a party or some type of social event, and then later when you're laying in bed you think of all the stupid things you said and get angry at yourself for saying them? Well, that happens to me a lot. I'm having one of those moments regarding my previous blog post on when Haley hit the lady's car with her door. I probably shouldn't have used the language I did or at least shouldn't have wrote them...I may have offended some people that read the blog...sorry.

I've kept a journal since I was in grade school...seriously, about the time I could write I kept a journal. My very first journal is a small spiral notebook. In it I recorded poems such as "Star Light, Star Bright", because I didn't want to forget the words. Little did I know that poem was so popular! I also had a list of all the names of my stuffed animals. I was very concerned that I had one stuffed animal in my bed longer then the I started a check list so I could keep track. I didn't want any stuffed animal's feeling hurt!

So, anyway I have books upon books of journals...I think I may die if anyone got a hold of them. I put EVERYTHING in them! Anyway, blogging has taken over and is my main source of journaling now. So when I write, I just write...forgetting who's going to read it. Journaling is second nature to me.

I also don't like to filter too much, because I want people to see my moments of weakness...which add up, I know. I want people to see that I'm not perfect!

So anyway...I'm sorry to anyone I may have offended. I'll try to watch it next time!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hiking Pictures

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from our hiking adventure Sunday. We were going to just go up the Timp trail but made a last minute change and went up to Stewart Cascade. Actually, we never made it that far. Morgan was a bit on the whiny side and just wasn't feeling that day...some days a girl just doesn't want to hike! Haley on the other hand would have just kept going forever! Too bad they can't have good days on the SAME would make things a lot easier.

Don't worry...Una made the trip too! You may be able to see her peeking out of Haley's backpack.
Morgan decided she needed a little dirt bath.

At the end we had a picnic lunch.
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