Thursday, September 29, 2011

What I've been up to.

I know my life is very bland lately. The only big task I need to do that requires me to leave the sofa longer than a couple of minutes in showering. And I only do that every three days. Gross? Perhaps...but how dirty can I be when I sit on the sofa everyday?

So, I do a lot of reading (especially Monday-Wednesday when Ryan takes the computer to work on those days). Although, I admit most of the reading I do are magazines. I'm trying to gather as many decorating ideas as possible, mainly paint colors. Some magazines I enjoy: Country Living (that all started when I stole a copy from the doctors office a couple months back), Real Simple, Martha Stewart's Living (I never thought I'd see the day I would read one her magazines...but, gotta say, it does have some good stuff in it), Woman's Day (great recipes), and of course all the gossipy magazines like People and In Touch.

I also finished reading the Entitlement Trap...I loved it. I read it with a pen and notebook to write down all the good ideas I hope to use in my own household.

Richard and Linda Eyre are parents of NINE children, and of course they use a lot of examples from their own experiences. But they don't do it in a "My children are so perfect, this is what we did, and you should do it too if you want perfect children." kinda way. I hate that, don't you? No, their household was not perfect and they learned by trial and error...and they use a lot of humorous stories which I like.

Okay, these pictures are not in order like they were supposed to be...oh well.

I also watched (took me a few days) Pride and Prejudice. Very good. But goodness, that mom in so annoying!

Yesterday, I got a little package! Don't you just love getting things in the mail? My grandma sent me this movie, "17 Miracles". We watched it last night. It follows the journey of one of the last groups of Mormons to make the trek west to Utah.'s hard to believe all the things pioneers had to endure.
I'm currently reading The 19th Wife. It follows the writings of Eliza Young, the 19th and rebel wife of Brigham Young. It also has a parallel story about a mystery revolving around a modern day polygamy family. It's interesting, and holding my attention...but I just don't know how I feel about it yet.
So, yeah...that's kinda what I've been up to. Thrilling isn't it?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

This Stinks

Today my girls had their Primary Program at church....I had to miss it. Bed rest. I heard they did great and they were as cute as can be, but dang, I wish I could have been there. Luckily, they had of course Ryan, plus both grandmas (my mom has been here and my mother-in-law arrived on Friday) and their Uncle Jeffy also showed up! It sounded like a great program.

Fall has arrived. The leaves are changing, I can see them on the side of mountain from my living room window. It won't be long and the valley will be full of color as well. Ryan, his mom and the girls went for a drive this afternoon up the canyon to see the colors. And of course here I sit while they're doing that. Can you see I'm feeling sorry for myself. I can't help it...this is such a beautiful time of year! The weather is perfect and the colors are amazing. It's the time of year I should be cranking out the apple pies with all the apples that are piling up. Or canning pear butter with the millions of pears we have. And I really, really wanted to have a couple of rooms painted before this baby. Oh well...those things will just have to wait.

My content is really going to suffer during this time of bed rest. There just isn't much to write about when my life consists of sitting on the couch all day. I'll try to do better.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A visit from Jen.

Before I got put of this horrid bed rest my good friend from Long Beach (we've been friends since the 6th grade!) was planning on coming out for a visit. I had all these plans...make a yummy dinner, go to lunch at Sundance, see the falls and so on. But, then came my ultrasound, the signs of early labor, a hospital stay, to now...back on the sofa. However, that didn't bother Jen a bit and she still pressed on with the visit. I'm so glad she did! She made herself at home and whipped up a scrumptious dinner for the whole family the day she arrived. The girls were heaven, and absolutely adored her. Jen bought them a pedicure kit, so the next the day after school they came racing into the house super excited for their "pedi party" Jen planned for them. My mom made a delicious dinner for everyone that night before she had to get back to the hotel in the city.

You know, as I'm sitting here so many memories are popping into my head about Jen and I when we were younger. The year we met in 6th grade, I kid you not, I think we were connected at the hip...we did everything together. And the funny thing is, that was the ONLY year that we were at the same school! I find it very impressive that we remained such close friends all those other years in different schools to now.

I think every kid needs to have a close friend growing up...or as Anne (from Anne of Green Gables) would say, a "Bosom Friend".

I'm thinking I may have to scrounge up an old photo of the two us along with a memory...I'm feeling a bit nostalgic all of a sudden.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sitting on a$$ again...

I did get to go home Sunday night...what a relief! It's good to be home, but hard watching everyone around me work so hard while I lay around reading magazines. I hate it. It's different this time around though because instead of hoping bed rest ends and I have to hope that bed rest lasts at least 7 weeks...that's if we're lucky! So 7 weeks bed rest during my first trimester and now I'm shooting for 7 weeks bed rest for my last trimester. I've got to make it to term!!

I'm so lucky to have such great people around. My mom is here everyday taking care of all my daily duties. We had a great neighbor bring us dinner last night, and a friend came over and cooked for us tonight. Tomorrow I have a friend coming in from the LBC to visit. We planned the visit before this whole bed rest thing. I haven't seen her in over a year so I'm super bummed I'm layed up obviously. But that didn't stop her. She's still coming and she's even making us dinner! So, we are so blessed to have such great family, friends and neighbors!!

I just have to keep reminding myself...this bed rest is only temporary! Plus, I'll get a cute baby girl out of the whole thing! A pretty small price to pay considering what I get out of it.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chicken Caesar Wraps or Chicken Tenders for dinner??

Seriously, these are my big decisions during the day. Is it sad that I look forward to and enjoy looking through the menu and ordering my meals. "Ooooh, it's 10:00...time to order my lunch!!" "3:00! Yeah, I get to order my dinner!" At this point I've pretty much sampled everything (it's a short menu), but it still feels a bit like I'm ordering room service when I make the call.

But of course the big highlight of my days are when my family comes to visit me! It can be very lonely here and I feel very secluded. And I think I'm watching way too much TV! I end up just leaving the TV on for background noise because it gets too quiet in this hospital room! Plus, I figure I may as well watch it, because I won't have it when I get home. So I'll just save all my good reading for bed rest at home. Which by the way, I'm hoping I'll be sent home this evening! The doctor is coming by in a couple of hours to let me know. Finger crossed.

I'm averaging two contractions per hour now...compared to five an hour when I first got here! So I'd say I'm on the up and up, right? Yeah...I'm going home...I know it.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where do I begin?

I guess from the beginning.

I dropped Haley off at school and the other two at my parents' house yesterday morning so I could get to my ultrasound. Thinking it was just going to be a routine check and I would be home in a couple of hours...WRONG.

The specialist immediately discovered my cervix was thinning out and showing signs of early labor. Not good. He sent me directly to Labor and Delivery to be monitored. I sobbed the whole way walking down the hall...weak moment. Although, has I'm standing there sobbing in front of the desk at L and D trying to explain what had happened the looks on those two nurses' faces were priceless. They wanted to help, but had no idea what I was talking about. Luckily, the specialist at ultrasound called and explained for me at that moment.

In a matter of moments I was admitted and hooked up to an IV. They are giving Magnesium, for the babies brain and steroids for her lungs in case she does decide to make an early appearance. I've been having contractions for last couple of months but have been dismissing them as just standard Braxton Hicks, and this being my fourth I'm used to them. Well, I'm thinking I probably should have been paying closer attention. The doctor checked me and I was 50% effaced and dilated to 1. Hopefully, it's not getting any worse than that! I'm also on medication so slow my contractions and relax my muscles. They want to keep me in the hospital for at least 48 hours and then we'll see what the doctor says. I'm hoping to be sent home tomorrow...but I know I'll be given strict orders for bed we go again. My goal is to STAY pregnant!!

I'm so lucky my parents were here! Not sure what we would have done if they weren't. With Ryan out of town they have come to our rescue and are holding down the fort with the girls. They have their work cut out for them as Piper has come down with a fever this morning. My poor little one.

I'm staying optimistic! I had a good cry about my situation yesterday, now it's all about doing what I need to do to protect this baby! I'm so blessed to have family here with me...what would I do without them!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Too many appointments!

So this happens to be a week of appointments for me. Today was my glucose test which requires fasting, which is never a good thing for a pregnant lady! I had to rush out the door this morning to get Haley to school on time and then get myself to the lab for my test, pronto, because if I had to starve any longer and may have jumped the guy coming out of the gas station carrying a box a donuts! The good part is that Piper and Morgan were angels during the whole process...thank you, thank you!

Tomorrow is another ultrasound with the specialist. Again, they want to monitor everything going on in there and just make sure little baby is growing properly. Oh, and I'll be getting my Rhogam shot while I'm there (remember, my blood type is A-). Then, on Thursday, it's back to my doctor for my regular OB check-up. Whew!

So early this morning, around 4:30 I hear Morgan yell out "MOMMY" real loud and kinda mean. I'm half asleep, and don't move too fast...actually, I didn't move at all. I though, eh, she'll probably fall back asleep. Then a few moments later she's face to face with me standing by my bed.

Morgan: "Mommy! Turn off the music!!"
Me: "Huh.......Morgan, what are you talking about?"
Morgan: (long pause) ", never mind....I was dreaming. Can I sleep in your bed?"
Me: "Whatever"

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hangin' in there.

My mantra...this is hanging in my kitchen so I'm reminded every day!

I've realized that one thing that helps me keep my sanity while Ryan is gone is to not worry about messes. I've had a basket of laundry needing to be folded on the washer and another in the dryer for the last five days. The same toys (those darn Little People) scattered all over my family room, and one of these days we'll maybe pick them up. Clutter is piling up on the kitchen counter and there's little food bits stuck on the tile floor under Piper's seat that still needs to be mopped up. But, my living room is presentable! So if anyone visits me at least I have one room to be proud of, as long as they put blinders on to the rest of the house!

My moment of weakness today at Costco...Dino Chicken Nuggets. But look at that face...that girl is excited about dinner!

Piper's new hangout spot while I'm working in the kitchen. She loves watching me cook...even if it is only Dino nuggets!

Four more days to go!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

No pictures today.

Just when I said I was making it a goal to post pictures everyday...BAM, I fail.

This morning was a bit rough. The girls were not getting along very well, and it just seemed there was a lot of running around the house and yelling. Sleep for me has been awful! I try really hard to get into bed at a decent hour and then something comes up as soon as I start to reach that really peaceful sleep. Morgan needs her blankets, someone needs water, Haley waking up about something...on and on. And then I can never find that peaceful sleep again and before I know it, it's after midnight! So of course I've been a bit short fused with the kids. And it always seems I have a kid in my bed by morning. The first night was Haley, and then every night since Morgan has joined me. Bad habit brewing...I know.

We managed to make it to church and my folks joined us, it was nice to have them there. After church my parents had Haley and Morgan come over for the afternoon while I took Piper home for a nap, and I was able to get some much needed alone time!! I needed that!

After Piper woke up I joined them for dinner. It was delicious!

Oh, and just so you know, my eye is much better today! I did not wake up with my eye sealed shut, thank goodness!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day Four

I'm getting back on track and cranking out another post for the day. I've been making it a goal to snap photos of our happenings everyday, at least while Ryan is gone. Well, Morgan decided she would take a few of her own. I thought I'd share a few with you.

Okay...let me explain the misery that's plastered all over my face in this photo.

So, early in the day my dad stopped by to pick up a couple of things. As he was leaving, and backing out of the driveway I was holding Piper while she waved goodbye to him. She can be a little jerky with her waving (quick up and down motions using her entire arm). Well, one of her fingers nailed me DIRECTLY in my eye...HARD I might add. I was basically blind for nearly an hour until I could finally open it a little. So all day my poor little eye has been bloodshot, half open, watering, and sometimes oozing yellow stuff. Every blink is quite painful. I'm pretty sure she scratched my eyeball...thanks Piper. I'm absolutely terrified about what it may look like in the know, all sealed shut with icky yellow stuff. I bet Ryan is pretty bummed he'll be missing out of that good stuff! So, anyway...hence the look of complete misery on my face.

Of course Morgan had to take her self portrait.

She took a picture of Piper too.

Today was basically a stay at home day. I was so exhausted from the fair the night before I wasn't really motivated to do much today. Plus, my scary eye and the fact that I could barely probably wouldn't be a good idea to drive.

Afternoon in the garden. Haley actually did a fair amount of weeding! And I didn't even ask her to do it!! What a helper!

Dinner consisted of chicken noodle soup (from the can) and grilled cheese. It was a close one...I almost opted for cereal, but Haley found the soup way in the back of the pantry. But, in my defense, I'm nearly blind people! I even had to read their bed time story tonight with one eye! And even now I want you all to know that I'm fighting the pain to crank out this post...yeah, that's dedication!

Before I close, I wanted to include a few more pictures from the fair. These were taken by my dad.

It looks like Haley is running through a ghost town! I guess it was a little quite when we first got there, but boy, did the crowds come later! I was in constant fear of losing my kids the entire time.

My brother, Jeff, and I. We're admiring a litter of piglets. Boy, were they cute...too bad they grow up looking so darn ugly! Sorry pig lovers...but it's true...nothing cute about a grown pig.

And last but not least...nothing funnier than a pregnant lady doing the macarena.

Day Three...and I'm already behind.

Goodness, I've already failed at trying to post everyday. But since we didn't get home until after 11:00 last night, doing a blog post wasn't top on my list of things to do. Sleep sounded much better.

We had a good day yesterday...after the girls got out of school (it was another early out) my parents, brother, and the girls and I all went to the Utah State Fair.

We saw all the animals.

The girls did a bit of dancing. It actually looked more like they were wrestling half the time.

We went through most of the exhibits, we had a picnic dinner (thanks to my mom for packing it), saw an hypnotist, a sea lion show, and rodeo. And then last but not least, we ended the day with funnel cake.

The girls at the end of the night waiting for the bulls to come out. I think they're getting a little tired...what do you think?

Quote of the night.

Morgan asked me, "Hey mom, what freaky chain did you pick out?!"

Translation (it took me a minute to figure it out): "freaky" chain = free key chain.

In one of the exhibits they were passing out free key chains...I guess she heard "freaky" chain instead.

I'll be calling mine a freaky chain...I like that much better.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day Two

I decided to try to update everyday for Ryan, and because my life is so exciting I know everyone else would love to know what we're up to.

Last night was awful! Ryan should be glad he missed it. Haley had a lot of trouble sleeping and ended up in my bed for the night. She finally settled down close to 1 in the morning. Then around 2 Morgan woke up to go to the bathroom, she saw Haley in my bed and pitched a slight fit..."Why does Haley get to sleep with you?!!". One thing after another, so sleep was pretty minimal. Thankfully Piper slept like a champ. So by morning I'm dragging and of course Haley and Morgan act like they got the best sleep in their lives going full blast...not fair! That is one thing about never know what kind of sleep you will have when you lay your head on that pillow!

I picked a boat load of pears this afternoon while the girls played in the yard.

Leftovers for (no, I did not buy it...I made it). That's right, we haven't had pancakes yet...or mac and cheese for that matter. Oh wait, I'm only on day two though...I better not get too proud of myself yet.

After dinner we played out back with the dogs...picking berries.

And being silly.

Can you tell Piper got a hold of a few berries?

And then finally after the bedtime's quite.

Tonight I missed out on a garden party dinner for the women in the neighborhood. But a friend came by after my kids were in bed and dropped off a yummy plate of homemade truffles and chocolates from the party for me. What a wonderful friend! I will be devouring them after I write this post.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Not Much

Not much really going on.

Ryan left today for Vegas. He's working the Iron Man expo, then doing the Outdoor demo thing, and then Interbike...yeah, I'm bummed. But then, he's scoring some major hours for the office...cha-ching! Love that money baby! Whoo! (Reminder: Taledaga Nights reference...I'm not that shallow...but seriously...the money is nice.) Anyway...I'll be holding down the fort for a while solo. Not so thrilled about that part. I'll try my best not to serve mac and cheese and pancakes every night. The good part is my parents are here close that's helpful, and comforting.

In other news, baby names seem to be the topic of discussion around here. It's about that time when I would like to have at least a few names on the table by now. Maybe not anything set in stone yet, but options at least. We've definitely been dragging out feet. It's just so hard when it's the fourth girl! We've been through so many girl names...and the decision is such an important one! The other night I think Ryan and I made some major progress...and we may even have something we agree on. But then, we're known for changing things up at the last second too. You never know.

Well, off I go to enjoy the silence of the afternoon...two girls in school and one taking a nap.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A few pictures of the week.

I took this picture through my kitchen window as I was cleaning up after dinner. They're picking of our favorite pastimes.

The area in front of our porch isn't landscaped and the girls love to play there. I'm actually hesitate to plant anything there for this reason. I had to document Haley's little house she created for her dinosaurs. Haley and Morgan used random boards, sticks and other things for the walls. They also found these little seed pods, they dug out the innards of them (which took some time) to create little bowls. Also, Haley scoured the yard for moss to use as the carpet...some of that moss even came from her school! I was very impressed!

Morgan wasn't quite as detail oriented...but she's getting the idea.

Piper seems to be a little more photogenic than the other girls. She saw me with the camera and wanted in on some of the action.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Pump up the Jam

Today has been a beautiful September day! Not too hot, so I don't have to rely on the A/C...instead every window is open to let in the breeze...I love it!

This week has been all about peach jam! I have been cranking out jar after jar making a sticky mess of my kitchen. I love looking into my pantry and seeing the jars of salsa and jam that I've made, it's a good feeling.

It's funny because I've been super motivated to can food (which requires lots of kitchen time) but when it comes to making dinner it is such a chore for me. Blah! I'm sick of it. Nothing sounds good and I'm not really into finding new recipes. Hamburgers seem to be our old can always throw a burger on the grill and ta-da, dinner is served. And we are never short on burgers, buns, cheese, tomatoes, onions and lettuce in this house. One thing I've learned over the years...always have the necessary toppings to throw a burger together, so when you are clueless about dinner you still have a happy husband and the end of the day. What man says no to a burger?

Although, I'm guessing as the season changes and Fall approaches I'll get more into the comfort foods and be motivated once again. At least I hope so.

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