Saturday, June 27, 2015

Everyday life.

 Summer is flying by it seems!  I just can't keep up with our everyday happenings over here.  Although we haven't had any trips nor do we have anything planned as of yet, we are keeping busy just the same.  So I decided to let you know what we've been up to lately.

We went to the Annual Springville Children's Art Festival.

 Our Sundance Sundays are in full swing!

 Keeping up with the mountain bike weekly race series every Wednesday evening.
I feel pretty good and competitive some days, other days I'm scared out of my mind and think "Why on earth am I even doing this?!".  But even so....I think I'm getting better...maybe...I hope.

But on a different note with mountain biking:
Last week I won the raffle after the race and got a pink cruiser out of it!
I've never owned a bike like this...I've owned road bikes, track bikes, and mountain bikes, never a cruiser...but secretly I always wanted a kick around town kinda bike.  Especially growing up by the beach when it seems every girl owned a beach cruiser.  So anyway, I've been having fun riding it to the our neighbor's pool with the kids.  And needless to say, Haley has been enjoying it as well.

 We took the family to the Riverwoods for their "Beach Party".
The big event for the evening was the beach ball drop...apparently there were 2,000 that they dropped!  It was mayhem to say the least...and yes, all four of my girls went home with a beach ball.

 I had to add this picture of Piper at the "Beach Party".
She's getting all zen.  She pulls this out every so often...I've seen her pull this pose sitting on top of the toilet paper packages at the grocery store.  I don't know...she's weird.

 We have a neighbor with a pool and they open it up a couple of hours a day to let neighbor kids play in it.  It's pretty awesome...needless to say we're there a lot!

And just today we took the kids to a little reservoir to swim.
I didn't even know this place existed until a couple of weeks ago!  Where have I been?!
Anyway the girls had a blast, I know we'll be back.

And last but not least, Morgan's selfie.
Because my kids have taken over my phone.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day Daddy-o!!

Little back ground on this photo:  
This picture was taken on the long track speed skating oval in Butte, Montana...probably around 1990.  Just a quick little side note, this was the rink that Bonnie Blair did some of her training on...unfortunately, she was out of town when we were there, bummer.  Anyway, when this picture was taken it was 0 degrees...just a little chilly!  We would have to take breaks often and warm up in the little hut nearby because our faces would get so cold when we skated.  And during this trip (it was a road trip) we ran into temperatures down to -35!!  There are some tough people living up north that's for sure!  

So Happy Father's Day to the guy that introduced me to speed skating and cycling, and gave me my competitive spirit.
Love you!

And of course Father's Day wouldn't be complete without wishing my baby daddy a Happy Father's Day too!  He's sporting the ties that the girls made him and I'll have you know he wore all four of them for the whole three hours at church.  Love you babe!

Monday, June 15, 2015

What we're watching.

So a while back I decided we needed a show to enjoy with the girls...on those evenings when we make pizza and all plop in front of the TV and just chill.  And I can't really handle that much of "Jesse" or "My Babysitter is a Vampire" (two of Haley and Morgan's favorites).  

So I decided on "Once Upon a Time".
 I know of other families that watch this with their kids and thought I'd give it a go.  Yes, I know I'm a little late jumping on the wagon with this one.  It seems pretty much everyone who's anyone knows this show.
My kids love it!  And I like it pretty well too.  Ryan on the other hand...well, he puts up with it I guess.  The joys of having all girls!  I think we're on Season 2 right now.

And as for Ryan and I, we are currently obsessed with Longmire.
If you're not familiar with this show, it's about Walt Longmire who is a sheriff (and let's just say now...a total bad ass too) in a small town in Wyoming.  There is usually a murder that they have to solve and slowly you learn little snippets of Longmire's past and the mystery surrounding his wife's death.  So good!
We're almost done with Season 3.

So there you have it...that's what we're currently watching.

I need to do another Makeup Monday soon...I have a foundation that I've been really loving lately...from the drugstore no less!
Happy Monday!!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sundance Sundays

I love that Haley is wearing a cat ear headband and Morgan is wearing her Harry Potter glasses.
I don't even think twice when they chose to accessorize the way they do...whatever floats their boat.

So yeah, Sundance Sundays!  They're back on!
And they're even better this year as they have both lifts open now (courtesy of the new zip line tours) so we can enjoy views from the summit and partake in the ever delicious Bear Claw nachos!  Although we all agree that the nachos taste much better after a full morning of skiing.

 While we up there the lift had to shut down briefly due to the weather...there was some thunder and lightning in the distance.
Haley taking a little rest.

I could have lounged and enjoyed the views all afternoon. 
 I was in no rush to get down.

I'm already looking forward to next Sunday!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Long Week

I won't's been a long week.  I hate to admit it, but I really didn't accomplish much of anything, go anywhere worth mentioning, or really doing anything at all this week.  

I've been out of sorts this week.  With Ryan gone, Haley gone, my parents also left this week...I'm feeling a little unmotivated for anything.  I'm so glad my kids carry on and seem to enjoy themselves regardless of how I'm feeling. They have been playing with neighbor kids literally everyday, riding bikes, scooters, doing crafts or just laying around eating apples in a messy family room watching a movie.   They seemed perfectly content to chill at home all week, and I'm glad for that.

Tomorrow however, my family will be reunited!  Ryan flies in late he should be arriving home in the wee hours of the morning.  Side note:  There is no easy way to get to or from's a traveling nightmare.  Just so you know in case you want to go prepared!

And also tomorrow we get to pick up this girl that I've missed so much!
I can't wait to hear all her stories from the week!

It will nice to have everyone under the same roof again!
Yes, I know it's only been a week...I should probably toughen up.
But seriously...I can't wait!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to my main man!
He's been in Quebec this week for work and I have been missing him!

With both Haley and him gone this week it just doesn't feel right around here!

Happy Birthday!
Love you!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Dishwasher woes.

I hate my dishwasher, I have always hated my dishwasher since the day we moved in.  I would replace it if it was that simple. But I quickly realized why the previous owners chose a double drawer dishwasher...because a regular door dishwasher would never be able to open all the way because it would bang into the oven.  You see, they picked the wrong oven for that space, it doesn't sit flush with the cabinets.  So the only dishwasher that would work is this lousy two drawer one that won't bang into the oven.  Soooooo, to get a new dishwasher I would have to replace the oven as well. And after having a double oven, I never want to go back to a single oven, the double oven is just too awesome.  So in other words, the oven I want won't be cheap.  

I'm not sure if any of that made a lick of sense, but whatever...I just want to rant people!

Well, a few weeks ago the dishwasher crapped out (again)...and wanting to save money we thought it best to just repair it.  The repair guy (from Sears) came out and fixed it (at least thought he had).  Turns out it wasn't all the way fixed so I called him out again.  He came and decided he had to order parts this time which will take a week to come in.  He came out a third time once the parts were in and then said he couldn't get the dishwasher out to repair it and that I needed to call up a contractor to get it out and then he'll come and fix it.  What?!  He left and I was standing there in total confusion!  I'm supposed to hire another person now to do what technically he should be able to do?!

So later my dad came over to check it out.  He fiddled with it for a bit and realized that there were two more screws on either side of the dishwasher holding it in place.  They were a massive pain to unscrew because of their weird placements (why they were even there is strange) but my dad was able to get it done.  Bottom line, that repair guy was a lazy ass who didn't want to put forth the effort or the time to figure it out!!  So irritating!!

My dad, never scared of a challenge.

I called Sears to get someone out pronto so I don't have to have my dishwasher hanging out of my cabinets for long.  Of course they gave me the run around and said I would have to wait a week until the next available appointment!  What?  A week!!  I kinda went off on the guy.  It didn't work.  So then I called the repair guy (you know, the lazy one) directly to get him out.  He said he would take care of it and get a better appointment for me and get back to me.  I have yet to hear from him.
Not sure if he's just scared to show his face around here or what since I told him my dad had to do his job for him and that I was pretty ticked off at the situation.  
So now I have a dishwasher sitting all wonky and the repair parts waiting to be put in.  
Anyone want to come over and fix my lame dishwasher?

In other GOOD news....Morgan did not break her nose!  Yay!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Camp Big Springs

 This morning I said farewell to my oldest child.  She's off to her fifth grade Camp Big Springs for five days...yes, FIVE days!  Now, as a kid I also participated in a fifth grade camp (actually mine was in sixth grade), Camp Hi-Hill...and I had a blast!!  But I can't help feeling apprehensive about it for my own child.  She's never been away from me in a setting like this...she's always stayed with family when she goes somewhere overnight.  It's my natural instinct to worry...that's what I do best after all!

When we pulled up she was pretty excited about the whole thing, but she insisted that I stayed until they loaded the bus.  Which, by the way, I'm so glad she insisted, because I really did want to stay.  But as we approached the bus she started to get a little more nervous about the whole thing and I could tell she was getting a little teary under her hat...that nearly killed me...but I stayed strong!  I assured her she would have amazing memories from this trip, as I did.  And her friends were so sweet, I could see them trying to comfort her on the bus.

I stayed on the sidewalk smiling and waving at her until the bus finally drove off.  And I might add that it was me and one other mom that stayed until the very last second...waving and blowing kisses.  I'm not sure if that's weird or not but I wouldn't have any other way.
Haley with her bestie.

I won't lie, this week will be hard for me without her.
Her on the other hand...well, I hope she loving every minute!
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