Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The joys of having a younger sister.

Let me tell you a little about Piper. She rarely eats breakfast, or very little of it anyway. She's on the go...who has time to eat breakfast when there are messes to be made? I'm lucky if she eats a quarter of a bagel.

Also, every morning she asks for "Eee eee"...translation: "T.V." However, she rarely watches it. She may actually sit for 5 minutes...maybe...if we're lucky.

So anyway, now check out this picture.
That's Piper on the step, eating and watching a movie. What you don't know...that's not her breakfast.

Piper, knowing it was Morgan's bagel, swiped it off the table and sat very boldly eating it right next to Morgan (Morgan is in the beanbag, if you can't tell). Piper ate the ENTIRE thing! And I know she only did it because it was Morgan's. Morgan had absolutely no idea and sat there completely oblivious. I'm kinda glad she didn't because she probably would have pitched a fit too. She knew what she was doing...even at that young age she already likes to tick off her sisters and she knows how to do it too.

About 15 minutes later Morgan asks, "Mom, can you pause the movie so I can eat?"
Piper looked up and pointed to an empty plate and said, "Where go?"

Aren't little sisters fun?

Friday, March 23, 2012

This Week

Spring has sprung! Blossoms on our apricot tree have popped and our daffodils are coming in!
The weather has been wonderful and the girls have been outside nonstop!

Even Rory has been getting some Vitamin D this week.

I have managed pretty well this week without Ryan, thanks to the nice weather! However, we are all extremely excited to see him tonight! The only thing I failed miserably this week was the girls' homework. Some of it managed to get done, but I admit not all of it. It's really hard to do the homework battle when they're playing so nicely outside. Sometimes to keep my sanity something has to go...homework it was.

Some other things that went on this week in no particular order:

* I went to Parent-Teacher conferences. I love hearing good things about my kids and seeing how proud the girls are of themselves. It makes me happy.

* Speaking of happy, Rory giggled up a storm watching the dogs tromp around the yard.

* Made Haley in charge of dinner last night. She chose Pasta Roni and Popsicles for dessert. She's a simple gal.

* While I was sitting on the sofa Piper spilled my very full mug of coffee on me. It was a kind of spill that you need to change your entire outfit, including my bra and undies...yeah, it was that bad, and quite warm. But hey...none of it got on the sofa!

* And speaking of Piper. She came to me one day holding out her hand. I couldn't figure out what she wanted. Then I looked closely. "What's on your hand?" She says, "Pee Pee". Except it wasn't pee. Yeah, you got it...she had a little fun exploring her own poopy diaper. Lovely.

* I've been watching Downton Abbey every night...ooooh, so good! After the kids were in bed I was giddy to get cozy and watch an episode. I even layed down on the floor with the girls beanbags eating snickerdoodles while I watched it...childish? I don't care. It's the kind of show that even when you're alone you still find yourself talking aloud..."What?! She DID NOT just do that?!" It's a must see!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

When the husband is away...

...I watch girly shows.

Ryan left for Denver yesterday. I'm still suffering from my mystery left side pain (seriously...am I dying?) And so while at Costco, feeling sorry myself, I found this...and bought it in a heartbeat.
I've only watched one episode so far...but I think its safe to say that I pretty much love it already.

As far as my pain goes, we've come to the realization that it's not an infection. I'm being sent to a specialist. I'm extremely depressed about this, as this is really wearing me down. But I'll try to keep my chin up and stay positive...because honestly, I'm really scared about this pain. It's hard not to get all doom and gloom. It's been over a month!!! What can it be?!! I have another appointment next week...here we go again.

In the meantime...I'll drown my sorrows in a little Downton Abbey.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Friday, March 16, 2012

My woes and a few pictures of the week.

So I know everyone is just on pins and needles wondering what ever came of my doctor's visit. Well, I'll tell you. After some tests, apparently I have a lot of inflammation in my large intestine which may be the result of an infection. I have some family history of cancer in the intestines/colon, so needless to say this infection freaks me out. I'm constantly in pain (the antibiotics haven't kicked in, which scares me too. Why haven't they started helping? Is it not really an infection? Is it something worse?) So the pain makes me irritable and depressed. I feel like an old lady trying to keep up with my kids...I hate that! All I want is to feel healthy and strong again. I have another doctor's appt. on Monday, so hopefully I'll get some answers then.

Okay, enough of my woes...it's making me depressed, scared and anxious all over again.

Let's move on to some other things that went on this week.

Haley called from school the other day in a complete panic. She found a ring on the playground at recess and of course put in on her finger. Well, it got stuck...really stuck! She was sent to the office and they tried their best to get that ring off! Ryan rode his bike to the school to see what he could do. As soon as he walked in he saw her swollen finger and Haley cried, "Daddy, is my finger going to fall off?" Poor thing. They finally got some help from the custodian who came in the office holding a massive pair of loppers, "Okay, Haley...are you ready?" He knows Haley, and he was just giving her a little tease. Haley, though, was completely unfazed, she looks up and holds out her hand, "I'm ready. Just do it!" Of course he said he was kidding and took out a smaller pair of cutters to get it off. Success! They got it off, and she was on her way! Only Haley would have an afternoon like that! That's my girl!

Piper singing to the Pooh Bears the other morning. She calls him "Pooh ba". She sleeps with her Pooh Bear every night and always puts her hands inside his shirt and sleeve to fall asleep.

And speaking of Piper. She is so ready to be one of the big kids! She was playing on this scooter for over 30 minutes while I was making dinner. It kept falling, or she would fall down...but she was determined to figure it out!

The weather has been in the upper 60's and it even hit low 70's yesterday! It's been just wonderful!

Piper and Morgan enjoying a picnic lunch. Ahh, it's so nice when the kids eat outside...one less mess in the house. And the dogs love it too.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Review

I got out for that ride! It was wonderful! First of all, I haven't been on a bike in over a year. And secondly, I have not gone out for a ride by myself in years...and that was pulling a trailer with Haley and Morgan in it...so really I wasn't even by myself. I can't even remember a time I rode completely by myself. But anyway, I squeezed in a kit and got out for about an hour. It felt good...it felt really good! It made me feel young...and I love that feeling. It wasn't the most speedy bike ride ever, and my booty was barkin' by the end...but, it's been over a year, so what can I expect?!

Let's see, what else...We took the dogs to the dog park to let them run while we basked in the sunshine, friends over, playing at the park, lots of free time in yard, movies in the evening, and church.

Today, I'm off to the doctor to get a pain I've had in my side for the last 3-4 weeks checked out. At first, I thought it was just a muscle strain, but it hasn't gone away. I'm terrified to find out what the cause of this ache is. I have a tendency to work myself up over these types of things...and my imagination always gets the best of me.

Friday, March 9, 2012

My new ride!

Bikes are a big part of this family. I did a bit of racing growing up and of course Ryan is still very much involved in the sport.

Anyway, I haven't had that many road bikes in my lifetime. My mentality is, when you get a new bike you keep it until it basically dies...kinda how I was raised I guess. Opposite of Ryan...I can't even begin to tell you how many bikes he has gone through. Although most of them are from sponsors...but yeah, he's had lots and lots.

For me, I had a steel Medici that I raced on as a Jr. and a bit in college...my first real bike in a sense. Then came the day we wanted to repaint it...when the old paint was taken off we found out my beloved frame was riddled with holes...yes, HOLES! A result from the Midwest Winters no doubt.

From there, I raced on a Caloi, it was pretty much a clunker...but it was free, so you know, I can't really complain. Then, while I was in college I bought a used Trek OCLV...although it was a little on the big side for me, I loved that bike! I had it for about 10 years! At that point, Ryan thought an upgrade might be a good idea. So he bought me an Orbea...it was beautiful! And it fit me like a glove! Although no racing, I did a fair amount of coffee rides on that bike!

After only three years with the Orbea, Ryan thought an upgrade yet again was in order. I was really sad to see the Orbea go. But...it's replacement is pretty nice!
I think I may have to take it for a spin this weekend!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Going full capacity.

So it's been a few months now as a family of 6. I'm still adjusting, it's true...but I think we're doing pretty good considering what we've been through so far!

Some things I've come to realize having four children 7 and under:

* You are never alone. Okay, rarely. If Ryan has to go on errands, he takes a kid....I don't care what kid, but take someone. Going skiing? Take a kid. Have to work outside? Take a kid. Going for a run? Take a kid. Divide and conquer is how we roll.

* It is always loud in our house. Whether it's a screaming child, rough housing, yelling, laughing, or just plain talking (why must children talk like they are miles apart from each other? We'll never know.) And just last night the girls were watching something and were laughing up a storm. Now, if someone walked into our home at that moment they would have thought 20 little girls were in the other room...not THREE!

* There is ALWAYS a load or two, or three of laundry that needs to be done on any given day. It probably doesn't help with the fact that my girls change their clothes about 3 times a day.

* Moods change at the drop of a hat. Grumpy, happy, angry...whatever, we have it all! But everyone happy and in a good mood at the same time? Never.

* Ryan and I cannot have a serious conversation, or any conversation really, in the day without being interrupted by a child. A kid gets hurt...a baby cries...a kid is poopy...a kid needs to tell us something "really, really, really important". There is always something. We have started so many conversations and then they usually end with a kid running in, and me saying, "Forget it, I'll talk to you later."

* And speaking of being interrupted...it takes ten times longer to complete any household task. I've left the vacuum cleaner in the middle of the floor for a couple of days on so many occasions...I started vacuuming and then got interrupted for something...I'll get back to it eventually. Folded clothes left on the table for numerous days...done that. Burnt something on the stove because I run to change a diaper or something. And I would love to do a post without pausing about ten different times to nurse a baby, stop a fight...whatever. You get the idea.

* There is always a mess. Enough said on that one.

* Sickness spreads like wildfire. If someone gets sick...fairly certain, everyone will eventually get it. It took about 2 months for everyone to get their turn with the latest cold. So chances are...someone is always sick.

* Having uninterrupted sleep is unheard of. I think Haley is the only child who can fall asleep and stay asleep until morning. Morgan visits us about every night to use the bathroom (our bathroom) needs water, needs us to fix her covers, a nightmare, or just plain can't sleep. Piper is in a habit of yelling for us at least once a night. She's just ready to start her day at 3 am. Yeah...not cool. And my little Rory has now started to eat again at night...12 and 5. Bummer.

I could go on, I'm sure.

Basically, it's never a dull moment in this house. There is always something going on and always something to do.

I wouldn't have any other way though...okay, most of the time I wouldn't want it any other way!

I'll get that good nights rest someday.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring is in the Air!

I know I just wrote how excited I was to see some snow...but, this warm weather is making me giddy for Spring!

Yesterday was amazing! No coats required type of day! And this warm weather is really helping me get motivated to get into shape! Flat stomach, I'm coming for ya!!

This morning I got the three younger girls ready to get out the door for a walk, and as soon as we were about to leave my little bro Jeffy came walking up with donuts in hand...hello! Yep, can't say no to a donut! So, everyone went back into the house and enjoyed a donut with uncle Jeffy! But really, I did get out for my walk...honest! It was lovely! It looks cold, but it wasn't.

Ryan and I sure do make cute babies! That's right people! Look at that face...cuteness, all over it!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Dr. Seuss and Weekend Review

Friday was Dr. Seuss's Birthday...did you know that? If you have kids, then you probably did as it's becomes quite the celebration at schools. The kids can come dressed up to Dr. Seuss characters and such. I didn't stray too far from last years costume idea of Daisy Head Maisy...okay, I did exactly what I did last year. Except this year Morgan got to get in on it too!

Saturday morning I went to the ladies only ski clinic a the the Nordic Center...loved it! I think I found my new calling! Now, if I could just master going up hill...then I think I would love it even more!

Saturday evening Ryan was going to take both Haley and Morgan skiing. However, when they started to bicker and whine I was having second thoughts. It wasn't until Morgan started having a complete crying break down about her socks not going on right that we decided to nix the whole thing. Why pay money for an evening of complete hell...right? So, instead we went to the park for some sledding. Much better for all.

This picture cracks me up! She's saying "CHEESE"!

Enjoying the fire after sledding.

Sunday morning proved to be a much better time for Ryan to take the girls skiing. The had a ball! Both girls can pretty much hold their own now, which is nice for Ryan. At one point Haley took a path less traveled and got caught up in some trees and the snow patrol had to "rescue" her. Boy, is that something Haley would do or what?! Anyway, it was quite an adventure for her as she cannot stop talking about her experience on the back of a snowmobile!

I went for a walk with the little ones while they were skiing...did I mention the weather is amazing!! I have GOT to get more active, the scale went up a pound this week!! And if you know me, I will not cut out any sweets! I don't eat them that often, and I will not take away those little joys in my life! So, more exercise it is!

This is one of Haley's pictures I found on the camera. Cute.
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