Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Yes, today is my big day! Really, it's no different than any other day around here, but it was a good excuse to buy a big cheese croissant and the French Bakery this morning. Yep, my little Birthday treat. Actually, I ended up sharing it with Morgan and Jeff (Haley was in school). It was a little piece of heaven and I savored every bite!

I'm not sure what's on tap for tonight. I do know that I want to go out to breakfast at some point, it's my favorite meal to go out for! So we'll see. What I would like to do tonight is have Jeff watch the girls so Ryan and I can go play some racquetball! I know, I'm a cheap date. But I had so much fun playing with him last week, I would love to go again. But Survivor is on tonight...oh, decisions, decisions.

In other news, I found a really fun Dog Park to take Etta. Unfortunately, it's in Sandy, which (for all my out of state readers), is 30 minutes away! But, I think it's worth doing every week or so to give her a chance to run around with other dogs in a fenced in area. I sometimes let her off the leash when we go hiking around, but she'll be out of sight for the longest time chasing birds. She always come back, but it really bugs me. Plus, it was actually really fun for the girls...and because it's fenced I don't need to worry about them escaping either! Ha Ha! Haley was throwing a ball for about 5 different dogs at one point. But then a big dog knocked Haley down (not on purpose), but anyway the dog's head bonked Haley's ear really hard. She was pretty upset and crying and then she says in the middle of her sobs, "Mommy, does my ear look the same?". I know, I could have really freaked her out and told her it was gone or something to that effect. But I decided against it and told her that yes her ear was still there and looked the exact same.

Then later another dog knocked Morgan over and she got a pretty big bump on her forehead. But the funny thing about that was she was more worked up about a scrap on her thumb! If her thumb really got her upset, she would have really freaked out if she could see that bump on her head!! Oh, and I was grabbing for Morgan after the dog knocked her down, I pulled something in my hip! It was the weirdest thing, I could barely walk!! I must have turned funny or something...oh, I'm getting old!!

So yeah, we were all beat up and limping out of there when it was time to go, but we had a ball! We were there for about two hours! And both Haley and Morgan can't wait to go again!

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Bike Racer's Wife

I have a had a love/hate relationship with bike racing for a long time...although I do not race anymore, I'm married to someone who is still very much a part of the sport. The thing with any "true" racer is that they will NEVER part with it...NEVER! Just look at Lance Armstrong, (but that's a whole other can of worms...we won't go there).

In any case, I love the sport because it took me to so many neat places around the country and I gained so many great friends as well...including my husband! I had an amazing college experience, racing with a very entertaining group, making some great memories along the way! I'm still very fortunate to have kept in contact with just about everyone from those years (thank you Facebook). And even after Ryan and I were married we traveled around a lot going to different races, and I will say we had a lot of fun!! Except for those days where I had to wait for hours in feed zones in the rain and mud, or in the blazing heat...that was not so fun.

However, now that we have a family, being a bike racer's wife becomes least for me anyway. I have to go through a kind of transition...preparing myself for the racing season...and the time Ryan will have to take to race or train. This usually consists of some kind of breakdown. "I can't do this!!" "I need a break!!!" "I want some time to myself...doing what I WANT to do!" It's the same thing every year. Then I get over it, because to be honest...I do have a lot of fun going to races. And I love having the girls being a part of it. But when I'm having a bad day, and I'm at my wits end with the girls and Ryan's gone out's so easy to put the blame on him. He's out doing something he loves while I'm stuck with the girls by myself on a Saturday!! I won't's hard! But of course it's not hard all the time, if fact I think I do a pretty good job most of time...I think I'm a pretty supportive wife! But I think it's important to be honest about the hardships! I would love to pick the brains of Tony Cruz's, or Jeff Louder's wives. I know that these women sacrifice quite a bit to let their husbands do what they do...hmmm, I wonder if they complain when the season is about to begin? Do they go through a transition like me? Do they have breakdowns every now and then, but then get over it, just to love it the rest of year? Hmmm...I wonder?

But I'll tell you this...there is nothing better than to see the look on Ryan's face after he had a great ride or race...pure joy! It's a bike racer thing, they LIVE for this stuff. And I wouldn't trade that for anything. Yes, I may complain about it every now and then...but I would NEVER want him to stop! And I hope our girls find just as much joy in it!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spring is Here!

Yeah right...who am I kidding. It's just mother nature just giving us a tease...but I'll take it.

The past couple of days have been beautiful! Warmer temps (in the 40's) and clear blue skys...ahhhh...too bad it won't last.

So anyway, the girls have been enjoying a lot of outside play. Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of outside "stuff" to play with right now. So they've been having a ball riding their bikes (we're still working on pedaling with Morgan, she'll get it soon) and of course their favorite, playing in the dirt. They also like to drag out the little play pool...Haley asks for me to fill it, but I can't go that far. They already peel off their jackets and refuse to wear shoes! It's warmer temps, not warm temps!! But they don't care. And as far as the pool goes, they have just as much fun with it empty...kinda sad really, but whatever.

It's so nice now that they're a little older because I can trust them to play in the front yard now. I can see them really well from every front window in the house, so I'm able to keep a close eye on them. They are really good about staying within the boundaries and they don't go out in the street. The gutter...yes (we're still working on that one) but not in the street.

The dirt entertained them for ever!! I got to sit on the porch and read while they dug for shells and worms. We HAVE to plant flowers this year...they would love it!

I got my dose of vitamin D today...I'm feeling good!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Poopy Post

The time has come...I need to start thinking about potty training Morgan. Something I'm definitely NOT excited about doing. I keep coming up with excuses to put it off more, but I guess I can't do that forever. Too bad. The experience was anything but pleasant with was AWFUL!!! Cleaning up poopy panties is not the problem (that is to be expected) but to have to clean up poopy panties for MONTHS and MONTHS...ugh, just shoot me now and put me out of my misery!! OK, I know Morgan is not Haley, so it could go better. However, I do know that Morgan is just as stubborn, so why would it be any different? The thing that just killed me was the fact that she didn't want to go in the toilet basically because I was telling her to do it. She would hold it and hold it and hold it...she fought me the entire way! And it was like that EVERYDAY!

Ahhh, the memories...I could write about some, but then I might just really gross people out. Except for all the mothers reading this...mothers love talking about stuff like that. Two subjects that never get old with mothers: the day they gave birth, and potty training. It's like a right of passage for us...wait not everyone! Some moms (you know who you are) can like potty train their kid in a week, or a day!!! Well, there's one thing I will say to that...YOU DON'T HAVE A HALEY!!! I cleaned up so much poop messes with Haley, I have already put in more then my share!!! I deserve an easy child now!!!!

I remember this one time Ryan had to clean Haley after a poopy accident (I think I was nursing Morgan at the time...easy out for me!), anyway, after he got the panties off Haley he comes out of the bathroom holding them by the his fingertips as far away from himself as possible. He says, "What do I do with these now...throw them away?". I was like, What?!! Throw them away?!! Do you have any idea how many packs of panties I would have gone through by now if I threw every pair of poopy panties away!!!! THOUSANDS!! It's all about the "dip and swish" to save those suckers!! Now get to it!

All jokes aside...Ryan actually did help out a lot! Like the time he had to change Haley's poopy panties in a gas station at Cove Fort on our way home from Arizona one year. I believe I was nursing Morgan then convenient for me. But talk about gross! Not only in gas station bathroom, but a MENS gas station bathroom...ewwwww!

So anyway, something I'm not looking forward to...Potty Training.

Monday, February 16, 2009

It's amazing...

what a clean room can do! I finally went through the girls' room and organized a bit. I'm partially to blame for it getting a little out of control...I don't do a very good job at putting things into the correct bin. I'm usually in too big of a rush to clean up and I just throw what ever into what ever bin is closest to me. I guess I'm not a very good example!! I'll try to do better. Anyway, the girls actually were really into the idea of organizing everything. Not that they were a help, of course they weren't, but they did like the idea of helping me empty everything out of their closet. "Mommy's making a MESS!" So anyway, it's done. They actually listened to music and danced for the longest time...I guess celebrating their clean room. I joined them for a while, oh yeah...we were busting out the moves!! It feels good to just be silly with my girls and let loose for a while. Good stress reliever!

One of these days we'll get a bunk bed for these girls! Although Morgan has no problem with her crib! So I'm in no hurry!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Little Swimmer!

Yeah!! Haley passed Pre-level One!! Wow, what a difference from when she first started last summer. She can now go under the water without any screaming, crying or nearly strangling the lifeguard. She actually enjoyed each lesson and looked forward to them. No more running away from me and hiding under the pillows when it was time to get ready.

Check out her report card:

Oh yeah...Pre-Level 2...BRING IT!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

And I was doing so good...

Crazy mama comes out's one of those moments that you are so focused on getting a task done that you become completely oblivious to the people around you until you look up and see everyone staring at you. And then you realize what an idiot you must look like at that moment!

During Haley's swim lessons Morgan does super, she plays on the benches or cuddles with me on my lap...she's just the sweetest thing. BUT...once we enter the dressing room to get Haley changed Morgan becomes a terror! Today as I'm undressing Haley, Morgan reaches in the bag to get her Frenchy (stuffed dog), but Haley's panties are stuck to it, so I say "Morgan wait, I need those panties." Well, she thinks this is a fun game and runs all around the locker room while I'm racing around to trying to grab hold of her...meanwhile, Haley is left half naked waiting patiently. And as she's running around her favorite thing is to lift up all the curtains of the people trying to change discreetly behind the partitions...yeah, I'm sure they just love her there. So finally, I get a hold of her and tell her sit beside us and NOT TO MOVE!! Well, that just becomes more of a game, she keeps trying to crawl away (and of course laughing the entire time, just making my blood boil) and I grab her jacket, slide her back...again and again. Finally, I kneel on the ground pinning Morgan between my legs (great thigh workout) all the while trying to get Haley's clothes on. Morgan starts screaming, "OUCH!! OUCH!! MOMMY OUCH!!!". This is when I look up to see two kids standing there staring at me with their mouths hanging open...I'm sure they were thinking, "I'm sure glad SHE'S not my mom!". Well, I finished as fast as I could and got out of there. But of course the temper tantrum of Morgans continues all the way to car where I have wrestle her into her car seat. Awful!

And then on the way home (in the snow), Haley's says, "Mom, California is a lot better then this place...they have a beach!". And then as we pull up to our house she continues, first with a BIG sigh, "Our house is soooo small, Mom."

Thanks Haley.

Kids are so fun!

Monday, February 9, 2009


What a great weekend!!

After some cross country on Saturday we did some downhill on Sunday at Sundance. Just me and guys! This was the first time that I've been skiing with all my brothers at once since we were kids...good times! Unfortunately it snowed on us the entire time we were different from our big ski day last year. So we're used to now. Maybe one day I'll be able to ski at Sundance when the sun is out! But anyway, the snow can't stop us!! We had a blast!

It's so funny to see everyone's ski styles. Jeff has the most spectacular crashes...he's the biggest risk taker and just barrels down the mountain and whatever happens happens! Andrew looks the best in the fashion sense...he has nicest equipment. He also has really quick turns, stays in a tucked position the entire time. Matt probably has the best technique...he looks very smooth when he skis. Ryan got the award for the most crashes (although not as spectacular as Jeff's). He's very tentative, especially in the moguls. I'm not sure where I fall in...I was definitely more cautious this time around but did pretty much everything they all did, just not as fast.

Andrew, Jeff, and Ryan.

Me with the guys! Andrew, Matt, Me, Ryan and Jeff.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Alpine Loop

Andrew and I went up to Alpine Loop for some cross country skiing today. Surprisingly it was really peaceful! We made it to the turn off for Cascade Springs, and then it was snowing pretty hard by then and decided to turn around there. All I needed was the downhill to help me realize how bad I really am at cross country skiing!! I'm completely out of control! But, I loved it! Now tomorrow...downhill!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Doom and Gloom

It seems that when one things gets stressful, more problems arise! This week has been a roller coaster of emotions.

Ryan's work had more layoffs this week...very scary to say the least. I don't know what a wife can say and what she can't, but I will say that a life where you may or may not know if you have a job tomorrow is no way to live!! With the economy in the crapper, this is NOT a good time to be without work. I feel very fortunate that Ryan still has his job, and that we are not in a desperate situation. But will it last...I sure hope so! It really breaks my heart to the amount of families that have to scramble to find something now. What would WE do if that happened?! I have no doubt that we would figure something out...but it makes me nauseated just to think about it!

When Ryan told me over the phone what had happened, you can imagine how nerve racking that kind of news is! So when I was driving home, of course I was pretty worked up, and stressed. But as I was sitting there deep in thought about our situation, the girls were singing together in the back seat. And it just made me think how innocent and oblivious they are about what's actually is going on! My mom would tell me of times when I was growing up our family would be on a road trip, and something happened to the car and they were so scared that the car wouldn't get us home. And if I think back to that same road trip, all I remember is the fun we had...completely oblivious to the stresses my parents carried on that trip. I envy that carefree attitude children automatically have. And as my mom's our job to make sure they never carry any burden that we may have!

Also, I just found out that Etta (my little Brittany) has a serious knee cap problem. Basically the structure around her knee cap will never be fully developed and the cap occasionally rolls to the side making her have to lift her hind leg when she walks. Eventually it slides back and then she can walk again until it rolls off again. It will soon turn to arthritis unless corrected with surgery. And surgery, which would run about $3,000 is not an option for us. So, all my hopes to train her for field trials is not really something she'll be suited for. Also, because it may be hereditary, I can no longer breed her. I thought I had bought her from a decent breeder. They had registered with the AKC and could trace her bloodlines...but I guess you never know. So, I'm pretty much heartbroken about the whole thing.

My attitude pretty much matches the weather today...gloomy.

Hopefully this weekend should perk things up. My brother, Andrew, has been visiting with us this week. He's been doing quite a bit skiing already with my other brothers. But, this weekend I get to go!! We're going cross country skiing tomorrow and some downhill on Sunday. I need a weekend like this...I can't wait!

Monday, February 2, 2009

St. George Weekend

I will get this post out today!!!

It seems every time I sit down to try to get this post done, something comes up and I don't get to finish.

Anyway, last weekend the family went to St. George for Ryan's team training camp. And...oh, poor me had to be dragged along to sunny St. George, where the temps were in the 60's and not a cloud to be seen. I know...what a drag huh?! Just kidding of course!!! LOVED IT!

I'm super excited about Ryan starting this team...I think that it's perfect for him! And the guys he picked are great! I must say...they are an easy going group, they had to put up with quite a bit from my girls...and it didn't phase them a bit! We all shared the same condo, two guys had to sleep in the living room. One woke up to Morgan's icy hands grabbing his bare feet. And another woke up to her practically nose to nose with him...I think she might have been saying "Wake up sleepy head!" (her new favorite line), but I may have just imagined that. What a way to wake up! So, they were troopers with the sleeping arrangements. The girls also had to give them hugs before they went to bed...too cute! When they were out on their rides the girls kept asking, "Where are the guys?!". So I guess they made a big impression on them!

First team photo: Ben, Chase, Sleevie, Ryan, Dustin, and Eric.

On Saturday, Ryan and the team went on the epic St. George to Mesquite ride (and back to St. George) so the girls and I spent the day in Snow Canyon (one of my favorite places!). It was beautiful!! We spent a couple of hours at the sand dunes, had a picnic, then spent the rest of the time hiking...or as Haley says "It's not a hike's a pony hunt!!". She was very determined to find a unicorn while we were there!

Haley in the dunes...ahhh, so warm!

Morgan with her pony...those girls do not leave the house without their ponies!

Haley making sand angels. Let me just say...there was about an inch of sand in the tub that night!

I was trying to document that I was indeed there on the trip! It didn't come out very well.

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