Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year!

Just like Haley, Piper loves to be outside! It doesn't matter what the weather is doing: hot, cold, rain, wind, snow...whatever! Just as long as she's in it, she's happy!

We got some more snow yesterday! I know, who knew I would be happy about snow this time of year?! But I am!

We had family movie night last week...Over the Hedge was what the girls picked out from the library. Luckily, the girls LOVED it. You just never know with my kids, they can be very sensitive, and a bad movie can make bedtime a real challenge.

It all started with the movie Spirit years ago. I thought it was a harmless movie about a horse. Wrong. I guess the horse gets taken away, or maybe it died...I don't even remember. But, it took weeks, maybe even months for Haley to get over it.

Open Season was another animated movie that Haley got really shook up over. She was so sad that the ranger in the movie had to send her beloved bear back into the woods.

ET...we all know what happened with that one. After only about 30 minutes into the movie we had to turn it off...Morgan has vowed that she will NEVER watch that movie again. She had nightmares for weeks.

Air Bud. Haley was absolutely devastated that the little boy in the movie wanted the dog to leave him. The dog wanted love and the boy was mad (I forget why) and started yelling at the dog to go. Haley cried for hours, "Why is he being so mean to the dog?!". She never watched that one again.

The Great Mouse Detective. As soon the little evil bat appeared in the beginning of the movie Haley disappeared from the room...scared. Although, I can't say that I blame her on that one. I'm not a fan of those old dark Disney movies either. The Rescuers Down Under...boy, I hated that one! The Hobbit (not Disney), but I hated that one too! That Gollum character scared the crap out of me! Hmmm...maybe I see where Haley gets it from.

Anyway, lucky I didn't purchase any of those movies that Haley or Morgan hates. I leave it to the library to let us know if it's a winner. Over the Hedge...definitely a winner! They've seen about a gazillion times since Saturday.

Happy Leap Year y'all!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Birthday Weekend Review

My birthday weekend started off with some cake that came in the mail on Friday. Let me explain....when I was away in college my mom would send me a cake for my birthday. This company that she ordered it from would make the cake, and package it all up complete with big cake topper, candle and matches...everything you need to celebrate!

It was actually a bit nostalgic opening the box...I hadn't seen one of these cakes since college! I remembered Ryan and I sitting in my dorm room all those years ago with one of those cakes. He sang, I blew out the candle. Now, fast forward 10+ years and I'm celebrating with Ryan again...same cake, but this time with our four children around us! Crazy.

Saturday morning I hit up the Nordic Center for some more skiing. Just was wonderful!
Although, the conditions weren't all that great...pretty icy. And I've realized I feel much more confident with an instructor at my side. There wasn't a clinic this time so I was on my own...trying to practice what I learned the last time. I'm sure I looked pretty silly trying to skate ski up very steep hills...I was basically doing the "granny" walk up most of them. But, it felt good to get out and have some time to myself.

Sunday was my Birthday...I got to start it with a box of donuts and a cup (or maybe cups) of coffee. Perfect.

That evening we spent it at our friends house watching the Academy Awards. She made the most delicious dessert! They even sang to me! It was lovely!

In other news...Rory has decided that sleeping through the night is over rated and that 3 am is a good time for a meal. I however disagree.

She also discovered she has limbs! And sometimes if she's lucky she can get that hand in her mouth!

Also, last week she giggled for the first time! Music to my ears!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Traditional VD Dinner

Last week we spent Valentine's Day evening at Long Beach airport awaiting our flight home.

I've made our traditional Valentine's meal of steak and potatoes for several years now...and I wasn't about to let it go this year! So, on Presidents Day (a week late) we finally celebrated! The girls "helped" me grocery shop that morning and they were thrilled to have flowers decorate our table!

And for dessert? My traditional molten lava cakes!

Now, here's to a less stressful week! And perhaps I'll catch up on laundry if I'm lucky!

Monday, February 20, 2012

How we're doing...

Well, I'm desperately trying to play catch-up with all the household chores since returning from CA. Getting nowhere it seems.
Saturday night we went to a dinner at our church. Oh, how I love a break from cooking!! A free meal and good company...can't go wrong. They even had a little program where the young men and women performed in a talent show of sorts. Mainly, they did little comical skits poking fun at some of the leaders. And then a kid did a weak rendition of a Justin Beiber song. I think I was most impressed with the kid who played the music for the Justin Beiber song using just the piano! But the kid singing could not stop laughing...major case stage giggles. I think Haley was disappointed...she could have done better singing it!

And speaking of Haley. There was some down time between skits and so some kids volunteered to say some jokes to the crowd...and of course Haley jumped on that! Now, let me just say that this girl knows several good jokes! Honestly, she does.

This is what she shares:
"What did the bigger hen say to the little hen?...........Ketchup!"

I think she got a little mixed up with the famous tomato joke in Pulp Fiction (no, she has not seen that movie! What kind of mother do you think I am?!) and some other chicken joke. But the crowd did not hesitate, and laughed up a storm! She was thrilled!

Sunday morning we woke up to a Winter Wonderland! Finally, some snow! The girls were out there right after breakfast!

We went to church later in the day. Morgan got an assignment earlier in the week...she had to share an experience when she remembered to "Choose the Right" to her Primary class. I figured she was supposed share a little experience during the beginning and perhaps several kids were going to get up to share something as well.

So Ryan and I are sitting in the back of Primary waiting for Morgan's turn. Then, not seeing any other children sitting with her at the front by the podium I realize...she has the main talk or "lesson" of Primary! Now, primary talks are extremely simple, they don't expect anything too long or drawn out. I'm thinking a child's talk should be around five minutes long. I blew it! I did not prepare her!! And of course this is our Ward Conference all the big time leaders are sitting in the back as well watching.

So Morgan, all smiles gets up for her "talk" on "Choose the Right". This is what she says:

"This one day me and Haley got into a fight. I really wanted to kick her. But I didn't."


From the back of the room I frantically mouth, "What did you do?!".

"I didn't kick her."

The end.

I hope everyone knew I had a very difficult week...cut me some slack please!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Back in Utah

We made it back to's good to be home.

Yesterday I was able to spend a few hours with my family before catching our flight. After the graveside service Ryan picked me up and I was able to join everyone (brothers, uncle, grandparents, parents...we had quite a group) to go out to lunch. I was exhausted, dressed in sweats, and I hadn't showered in three days...but I was there! I was so glad to be with my family on such an important day.

And then after a delayed flight we made it home at about 2 in the morning. It was an exhausting trip to say the least. Ryan had to hop back on a plane this morning CO bound for work...ouch.

A few pictures of Rory's drama.

In the ER getting some oxygen.

She had to be transferred in an ambulance to another hospital...we couldn't drive her.

I'm scared to see the bill on that one.

Our home for a couple of nights...I told you it was small!
I will not miss that chair!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I'm sitting in a hospital room with my little Rory by my CA. She was admitted because her cold has turned into RSV. This closet of a space they have put us in has been my home for since Sunday. Seriously, I really haven't moved from this chair. Lots of sick kids on this floor...and as you know I'm pretty paranoid about here I stay. We have a roomie, a little boy also with there is no shortage of hacking in this room.

I'm depressed about my situation and starting to feel sorry for myself. The sole purpose for this trip to CA was to attend my grandfather's funeral...and I missed it. I spent more than half this trip in a hospital. I'm so sad to have missed the services, missed being with my family. I feel absolutely no closure in the death of my grandfather...something I was hoping to gain by being here.

But I do realize it was the right thing to do, to bring Rory in. She was pretty bad off on Sunday. She was having a lot of trouble breathing: chest retractions, nose flaring, and grunting and wheezing with every breath. I had no choice. But to be honest, I had no idea it would turn out to be a hospital stay.

She's doing so much better today and we have been given the okay to leave. One problem entire family is in Riverside (at least an hour away) right now for the graveside service. I so wish I could be there.

Well, at least I know I'll make our flight tonight. I really want to be home.

Life can really throw you some challenges. But I'm ready for a break from them.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Leaving on a jet plane...

We're jumping on a plane tonight, CA bound for my grandfather's funeral next week. I'm very grateful for my grandma who has helped us with the tickets. Otherwise we'd be driving...and that would be a lot of driving for just a short trip.

We haven't all been on a plane before. The last time I flew, I was alone,Haley was 2 and Morgan was an infant. So, this trip will be interesting now with four children.

Dear fellow passengers,

Please go easy on us. We will be doing our very best to keep our children in line! I promise!
A friendly smile goes a long way...really, it does.

Thank you, Me

So, needless to say I have a lot to do in preparation for the trip. I have to change my packing strategies and simplify everything. I can't rely on the "Just throw it in the car." mindset.

In other news, today is Cowboy Day at school. Hmmm, I wonder what Morgan will be wearing?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trying to move forward.

Since hearing the news of my grandfather I've been trying to process it all. All I want to do is...well, nothing at all really...but, life continues to go on. Kids need to be fed, dressed, and bathed. Homework, laundry and errands still need to get done. And as of lately, sick kids need to be cuddled.

A Valentine craft the kids did over the weekend.

It happens to make a nice mobile for Rory.

Saturday morning I had the opportunity to attend a ladies only skate ski clinic at the Nordic Center. Actually, they had both skate and classic...I chose skate. I loved it! I'm going to go to their next clinic in March and maybe even squeeze in an outing myself. Unlike downhill (where it becomes an all day outing), cross country fits fairly well in my small windows of time that I can be away from Rory.

I need a haircut.

I have been obsessed with paint colors.

Hopefully I'll make my decisions soon.

Morgan has become obsessed with being a cowgirl. She wore this outfit all day on Sunday, and then again on Monday at school...hat and all! She is now requesting a pair of cowboy boots. By the way, I prejudged that dress and deemed it too ugly for the girls to wear in public (it was an old hand-me-down) and I threw it in the dress-up bin. But, now seeing it on's actually pretty darn cute!
We have an awful cold going through the house. First me, then Morgan, then Ryan and now Piper has it. Piper's cough seems to be the worst and she's getting very little sleep (which means neither are Ryan and I) because of it, so she is absolutely miserable! She was even checked for pneumonia yesterday...luckily, the results came back negative. So, no meds are given since it's a virus...we just have to tough it out!

So far Haley and Rory have been able to avoid this dreaded cold! Knock on wood!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


My grandfather passed away last night. He was diagnosed with cancer in December so we were preparing ourselves for this, but we had no idea it was all going to happen so fast. The cancer spread so quickly.

At Christmas we were able to see him when we were out in CA visiting. When I was hugging him goodbye he told me he would be coming out to Utah to visit this Summer...but deep down we both knew that moment was going to be our final goodbye.

I can't believe how one moment someone can be so healthy and then the next their health can deteriorate so quickly. He was always so active, always building something in his workshop, always staying busy.

He was a man that never used the phrase, "I love you.". However, I never doubted his love for us...he showed it in other ways. But, five days before he passed away I did get to talk to him briefly on the phone...I told him I loved him and for the first time ever he told me he loved me too and that he loved my family. I will always remember that meant an awful lot to me.

A portrait my brother, Andrew, drew of him.

Last Summer, building the playhouse with my dad and Ryan.

I've never experienced the loss of one my grandparents. I've been so fortunate that all four of them have always been an important part of my life. So this process of losing my grandfather has been very difficult for me.

We'll miss you, Grandpa.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The week so far.

My little Rory is now two months old! At her check-up she weighed in at 10 lbs, and is 22.5 inches long. Everything looked great! She sleeps nearly 12 hours straight at night and I was worried that she's not getting enough to eat. But the doctor assured me that her growth is great so just let her sleep! No problem there! I guess she makes up for it when she eats every two hours in the day!

Look at those blue eyes!

In other news, Morgan has been sick this week. It seems she has picked up that nasty cold I had a couple of weeks ago. But unfortunately, she's got it a little worse...she's had a fever and a yucky tummy to go with it. So maybe it's not what I had...but whatever it is I hate to see my kids sick.

Cuddling on her bean bag this morning.

When Piper sees Morgan all cuddled up, she wants in on it too!

I've been working on my chairs...I have one more to go! I think the next project will be painting the family room.

We got a little snow last night, just a dusting really, but it's something right?

We finished watching the first season of Spartacus last night. Wow, that's a good series! I'm hooked! There is definitely no shortage of blood and gore, and the sex scenes will make one blush, but the story line...oh, the many twists and turns!

So there you have it. The week so far.
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