Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When it pours.

Seriously...I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry. Well, I've already cried, so I might as well laugh now. But life just seems to be HARD this year...lots and lots of stress...lots and lots of worry. From Ryan's job change, to finding out I was pregnant, which was a big surprise, (remember that post on spontaneity...yeah, I guess we had a little too much spontaneity around here...hence, the pregnancy), then came 7 weeks of bed rest, health insurance woes (still dealing with that one), dogs escaping, strep throat, ear infections, and then the stomach flu...which now brings us to this week.

On Monday the dogs got out yet again. Ryan spent a good three hours trying to find them with no luck. We went to bed without knowing if our dogs were was awful. The next morning we found out they were at the local shelter. They had both been hit by a dump truck the evening before. Belle was doing okay, but Etta wasn't looking good. They suspected some internal damage and suggested taking her to a ER place that would cost us around $400...that wasn't happening. So, they gave her some good drugs and told us to keep an eye on her and make sure she rests.

We were on pins and needles all that night. Ryan even slept downstairs to keep an eye on her. Belle stayed outside...I know, not fair...but they needed to be separated. Well, I'm happy to report that she has perked up quite a bit since yesterday. Tired, but very alert at her surroundings. And she has even trotted around the yard a bit. Belle woke up with a major limp...she is really favoring her front leg. So currently, both dogs are quite gimpy...not sure if they're out of the woods yet. Etta especially...I'm worried about her.

They are incredibly mangy...just covered it dirt and oil. We can't give them a bath until they recover a bit.

When the girls got up this morning they were so happy to see Etta...gave her lots of love. My first thought is to give these dogs to a home that can handle them...obviously, we're having trouble. But then, I look at these pictures. How could I ever do that to these girls who absolutely adore them? It would break their heart. I think we need to invest in an electric fence.

So our house has now become a sick bay for dogs as we keep a very close eye on them. Then, if things couldn't get any worse, Morgan biffed it on her scooter this morning. She got a pretty good knock to the head. About an hour or so after she fell she started to get extremely sleepy and even started to fall asleep...which worried me. Then she got nauseated and thought she may throw-up. When that started to happen I was at the doctor's office within 20 minutes. Well, about two hours and three stitches later we were home. Because her symptoms dramatically improved while there the doctor did not think it was necessary for a CT scan. And she was so brave getting her stitches...not even a whimper. She kept saying, "Well, mom...I didn't cry, because it didn't hurt!!". Well...she was way braver than me! I was sweating buckets while we waited for the stitches...I was so nervous for her!

I think helmets are in order with those scooters now.

So, yeah...there's never a dull moment around here. But honestly, dull is sounding pretty good right about now.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cascade Springs

Cascade Springs outing: success! Photos: failure.

What is up with our children and taking pictures?!! It's pretty simple right? "Look at the!!", and usually kids will follow through...NOT MINE!

Let's take a look at the photos we took today.

First up...a family photo taken by a stranger.

This person did a horrible job at centering us...perhaps they wanted to capture some of the background...who knows. Ryan and I look pretty decent. But then there's Haley and Morgan...they look like they're being tortured! Can they look any more miserable? And then there's poor Piper...she looks like the forgotten child off to the side, while the four of us are all cuddled up...poor little thing.

Photo: Fail

All the girls on the bridge picture.

This is Ryan while he's taking the picture, "Haley, look at the camera! Haley, look at the camera! Haley, LOOK AT THE CAMERA!!". And this is what we get. Oh, and Piper again...the forgotten child.

Photo: Fail

Second attempt.

"Haley, look at the camera! Haley, look at the camera! HALEY, LOOK AT THE CAMERA!".Okay, you get the idea.

And....still not looking.

And what's up with Morgan expression in this photo...I can't help but laugh every time!

And does Piper look constipated to you?

Photo: Fail

Photo number four.

I promise this is not a swamp behind's actually a very beautiful part of the springs. But you wouldn't know looks very swampy from the picture.

Again, the girls look miserable! Honest, they had tons of fun...all smiles until you tell them to pose...and this is what we get.

Photo: Fail

Second attempt...and our last picture before we threw in the towel.

Haley got the smiling part down, but she sill won't look at the camera!!

And then Morgan..oh, Morgan.

Photo: Fail.

So, you wouldn't tell by these photos, but we had a really nice afternoon today. It was an absolutely beautiful drive up the canyon. And the weather was perfect! Drive with your windows down perfect. Couldn't have been better. Now if we can just get decent photos!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Who needs a pool...

...when you have a perfectly good irrigation ditch to play in?

( I was totally making a cross-eyed goofy face to get them to smile like that.)

This ditch runs the length of our side yard, and the kids love to play in it. Can you see you Haley playing in there through our over grown jungle yard? When the water is running we keep a close eye on them. It's never gotten too deep and it doesn't move too fast. And then of course when the water stops they play in the left over puddles...aka: mud.
Exploring. I think they found a spider or something.

In other news...we had movie night with the girls last night. I read the book The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe recently to them...they really enjoyed it. Me...not so much. I'm not big on a fantasy for one, and also I really don't like they way C.S. Lewis writes...too many run-on sentences. But yeah, the movie was really well done. And they followed the book VERY well...that is very important to me! So yeah, I made pizza and we all ate in the living room...Piper too. Then topped it off with ice cream. Good times. The girls have been playing Narnia ever since.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back to normal...well, as normal as we can get.

So far I've managed to avoid the stomach flu that EVERYONE else is this house caught...go me! Lets hope it lasts! Everyone is now healthy and good to go...I'm glad. I don't want to see any barf for a long, long time!

Now...time to put my happy face on and start enjoying Summer.

This will be hanging up somewhere in our house...just not sure where yet.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Illness is taking out my family!

This mysterious stomach bug took out Piper, Morgan and Ryan...Haley is now down for the count. I'm so bummed, I thought her and I had the superior immune systems and were going to persevere over this blasted illness. One week this illness has now taken from week of not leaving this house...except for the market for my oatmeal cream pies of course. And even then Morgan had to make a run for the bathroom. Which by the way took me forever to find! I asked the lady behind the bakery counter and she spoke NOT A WORD of English. Wait, I lied...she knew the word "cookie", which is what she thought we wanted (that may have been the case in any other given visit though). Luckily, we found it...without her help.

So yeah,'s depressing me. I'm tired of taking care of sickies!! I want everyone to be healthy!! I want to enjoy Summer!!

The other day when Morgan was laying in agony, saying her belly hurt so so so so bad...I asked her to point to where it hurt. She did. Then I said "What does it feel like?". In a very sad, and weak voice she says, "If feels like...........I'm........dying." Talk about rip your heart out! I was expecting an answer like a sharp pain or a nauseating pain or a poop pain...something along those lines. Well, she wasn't dying luckily...she's her almost happy little self again.

So it's down to me. Will I persevere?! Will I beat this?!!

Goodness, I hope so!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Piper showing off some skills!

Piper showing off her balancing skills.

She'll take a few steps here and there, but not yet walking...I'm in no hurry.

Ryan comes home this afternoon from being in Chicago for a couple days. I better get to seems when he's gone nothing gets done. We have crappy dinners...although the girls cannot be more excited to eat macaroni and cheese and frozen pizzas, and of course I enjoy the break from cooking. Oh, and Little Debbies. Yes, I took the girls...walked to the store for the sole purpose of buying Little Debbies Oatmeal Cream trashy guilty pleasure.

A couple of days ago I went to the store to grab a few things before Ryan left. I ran into one of my neighbors...not uncommon since it's out little market down the street. This is what was in my cart when she saw me: four cans of chicken noodle soup, box of Popsicles, otter pops, a soda, bag of donuts from the bakery, and two boxes of macaroni and cheese. I was little embarrassed when I saw her eyes scan my things. She probably thinks I can't cook, and that's what my family eats every night. In comparison, she had one avocado, french bread, and something green in a bag (broccoli maybe?). So yeah, I don't shop like every day, honest...I almost told her that....I didn't.

Okay, time to get to work.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stylish Blogger

I'm not sure I agree with the award (I've never been referred to as "stylish") but I'll take it none the less! My friend over at So Buttons passed the Stylish Blogger Award to me, and I graciously accept it, thank you!

*bow, bow...blowing kisses*

I was a little nervous because of the lack of posts I was seeing over at So Buttons...nervous that she may be throwing in the towel with blogging. (Is it just me, or are a lot of people quiting blogging?) But she's back! I so enjoy reading was she has to say. She also has three little girls and it seems I can always relate to her. When we get together we can always chat forever! She's a beautiful writer (I love her poems), a musician, an athlete, crafty, and a wonderful mother...she's always saying the most perfect things to her daughters. I wish I had that know, when they have a difficult question or problem you have the most perfect response or explanation said in a way they understand or they feel better instantly! Yeah, she can do that. I always think of the perfect response a week later, and then they're like, "Mom, what are you taking about?", and they have no memory of that incident. Well, I admire Megan a lot and I miss being her neighbor!

Okay, so along with the award comes a few responsibilities:

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.

2. Share seven random facts about yourself.

3. Pass the award along to five blogging buddies.

4. Contact those buddies to congratulate them.

Seven things about me...hmmm, this may be difficult...I mean, what have I not shared about me on this blog. I'll do my best.

1. As a child I think I was traumatized by the game Dodge Ball. (I mean really, what a horrid game! Let's get a bunch of kids together and let them wail balls at each other as hard as they can!) And of course just when you think you're so awesome dodging all these balls...WHAM, you get nailed...most likely on the head. That was me. So, ever since I've been very scared of things flying around my head. When I was a teacher on recess duty, I swore a ball was going to hit me and would be left for dead.

2. I hate crowds. I feel small and trapped.

3. I was very rebellious as a teenager. But I'm a terrible liar, so I got away with very little.

4. My favorite cookie is a Snickerdoodle...but only if baked correctly! Slightly crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside. I'm so picky about it I rarely choose a snickerdoodle when given an option from an unknown source (I'll go with something safer like chocolate chip) because a bad snickerdoodle just isn't worth the calories.

5. I was fascinated with the name Cindy when I was little. I thought it sounded so beautiful, and I wanted to change my name to it when I got older. (I don't think that anymore...all I think about when I hear the name Cindy is Cindy Brady from the Brady Bunch)

6. I can't do a cartwheel. I was so bummed about this growing up, seeing all the other girls doing cartwheel after cartwheel in the grass and when I tried to bust one out I looked absolutely pathetic. It still bums me out that Ryan can even do one and I still can't.

7. My fingers are double jointed...they can bend further backward at the middle joint. And my thumb can bend further backward too...what do they call that? Hitch hiker's thumb? I really hate that fact about me. My hands are my least favorite feature of my body. I wish I had long elegant fingers. When I look at my hands I think of work hands...back in the day, I would of have been the one who could work the fields really well...not the one playing the piano.

And there you have it! I hope I didn't do any repeats of things I've already shared.

Sooooo, now to pass this along. Hmmm, I don't even really read that many blogs of people that may be interested in doing this. But, if I nominate you at least share 7 random things about yourself...if nothing else. I love reading random things about people...there's always something that surprises me about them!

We'll see if anyone participates!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Etta and Belle

These dogs are going to be the death of me! That's right...death by crazy dog! And no, I don't mean that they're mean or anything and may attack, no, no, they are completely harmless. But they cause me so much stress and worry!

Yesterday afternoon they got out of the yard...yes, again. I tell ya, they know the minute a gate is left open anywhere in the yard. They had about a 30 second head start when we realized they bolted. Ryan was on his bike less than a minute later to catch use. They were gone. After four hours had gone by and they still didn't come back, that's when we really started to worry!

Haley went to bed crying for her pups. Heck, I went to bed crying for my pups!!

As spastic as these dogs are, and all the hell they cause me...I still love them. And they are our responsibility! So, we all went to bed sad...and worried.

But a small miracle happened! This morning at about 8:30 a woman called saying she had them, and they were safe!! She saw them last night running amuck in a construction site across the street from her house...which was a few miles away from us AND on a major busy street!! She kept them in her yard over night...she said she fed them water and cheese and the were happy as can be! She called the rabies number on their collar and wallah, she found me! What a wonderful lady!

So, how those dogs manage to survive on those busy roads, I just have no idea! They are like cats, nine lives I guess! And I'm so lucky they stay together when they makes things a little easier for us to catch them!

In other news, my little Morgie is now sick. She had the barfolas last night and now she's nursing a fever. She's been sacked out on the couch all day. Poor little thing.

Dang you sickness!! You're ruining Summer!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Enjoying the Summer weather...finally!

The weather this past week has been amazing! Sunshine and more sunshine! I've been doing more: walking to get Haley from school, working in the garden (there's still lots of weeds I need to tackle's a slow process), and more housework and such around the house. It's nice. I also love having all my windows open and letting the fresh air in!

I decided to take pictures of a few irises growing in our yard, I think they are so beautiful!

So, whenever I pull out the camera to take Piper's picture she immediately charges me. And then I never get the shot of her doing what ever it was that made me pull out the camera in the first place.

Here she is starting to charge me.

Getting closer...

Ready for her close-up.

The girls were singing out in the front yard the other day. Super cute.

Never mind though the fact that they were singing that Lady Antebellum song...

"It's a quarter after one, I'm a little drunk and I need you now.

Said I wouldn't call but I've lost all control and I need you now.

And I don't know how I can do without

I just need you now."

Anyway, you get the idea. Dang that song is catchy...who can blame them. Luckily, I don't think they know what "drunk" means...that's how I justify letting them sing it at the top on their lungs in our front yard.

Ryan has been hard at work for the past two days repairing all the broken sprinkler pipes. Never fails, every year it seems there are broken pipes, no matter how well we Winterize this yard!

Oh, and Piper got sick the other night. She started crying after we laid her down, so I went to her room to comfort her. I took her out of her crib to pat her back and then...bleh! Yeah, throw up all over me...lovely. She had a few more episodes and then that was it. Although, there is still a small faint smell of barf in her room. I scrubbed and scrubbed that carpet, with hot soapy water, and then with carpet cleanser...over and over. And then I've been spraying Febreeze all over constantly...but it still smells!! I'll keep on it...I'll get it eventually. Of course I've disinfected EVERYTHING! Must keep everyone else healthy!

And of course the insurance thing is still a nightmare...but I think we'll have it all under control by July...hopefully.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stay on the Sunny Side

Holy crap...everything has gone to hell.

That's usually how it works...just when everything is starting to work out it starts to spiral out of control. At least that's how it feels.

Okay, let me explain. Remember a couple of months ago when I was scrambling trying to figure out our health insurance...well, we decided to go with COBRA...the price they quoted us was really good. Besides, no other insurance wanted me because I was knocked up. And no insurance would take Ryan because he's married to someone who is knocked up. So yeah, COBRA it was. Happy. Now, after two months of paying our COBRA bill and going about our merry way, COBRA contacts us. Apparently, there was a little mix-up and we were paying for a single person instead of a family of five. Yeah, big mix fact it was a $600 a month more than what we were paying mix up!! Needless to say, I went slightly nutso on the phone with the COBRA lady...there may or may not have been tears and I may or may not have said multiple times, "But I'm PREGNANT!". Maybe I thought she would all of sudden have sympathy on me if I told her that, and give me some smokin' didn't work. However, I must have made some impression (most likely a bad one) because later when Ryan called the COBRA people explaining the situation, the lady immediately says, "Oh, yes...I believe your wife spoke to Laurie." Thank you Laurie for opening your big mouth and sharing to everyone that you just spoke to some crazy, pregnant, crying lady on the phone.

So, that's where we are. We have a few options in the works since then, but basically I hate dealing with health insurance!!

This year has definitely been a tough one. It seems there has been one problem after another. I won't lie, it's been hard.

So, yeah...I'm trying to stay on the sunny side. Think about all my blessings and try not to dwell on the crap.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Time to play catch-up.

First off, I'm off bed rest!! Yippee! However, I haven't done a whole lot of anything yet, just a little more walking around the house. Ryan's birthday was Friday so I did make a cake that morning and fried up some tacos that evening. So, the very little I did in the kitchen, combined with showering and actually looking presentable for the day absolutely exhausted me! I guess sitting on my butt for six weeks will do that to you! Who knew? So, thank goodness for Ryan's mom who did everything else, and has been for the past two weeks!

We've had a really nice weekend with the weather, it's beautiful! Yesterday I walked around the yard admiring how many irises we have!! They are everywhere! And in so many colors! Blues, purples, lavenders, yellow and white...I love it! We also have quite the overgrowth of weeds and grass in the flower beds as well, but hopefully we'll get on top of that eventually. Our garden is looking good. My lettuce and spinach came in fast and furious. My peas, however, did not. I think a little critter nibbled them down. The broccoli and onions are coming along. And last weekend my mother-in-law planted the tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, corn, and some cilantro and basil. I'm very thankful for her help!! I just love my garden!

Today, my in-laws, Ryan and the girls all went to the zoo. And since I'm still supposed to take it easy, it wasnt a good idea to walk so much so soon. So here I am...home. I'm bummed I'm missing out. But this will probably be the last day of it...of not participating that is. Tomorrow, my in-laws leave. This will be the first time I've been without help for over six weeks...and to be honest, I'm a little nervous about it. It's been so long...and I can't even began to explain how hard it is to come back after six weeks of "hibernation"...I get so exhausted, so easily. Pretty sad really. So hopefully I can keep up with these kids and still try to take it slow. But I do look forward to getting back into a routine and taking care of my family.

Piper hasn't started walking yet, however, she did take four whole steps toward Ryan the other day! And boy is she a ham! She loves to stand in the middle of room showing off her balance skills, just grinning from ear to ear. She digs the attention. She has become quite the daddy's girl during my time off my feet. When he walks into the room she speed crawls to him sometimes saying "dada dada dada" the whole way to him. And cries when he leaves. She also loves to hand people things and I kid you not, every time she hands you something it sounds like she says "Here you go." Honestly! She is such a happy baby! When I was pregnant with Piper and friend of mine told me, "Just wait and see, your third baby will be your angel baby." And she was right! Piper is a wonderful sleeper, good eater, and just smiling all the time.

Okay, can you tell I'm home alone...I'm just rambling away.

I think that pretty much catches you up on everything.
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