Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When it pours.

Seriously...I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry. Well, I've already cried, so I might as well laugh now. But life just seems to be HARD this year...lots and lots of stress...lots and lots of worry. From Ryan's job change, to finding out I was pregnant, which was a big surprise, (remember that post on spontaneity...yeah, I guess we had a little too much spontaneity around here...hence, the pregnancy), then came 7 weeks of bed rest, health insurance woes (still dealing with that one), dogs escaping, strep throat, ear infections, and then the stomach flu...which now brings us to this week.

On Monday the dogs got out yet again. Ryan spent a good three hours trying to find them with no luck. We went to bed without knowing if our dogs were was awful. The next morning we found out they were at the local shelter. They had both been hit by a dump truck the evening before. Belle was doing okay, but Etta wasn't looking good. They suspected some internal damage and suggested taking her to a ER place that would cost us around $400...that wasn't happening. So, they gave her some good drugs and told us to keep an eye on her and make sure she rests.

We were on pins and needles all that night. Ryan even slept downstairs to keep an eye on her. Belle stayed outside...I know, not fair...but they needed to be separated. Well, I'm happy to report that she has perked up quite a bit since yesterday. Tired, but very alert at her surroundings. And she has even trotted around the yard a bit. Belle woke up with a major limp...she is really favoring her front leg. So currently, both dogs are quite gimpy...not sure if they're out of the woods yet. Etta especially...I'm worried about her.

They are incredibly mangy...just covered it dirt and oil. We can't give them a bath until they recover a bit.

When the girls got up this morning they were so happy to see Etta...gave her lots of love. My first thought is to give these dogs to a home that can handle them...obviously, we're having trouble. But then, I look at these pictures. How could I ever do that to these girls who absolutely adore them? It would break their heart. I think we need to invest in an electric fence.

So our house has now become a sick bay for dogs as we keep a very close eye on them. Then, if things couldn't get any worse, Morgan biffed it on her scooter this morning. She got a pretty good knock to the head. About an hour or so after she fell she started to get extremely sleepy and even started to fall asleep...which worried me. Then she got nauseated and thought she may throw-up. When that started to happen I was at the doctor's office within 20 minutes. Well, about two hours and three stitches later we were home. Because her symptoms dramatically improved while there the doctor did not think it was necessary for a CT scan. And she was so brave getting her stitches...not even a whimper. She kept saying, "Well, mom...I didn't cry, because it didn't hurt!!". Well...she was way braver than me! I was sweating buckets while we waited for the stitches...I was so nervous for her!

I think helmets are in order with those scooters now.

So, yeah...there's never a dull moment around here. But honestly, dull is sounding pretty good right about now.


Summer also knows as the krazy cake lady said...

Hang in there. there is always sunshine at the end of a storm (storms.) I feel the same way this year has been wildly crazy but I just keep remembering all the blessings I do have and how lucky we are. You can do it :)

Autumn said...

Yikes! I'm so sorry! Your poor little dogs. I hope they recover soon and I'm glad Morgan will be ok. You'rea strong Mama!

Lexi said...

Ah man! I am feelin' for you.

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