Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Yesterday was a super blustery day!  Not cold at all, just really windy...which means one thing...a storm is coming!  And coming it did, as we woke up to rain today and snow in the mountains!

Piper and Rory playing in the leaves.
Ryan left for CO early this morning (he'll be back in time for Halloween) so last night we knocked out our pumpkin carving.  It was good, messy, fun!

Now, I think we're all ready for Halloween!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Review: Good times and not so good times.

Saturday I hit up yoga in the morning and by the time I got home I wasn't feeling so good.  I didn't have any appetite and had to lay down when Rory was napping.  After a little shut eye I felt a lot better and cranked out the rest of the girls' costumes for our church trunk or treat that night.  As for me...the viking costume got pulled out again.  

What do you think?  Am I close to pulling off Largertha's look?
 I had to get a close up of my hair.  I thought it was pretty poofy, but now seeing the real Largertha I could have gone much bigger!

I think the girls' costumes came out pretty darn good!!  
And they loved them...well, except for Rory.
Dog, Cat, Mouse, and Cheese.
Rory absolutely hated her costume and pretty much refused to wear it.  Darn.

The Trunk or Treat was a lot of fun!  Oh, and Ryan went as Zorro, but somehow he managed to escape any photos!

Later that evening I wasn't feeling so good again...and yep, I launched later that night.  What the heck?!  How is it that I get sick before a kid does?!  So weird.  I hope it was just a random illness and everyone else will be spared...please!  Anyway, whatever it was, it was short lived because I felt much better the next day!  I know you are very glad I shared that with you.  And no, I'm not pregnant...because I know that's what you were all thinking!

Anyway, in other news...on Sunday Piper learned how to ride her two wheel!!  It didn't take her any time at all and she absolutely loves it!  It was getting late and she would NOT stop and come inside for dinner.  We finally bribed her with some candy.  I know, kinda messed up...but we were getting desperate!  

Happy Monday!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Everyday Life

During the Summer our Wednesday nights consisted of the weekly mountain bike series...and now, our Fall Wednesday nights consists of the P-Town Cross race series where we cheer on Ryan.  I hand it to people who do cross, it's tough!  I definitely prefer mountain biking!  The weather has been quite nice, and there's a park right next to the course so it's pretty nice to watch the race and watch the kids at the same time.  

It's that time of year again!
I've been sewing up a few (very simple) pieces for the girls costumes...hopefully they turn out okay.
I've been working with a lot of fake fur...it looks like a cat has a very serious shedding problem in my craft room!  Fur is EVERYWHERE!

These two have been keeping me busy in the day.
 Piper has always been my more mischievous child.  Just today she watched Tangled and has soon as it was over she insisted that I cut her hair.  She had a pretty big fit when I told her I wouldn't do it.  After a while she calmed down and then very sweetly said, "I'm going downstairs to play".  Hmmmm...sounded like she was up to something so I secretly followed her.  Sure enough, she crept into the craft room and got a pair of scissors.  As she turned around she jumped when she saw me standing in the doorway.  I didn't even have to say anything...she dropped the scissors, burst into tears and ran to her room.  I just can't imagine what she would have done to her hair had I not been there.

And then later this afternoon as I vacuuming upstairs she got upset because I wouldn't let her play in the front yard alone.  After much screaming and crying she quietly goes downstairs.  I asked where she was going, and she said "Oh, I'm just going to lay on the couch."  Hmmmm, yeah right!  She thinks I'm not paying attention...but I watch her (without her knowing) and sure enough she creeps out the front door.  But this time she pulls Rory into it!  When I go grab her she tries to blame it on her!!  Nice try!

You gotta watch that girl!

This weekend we have Trick-or-Treating at the shops near our house and Trunk-o-Treat at our church.  A little "dress rehearsal" for the actual Halloween night!

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Catching up...again.

My blogging has been pretty sparse lately!  My life has been super crazy this month...I'm constantly running around somewhere, or trying to desperately catch up on house stuff when I am home, so blogging has taken a back seat.  

Something on my mind.  So you know how you (I'm referring to me, I just hope you go through this too) constantly fight the battle of keeping your house clean and organized and, well, perfect?  And with kids, it's pretty much a losing battle?  One of the things that bring a little bit of peace of mind is the fact that kids just WILL NOT remember what the house looked like when they get older, but they'll remember all the happy things that went on growing up.  When I get overwhelmed that's always a comforting thought to me.  I have a quote on a shelf in my house that says, "Good moms have sticky floors, dirty ovens and HAPPY kids."  I'm not a very organized person, I have clutter, our yard is a mess, I have toys everywhere, my laundry is overflowing and so on...I am lucky if I just maintain...taking on projects or big jobs put me back weeks and weeks with plain old household chores.  BUT, don't get me wrong...my house isn't scary or anything!  It's just lived in (with four children).  

Anyway, lately Haley has been very concerned with the house, garage and yard.  

This kinda bothers me.

The kids play at other people's houses and Haley is starting to compare our home with others...this bothers me even more!  

Haley and Morgan like to play at a neighbor's house.  These people are a retired couple with the most immaculate house you will every see!!  They have WHITE carpet for heaven's sake!!  I'm was terrified to walk on it when I first visited there!  And it blows my mind that they are cool with Haley and Morgan playing over there!  Also, Haley has a friend that has a "cleaner house than ours" (Haley's words).  

We had a heavy duty chat with Haley last night about her concerns.  I explained that the retired couple HAVE NO CHILDREN living there, so it's easier to keep clean.  As for her friend, well, I don't know...some moms are just better at housework than others.  But I mainly tried to stress that Haley is loved, she's happy, and she has a warm and cozy home to come home to everyday!  We are all doing our best, and one day perhaps Ryan and I will catch up on all the things that need to be done around the house.  

I think she felt better...but I'm pretty crushed inside.  I just had no idea a child would care about these things!!  

So I guess I can't really find comfort in the idea that kids won't remember...darn.

Anyway, that's my little story for the day.  And just a side note...Haley helps a lot with cleaning up the house and her room is always spotless!  I just need her to relax a little...especially when there are two little major mess makers living with us (Piper and Rory)!  

Here's a few pictures of the month so far.

Blurry picture of the girls at Sundance.
We had our first fire this month!!
I love picking up the girls from school this time of year.  The weather is perfect and the colors are beautiful!  I love letting the girls play while listening to the high school marching band practice in the field.
Piper is loving her preschool!
Last week we went on a little scavenger hunt on the BYU campus.
 Piper went to her first Princess Birthday Party for a friend last week.
She had a ball!

Well, happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Last lift ride.

Last Friday we went on our last lift ride before the ski season and boy was it was chilly!  Fall is definitely in the air!  Usually they separate our family and put only three to a lift...but I kinda pleaded with the lifties and they caved.  I'm glad too, because we all needed to cuddle up to stay warm!

So, other than the lift ride at Sundance, an outing to the park and church...that pretty much sums up or long weekend.  The weather was kinda crummy which didn't help motivate us to go anywhere. So I wish I could say if was a peaceful, relaxing weekend at home...but not so much...the kids were bouncing off the walls!!  So really the weekend was loud and chaotic...but kids were happy and that's what counts right?  Anyway, after five days at home, it was good to get two of them back in school.

This week has been busy.  The kids Halloween costumes are super simple this year, but for what ever reason I'm having trouble locating certain things.  So that's kinda been my mission lately.  That and preparing the kids' skiing/snow apparel...trying to figure out what can be handed down and what we need to buy.  It never fails...the first snow fall sneaks up on me, and then when the kids run out to play in it they can't find any of their gear!  Or have things that don't fit!  One year I missed my window at buying snow boots for Haley and she went all winter wearing a pair of rain boots instead.  But I think I'm building a pretty good collection of things now, so the younger kids will be set!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

This week so far.

I've been trying to get back into my routine this week, but it's been difficult for me.  Emotions are still lingering from my previous two weeks away and it's hard to stay focused or be motivated to do anything at all.

Halloween is quickly approaching and I have to get four costumes pieced together before then!  The girls came up with a really cute idea...I think you'll get a kick out of it!

The girls had a blast in the Halloween isle at Target.  Haley begged me to buy costumes for the dogs.  But I just can't justify spending 30 dollars on something they'll ultimately rip to shreds.  Sorry Haley.

This is Piper...in case you were wondering.

The Fall colors have peaked in the mountains, but down in the valley they're just starting.  It's beautiful!  I do love this time of year...crisp mornings and warm afternoons.  We pass this big bush on the way to school everyday...it was so vibrant with color and I just had to snap a picture!

This was my week teaching Piper's preschool group.  They're a fun group of kids, and so full of energy...I'm completely worn out by the end of the two hours!  There is such a difference between teaching 5th graders and preschool!!  You have to stay so animated for these little guys or you will lose their focus, and you better be prepared for every craft because they have no patience to wait for you!  And the singing...so much singing...I'm just really glad there is no other adult with me to witness my horrid singing.  I admire people who teach preschool full time...it's hard work!  Thankfully, I have 5 weeks to recover until I do it again!
My kids have Fall break starting tomorrow so I'm trying to think of some fun things to do.  Unfortunately the weather isn't looking too good.  We shall see.

Monday, October 7, 2013


I'm back.  I know that's it's been a while and to be honest I've had NO desire to do any updates.  These past two weeks have been pretty emotional.  

I went to CA to be with my mom to help with her recovery after surgery, however, the week was NOT at all what I imagined it was going to be.  My grandma had a stroke two days before I left leaving her unresponsive in the hospital.  The day I flew in my dad and I picked up my mom from the hospital, after she was given the okay to go home, and from there we went directly to another hospital to be with my grandma.  It was an extremely heartbreaking day as we were all coming to the realization that my grandma was not ever going to wake up.  

The rest of the week I drove my mom to the hospital daily to be with grandma.  We were basically saying our goodbyes.  At the end of the week she was put into hospice and was brought home...she passed away on a Saturday morning surrounded by all of her children.  I was honored to be there.  She was a remarkable woman, and a tremendous example to me.  It's still hard to believe she's gone.  We will miss her dearly.

Grandma with Rory in 2012.

My mom is slowly recovering...I'm in awe of her strength.  She's had the hardest two weeks...everything has happened all at once for her.  

But in all this devastating news, we've been given a small mercy.  My mom will not need to undergo chemo.  She caught the cancer early enough that it stayed within the uterine wall and not a single lymph node was effected.  What a happy day that was.

To know that my mom is okay is such a relief to me.  I don't want to lose her...she is such a important part of my life...I'm not sure what I would do without her.  

My mom and grandma had a very close relationship as well...and to see my mom have to say goodbye to someone she held so dear was devastating.

So my heart breaks not only that I lost a grandma, but that my mom has lost her mother.

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