Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Andrew and Levi

My brother, Andrew, is in town!  He and his dog, Levi, made the trek from Long Beach yesterday...we are all so happy to see him!  I love this time of year...Easter is the only time of the year that I get to have all my brothers and parents together at the same time!  I love having family close...just love it!

Tonight I'm having all my bros over for dinner after they all go do some manly stuff, like shootin' guns together.

I'm making pizza and I think I'll make those Snickerdoodle Brownies for dessert.  It will be fun!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Review

Saturday I got a much needed break!  Not only did I get to skip out in the morning for yoga, I was also able to hit the slopes in the afternoon!  I met up with my brother, Jeff, and we were able to get about 4 runs in...perfect.  I was pretty beat so that's about all I could handle!

The Jeep has become our go-to car when heading up to Sundance.  And every time I get in I see a little girl's artwork on the dash.  A little happy face and the word "Love" with a heart next to it written with a Sharpie marker.

Now, at the time that this happened about two years ago I was pretty upset about it.  And this particular little girl probably spent some quality time in her room for it too.  But now, every time I get into the Jeep these little doodles on the dash brings a smile to my face.  I'm sure there is a way to remove permanent marker ink, but I'm not too concerned about anymore as this car will probably be in our family forever.  Heck, I'm sure this little girl of ours will be driving it up to Sundance herself someday and she'll be able to tell her friends that she drew those and how she got into big trouble for it.

Also this weekend Morgie lost her front tooth (which seemed to be wiggly FOREVER).  In fact, in fell out right in the middle of Sacrament at church.  Yep, she lost it while she was eating bread.  She was pretty thrilled.

Piper has become quite good at drawing happy faces and draws them everywhere!  No, she is not the one that drew all over the dash in the Jeep as she was just an infant when it happened.  But I'll make sure I'll keep permanent markers away from her just the same.  I like her little happy faces but I don't want to see anymore doodles where they shouldn't be!
Happy Monday!

Friday, March 22, 2013


I won't lie, this week has been tough without Ryan.  Can I complain a little?  I feel like complaining.  I'm not sure what happened...I've hit a brick wall...I've had it...I need a break.  Rory has NOT been sleeping well this week.  Last night she got up every hour until 2 in the morning.  To get her to calm down I have to pat her back for about ten minutes in my zombie-like state and then very quietly tip toe out of the room.  Sometimes it works, sometimes she just has to cry it out.  Plus, Piper wakes up throughout the night because she accidentally rolls onto her back and hits her staples in her head...which hurts, really bad!  I'll rock her a bit to calm her down.  And then Morgan has had nightmares the last two nights, which results in her sleeping in my bed.  Needless to say, I'm tired.

Also I've been suffering from Baby-Attached-To-Leg Syndrome this week.
It sucks the life force right out of you and it also adds about 15 minutes to any given task you are trying to accomplish.  Another side effect is a horrible feeling that someone is always watching you.  And sometimes loud screaming accompanies it.

I was at my wits end at the store today.  Maybe it was the constant yelling, "Don't touch!!  That's glass!" to Piper.  Or the fact that I lost her twice in the clothes racks which results in me shouting, "Piper?!!  Piper?!!  Piper come out right now!!!"  Or the fact that she has to use the bathroom as much as a old man!  The second time she she asked to go of course I was the furthest possible point from the bathroom with a cart full...I nearly started crying.  I know...I'm not sure what came over me.  All I wanted to do was finish picking out a frame that I needed.  I didn't want to take anyone to the bathroom AGAIN!  

And that's how I've been feeling all week.  Tired and on the verge of tears.  Weak?  Yep, pretty much...and I'm okay with that.  

Just a side note:  As I was driving around this morning the one thing that I knew would make me feel better was a cup a coffee.  It would make my headache go away and it would perk me up.  It would help me feel alive again after this weeks lack of sleep.  It took ALL my will power not to pull into the Starbucks and grab a cup.  And even now as the weather took a turn (snow today) all I want is to sit here with a nice warm cup of coffee.  It will make any pain go away.

Sheesh, I sound like a druggie or something.

Anyway, Ryan comes home this evening...thank goodness.  I'll try not to tackle him and grab him by the shirt and say something like, "Please!!  Please!!  Don't ever leave me again!!!"

Happy Weekend ya'll.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dining Room: Progress

Since Ryan has been out of town this week our meals consist of left overs and mac and cheese.  In other words, very little prep or cooking for me.  So, I've been taking advantage of the extra time (when Rory is asleep in the afternoon) to finish painting in the dining room.  Yesterday I finally finished the trim and I think that really made the color on the walls look so much better!  The walls are Sherwin Williams in Evening Shadow and the trim is the stock white they have on hand.  I really like it! 

The room before.

And after!

The pink pom pom thing is left over from Valentine's.  I left it because it distracts my eyes from looking at the hideous brass light fixture straight out of the 80's.
So, things that I still have to tackle for this room: new light fixture and new artwork.
And the doors still need to be painted white to match the trim.
Slowly, but surely.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's all fun and games...

...until someone gets hurt!

How many times have we told the kids NOT to play on the swivel chair?!  A LOT, that's how many!
Yet, they still seem to gravitate to it.  But then what kid doesn't love sitting in a swivel chair while their siblings spin them at warp speed?  Not mine.  
Yep, it's all fun until a kid goes flying off and hits their head on the piano...that kid being Piper.  

She got a pretty bad cut to the head resulting in five staples.

Piper is such a tough cookie.  She amazes me!  The whole process didn't phase her in the slightest!
She was all smiles while we waited for the numbing gel to kick in.

The final result.  Oweee!
(Aren't you glad I biggie sized the picture?)

At first I thought, STAPLES??!!  But then I was told it is pretty standard to use staples as opposed to stitches on the scalp.  They're quicker and easier when dealing with hair all, scaring isn't a concern unless she decides to go bald when she's older.

The whole process pretty much kills me.  I'm making light of the subject now, but like always I had to fight (hard) not to faint when I was first examining how bad the cut really was.  And even now looking at the staples on her when she's running around makes me incredibly uneasy.  And let me just add since her hair is so wispy it's pretty much impossible to hide those suckers!  They are constantly staring at me!  And unfortunately they'll be staring at me for the next 10 days!!  Give me strength.

I'll try to keep my brave face on.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Review

Friday I was able to stop in and have a much needed visit with a friend from my old neighborhood.  It was wonderful to catch up!  I let too much time go since the last time I saw her...I don't want to do that again!  And oh, how the memories flooded back as soon as I drove into the neighborhood!  When we moved from CA 9 years ago this was our first introduction to Utah and we had no idea what we were getting into, but those neighbors welcomed us with open arms.  I knew every single person that lived on our street and always felt I could go to any of them for anything...always!  Except for "Grumpy"...he's the only exception. 

I drove past our old house, and although we still own it, I miss it.  Such good memories there.
Haley and Morgan in 2009.

Saturday morning I went for my first ride of the year...a mountain bike ride no less.  We may be buying a new bike for me from a friend so I was trying it out.  It's pretty nice, and considering my ability level it's probably too nice for me!  But I do like it!  However, I was a bit discouraged as I am so slow!  I think an 80 year old women walked past me like I was standing still!  Okay...I made that part up...but seriously, I was slow.  I had to walk up some steep pitches was sad.  So considering that, I felt like a poser riding such a fancy schmancy bike.  But whatever.
The top tube...unfortunately, no matter how much that was staring me in the face, I still had to walk in places.

Sunday we churched it up and then had a really nice dinner at my brother's house.
It was fun to get together with everyone!

In other news Rory has been extra clingy to me these last few days...and to be honest it's kinda wearing me down.  She did not sleep well last night and I was up most the night with her.  I slept in the spare room with her pretty much laying on my face the entire night.  Good times.  I'm pretty much running on fumes today as I'm pretty worn out.  Ryan leaves tomorrow for CO, so here's to hoping I'll be able to manage the rest of the week okay.

I'll leave you with this little video of Piper.  
With the iphone she can watch herself as I'm recording...I think it tripped her out.  

Happy Monday.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Paint and Sunshine

I've been keeping busy this week.  I started painting the dining room, which as been quite the task with two kids at home!  Yesterday Rory decided not to nap very well.  So I had a screaming baby in one ear and I had Piper in my other yelling at me to do random tasks for her...putting on barbie clothes, getting her milk, finding her a blanket, helping her pee, making her some toast, just wanting me to watch her on and so on.  And all I wanted to do was paint the dang wall!!!  I tell ya, nothing like starting a project to raise my stress level!  Why do I bother?  I did manage to paint two walls so far.  Today I decided to take a break and wait until the weekend when Ryan can help me watch the kids a bit.  I don't feel like rushing through the job worrying that Rory will wake up at any moment so I better-slap-on-the-paint-with-no-care-to-how-it-looks attitude or dealing with Piper throwing out demands nonstop making me have to put the brush down every two minutes.  No thanks.  I'll wait until the weekend.  (Although, how much you want to bet Rory will  nap like a champ today...that's how it always works!)  Thankfully it's the dining room and I can just close the doors and no one can see my unfinished paint job.  As for the color I picked out, the jury is still out on whether or not I like it.  I was going for gray with hint of blue.  But it looks more like blue, with a hint of gray.    I'm not stopping and starting over though, no way.  I'll work with what I've got.  But since I've started, I think it's growing on me.  

The weather has been amazing this week!  I think it was around 70 yesterday!  The kids have been outside every chance they get, I love it!  Haley has taken to walking the dogs everyday which is a big help.  She also cleans out the kennel and feeds them.  I love that she can take on more responsibility now that she's getting older, and she enjoys it so much!  

View from my walk this morning.
The sun shining on the valley.
It looked better in me.

Confession:  I went on errands multiple times this week and on all occasions I wore my hair pulled back and sweats/yoga pants.  See this post if you are confused.

Can't win them all I guess.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Review

The sickies came our way again, as Ryan was down with strep all weekend and Piper had a mystery fever Saturday evening (luckily it was gone by Sunday morning).  What is up with this winter season?!!  It's kicking our butt!  I'm craving warmth and everyone being healthy longer than a month!!  

I had to share this picture.
 That's Haley in the drizzling rain picking up dog poop...yucky, old, soggy dog poop.  We didn't even ask her.  I was working at the sink and looked up and found her doing it all on her own.  This girl would be in heaven if she was born on a farm.  She has a special spot for animals in her heart, and she could care less about dirt and grime...or dog poop in this case.  I should really look into getting her involved in a 4H program where she can take care of a cow or goat or something...she would LOVE it!

The weather is really starting to look like spring!  Sunday was just beautiful!
I couldn't resist...Morgan and I hit the slopes after church.  It felt so good to soak in the sun!
The week is going to continue to get Friday it will be in the 60's!!  I've decided to start painting a couple of rooms this week since I'll be able to clean up brushes outside again.  I'm thinking the dining room first.  Now if I can just get Rory to take looooong peaceful naps and keep a little 2 year old busy I may actually finish something this week!  Wish me luck!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Leave it to kids to tell you straight.

So the other day as I was walking the girls home from school Haley says to me (very seriously), "Mom, why do you always wear sweats?  You never wear, you know fashiony things."  I know, kinda killed me a little.  

I first explained that most days I don't go anywhere and like to wear something comfortable while I do work around the house.  But then I thought about it...and the truth is, even the days that DO go somewhere I still wear sweats.  Haley is right.  I don't wear fashiony things that often...okay, rarely do I wear fashiony things.  Do you like how I'm using Haley's word "fashiony"...I kinda like it.  I think Sundays is the only day of the week that I usually get "dressed up" and even then I lack accessories and fun things to go with my and such.  

Truth is, I have been stalling with buying new clothes.  First off, I rarely buy anything for myself, I just don't.  And if I do I'll grab something from Ross, TJ Max or even Costco (and sadly now that I think about it...really the only thing I've bought from these places have been sweats/yoga pants).  Aaaaahhhhhh...I'm the woman in the store buying new sweats while I'm wearing sweats!!  I know, sad.  But secondly, I'm stalling because I really, really, really want to lose five more pounds to get my middle section back to the way (or close to the way) it was pre-Rory.  

But with that said, I really do NOT want to get caught in a rut.  One of my big housewife fears...turning into a pony-tail, sweat wearing nightmare that Ryan comes home to everyday!  Nobody wants that!  And I want to be an example to my girls.  I don't want my girls to be embarrassed by me, that really scares me!!  "There's my those dang burgundy sweats again."  

It's amazing how our children will push us to be and do our best.  Like I've said before, I need them just as much as they need me. 

Anyway, I've been trying to step it up a bit.  However, some days it's just not practical...I mean, I'm not going to be on my hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor in jeans and a nice top...that just won't happen.  But days that I do have errands to run and such I'll try to glam it up a bit.  

This week in my attempt to glam it up I played around with my hair.

Va va voom!
And I'll add that I'm totally wearing jeans in this picture, NOT sweats!

Granted as I was doing my hair Piper and Rory ran havoc through house.  They drew marker all over the toilet, broke a nail polish bottle (that could have been real bad, but luckily it just made a mess all over my hands), and they got into the cotton balls.  That's the reality of it.  But hey, my house may have been a mess, but I had pretty hair!!

So here's to the Bringing Sexy Back Housewife Challenge.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Student of the Month

Monday afternoon Haley came tearing out of the school toward me shouting, "MOM!!!  I'm student of the month!!!!  I'm student of the month!!!"  And sure enough, there was her picture front and center with all the other grade levels in the hall across from the office.  She is so proud of herself!

Haley has come a long way and has worked so hard this year!
It makes me so proud!
Way to go Haley!

Ryan was out of town these past couple of days so I'm thinking tonight will be a good night to celebrate.
She'll get to enjoy her salmon (one of her favorites) off the special red plate!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hey Rory, how do you feel about getting a shot?

That's what I thought.

Yeah, so Rory had her 15 month check-up this morning.  We had to wait for the doctor about 40 minutes past what a toddler and one year old can handle.

I had to pull out all my tricks to keep them entertained.  
Today I'm grateful for my iphone, which helped keep smiles on their faces.  We may have had a bit too much fun with it.

Everything looked great...except for the part that she may be allergic to peanuts.  Gosh, I really hope not!  We eat a ton of peanut butter in this house!  I mean, come on!  A PB and J is a mom's best friend!!

Her stats still show that she's a light weight...what's new?

Weight: 18 lbs  8th percentile
Height: 29.5 inches  16th percentile

But she's healthy and happy and that's what counts!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Review

All it takes is a couple of nice, sunny days for me to catch Spring Fever!!  Now, I'm soooo ready for warmth everyday!!  

We had a really nice weekend enjoying the warmer temps and SUN (it probably hit 50 on Saturday)!  Ryan took advantage of the Spring-like weather and took the girls skiing Friday evening.  

And Saturday the girls played outside for the bulk of the day...such a great change of pace.  Piper finally has figured out that pedaling her bike is a lot easier than trying to scoot with her feet!  She was so proud of herself to have finally mastered it!  

Rory showing off her skills.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy Dr. Seuss Day

As always we were rushing around this morning piecing together some type of outfit for Dr. Seuss Day at school.  I told the girls earlier this week to start thinking about what they wanted to do...they were responsible for it.  My attempt to avoid last minute costumes!  Morgan was excited to do Daisy Head Mayzie again which was just fine since we had the flower from last year still.  It was a little beat up, but still did the trick!  Haley wasn't really motivated to dress up and couldn't think of anything all week...I know...gasp!  So not like her!  But then this morning (last minute) she changed her mind and decided that she wanted to be a Star Bellied Sneetch.  Thanks goodness for Google images, since I had no idea what Star Bellied Sneetch even was!

So, after cutting up an old T-shirt of Ryan's and turning some clothes inside out, I introduce to you a Star Bellied Sneetch and Daisy Head Mayzie.

Whew...another year done.

Happy weekend ya'll!
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