Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Family Bike Rides

This summer we have taken to family bikes in the evenings.  It has been such a fun addition!  We have several great parks/schools with playgrounds close by and that has been our destination of choice lately.  Also, we have a little pasture with several horses that we love to stop and pet on our way to the park.

Every time we go I feel so fortunate to live where we live. 

 I love having the mountains right in our backyard. 
 I love our warm summer evenings.  
I love having fun things so close that we can ride our bikes.  
I just absolutely love this time of year.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Camp Big Springs

Last week it was Morgan's turn to go to Camp Big Springs!
Haley attended this same camp two years ago.
This is a camp through the school district for all fifth graders and it has been in place for years and years!  I'm so glad my kids get to have this opportunity...they always come home with such great experiences that I know they'll treasure forever!

Morgan had absolutely no apprehension about going...she was thrilled to pieces and had been counting down the days til she got to go.  I'm's always easier to say goodbye if they're excited to go.  But that didn't stop me from staying until the very last moment when the bus is finally driving away.  There's always just a handful of parents (literally there were 5 of us) that stay until the bitter end.  We wave, and blow kisses...and I'm not ashamed.  For the record, Morgan waved and blew kisses back...that won't always happen, so I'll take it while I got it!

 Campbelle, Morgan's bestie also went...I'm so, so glad!
It's always comforting to know your kid has their bosom friend with them.

It was weird not having Morgan home for that long, and the girls missed her terribly!
So it was quite the reunion on Friday!

She came home happy and very, very dirty.

Then we all went to Pizza Pie to celebrate.
Good times.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Ryan's 40th!!

 Last Saturday Ryan turned the big 4-0!

He scheduled his big birthday ride, "The Gauntlet" for that morning.  The Gauntlet hits all 5 climbs that branch off the Alpine Loop: Tibble Fork, Alpine Summit, Cascade, South Fork, and Squaw Peak.  It's close to 90 miles and crap ton of elevation gains (I can't remember how much, but it's a lot!).  Anyway, he got quite the crowd of cyclists that joined in (maybe around 30 people) that came out and do the ride too.  This is the third year doing it and I think it's become a tradition around here!  Ryan's Birthday Gauntlet Ride!

 So he left first thing...well, after his birthday breakfast of course!

We met up with him after he finished for Burritos at Bajio.
It was such a beautiful day so we ate out on the patio as finishers from the ride trickled in.

Later that evening we celebrated some more with cake.
 My brother and his fiance and our neighbors joined in on the fun!

It turned out to be such a fun day!
Happy Birthday Ryan, we love you!!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Everyday Life

I have been embracing summer with open arms!  
Utah has been killing it with these beautiful warm days!  

So far we have:

Started our summer Sundance Sundays!

Celebrated Memorial Day with family.
We hosted and served black bean burgers (I know, no meat on Memorial Day?!!  GASP!).  But thankfully no one led a revolt against us for serving such an un-American meal.  Ha!

 Already hit up the splash pad!

 Enjoyed beautiful evenings on the porch.

Oh, and I got glasses.

Here's to summer!

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