Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

What a day! The girls got up early (around 6:00) to start the festivities and we've been going full blast pretty much all day. We finally got them to bed around 9:15. I'm beat!

I think all the presents were a hit with the girls. Their favorites being the stuffed horse/unicorn and little stuffed dogs that were stocking stuffers. Also, the Flarp...huge hit! Just in case you don't know, Flarp is a putty type stuff that when you push into the little canister it makes a farting noise. So you know, farting noises plus can't go wrong.

We had a massive breakfast of Monkey Bread, sausage and eggs, and then the traditional ham dinner. I've been eating nonstop all day! We had my brother Matt and his family over for a little more gift exchanging this evening. So glad to have a little bit of family here!

A few pictures of the morning.

The girls are holding their prized possessions...their horses and dogs.

Jeff woke up to two girls running into his room shouting, "Santa came here Jeffy!!! He brought presents for you too!!"

So now, we're off to Long Beach! Yay!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Almost time!

I'm starting to doubt all the gifts that I bought the girls. I have this constant desire to go out and get more stuff. The other day the girls sat with Santa at the mall. I couldn't wait to hear what they were going to say when he asked what they wanted, because I knew that Haley was going to say horses and a stable and Morgan was going to say a unicorn...and I would have the satisfaction in knowing I had those exact things sitting in my closet for Christmas day. However, when he asked "What do you want for Christmas?", they both replied "Puppies!". WHAT?! You're kidding me! Haley was very specific too, "I want a carrier for it, and a brush and a bottle." Noooooooo!! And the hard part is, I've seen exactly what she's asking for in the stores! So badly I want to go out and battle the crowds and lines just so that they can have their puppies Christmas morning. But, I have to control myself...I need to stop at some point I guess. I hope they will be so distracted by their other gifts that they forget about the puppies.

So anyway, tomorrow is the big day! I'm pretty giddy with excitement...I can't wait for the girls to open their presents...even if they don't have their puppies. I'll just bring in our dogs...and give them a brush. Here you go kids...knock yourself out!

They woke up at 5:50 this morning, excited that it was Christmas Eve. So if they're that excited already I'm expecting a pretty early wake up call tomorrow!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Enjoying Winter

It's interesting how different my two girls are from one another. As they get older I can easily see the different traits passed down from Ryan and me in them.

Haley is our out door girl. She loves playing outside, no matter what the weather is. She's always very anxious to throw on her jacket and boots and get out there first thing...while we're all still sitting in our jammies. It will be a white-out outside or pouring rain...but she's still out there. She's very much like Ryan in that way. He's not a fan of staying indoors all day. He likes to get out and about.

Morgan is much more like me. Don't get me wrong...she loves the outdoors and is always up for an adventure, but she's not as anxious to get out there as Haley. She's my little cuddle bug...she would rather snuggle on the sofa, play with her toys, or "help" me with the chores. I'm more of a home body...I don't mind staying in doors...and I think Morgan may be that way as well. However, you never change. But for now, it's very apparent who is more like Ryan and who is more like me.

Yesterday it was a cold, wet, rainy, snowy day. But of course that didn't stop Haley, she was out there as usual. I peek out her every so often to check on her. I peeked through the window at one point and saw her just laying in the middle of the was starting to rain/snow. I poked my head out to ask if she was okay. She said yes. About 10 minutes later, I peek out the window again...she's still laying there...getting soaked! I poke my head out again and ask if she's okay. She says back, "I'm fine Mommy. I'm just trying to enjoy Winter!!". That's my Haley!

At one point I looked out to see a neighbor walking past with his two kids on the other side of the street. He kept looking over at Haley with a concerned look on his face. I think he thought something was terribly wrong with her. I couldn't help but giggle a little as I watched him walk by. Move it along Mr., it's just my daughter trying to enjoy Winter!! No problem over here!

She eventually decided to come in. A quick cup of hot chocolate, and then she was right back out there playing.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


My little brother is engaged!!!
Congratulations Andrew and Nicole!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Little Christmas Cheer

In between illness we are managing to enjoy the month of December. I wanted to share before people started to think a permanent cloud of darkness hung over our house...okay, over me.

Last weekend we finally got our tree and decorated the house. I must say, once the house is decorated I feel much more in the spirit! I also did quite a bit of shopping which helps relieve some stress. Today I went out again, and I think I'm finished! Just a few more little things, but nothing major. Oh, I do have a few returns to do. I'm very indecisive, so I'm in the habit of just buying it, and then making up my mind later. Maybe our first Christmas at home will turn out okay!

The girls with their Gingerbread houses they made last week. Unfortunately, the dogs managed to swipe the the snowmen off each of them...those sneaky dogs...I turn my back for two seconds!! But the houses still look great and make nice decorations for the living room.

Our beautiful Christmas tree.

Haley loves taking pictures of the dogs. Most of the time its of their rear ends or really blurry since they don't hold still longer than five seconds. But I thought she did a good job with these two.


I took these two. The dogs love to keep tabs on what's going on inside the house. So to stay out of the snow and still be able to see through the back door they opt to sleep on the little picnic table. Pretty clever. No we don't keep them outside forever...but sometimes I need a break!

So there you have's not all bad this month. We're trying to have a bit of fun in between all the barfing.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Beware...more complaining.

I feel that's all I do these days...complain. So here I go again...

I thought Haley was getting back on track...but I thought wrong. She went all day just fine, eating a little here and there and drinking normal, she even took a nap.

Well, at about 11:30 last night she wakes up yelling "Daddy! Daddy! (yeah, she calls for Ryan...never mind the fact that I stayed up with her all night the night before and nursed her back to health, I thought, all day...yeah, but I'm not bitter about it or anything) Daddy, Daddy! I think I'm going to throw up!!!". Well, it's a good thing she did call for Ryan! He jumped out of bed and got to her in super sonic speed!! Grabbed her off her bed (top bunk) and got her to the bathroom in time for her throw up in the mess! By the time I got my pregnant self out of the bed she was already practically finished! So, I was very impressed with Ryan's fast reaction!

So, now I'm devastated. My little Haley, still sick. I try so hard...I'm almost turning into a paranoid mother! I've gotten all the flu shots (seasonal and H1N1) for everyone, which consisted of waiting in line after line. And I'm the mom who washes hands constantly throughout the day, I carry the antibacterial ointment in my purse and apply it to my kids after they do in the kid area at the mall, I apply it when we leave church, I mean I practically bathe them in the stuff. I use the antibacterial wipes to clean the shopping carts off before I use them. I'm constantly cleaning the bathroom and disinfecting doorknobs, mopping floors, laundry to clean any infected clothes and sheets. I could go on and on! I know, I'm turning into a crazy lady!! I laughed at mothers who were like that at one I'm turning into that mother!! What's the point?! I might as well let them eat off the floor, put their mouths on drinking fountains, pick off the gum under tables and eat it, touch a public toilet seat and then let them pick their nose...I mean what's the seems they get sick no matter what precautions I take. Very frustrating.

So there you have it...more complaining...woe is me!
But seriously...come on...I deserve a break!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Recovery Day

Well, it's supposed to be a recovery day for would think after a long night of vomiting her little body would need lots of rest today. Wrong! At this moment both Haley and Morgan are building tunnels with the sofa cushions, and jumping around (on the sofas without the cushions) while Handy Manny plays on the TV. What happened to a day of cuddling and napping?! I'm exhausted...I totally got jipped!

So last night was pretty tough. Around dinner Haley started showing signs of being a mom, you just know when it's not know when it's not a side just know when it's really nausea. I knew I was screwed. She started vomiting around 8:00 and didn't quit until around 1:30 in the morning. But although she's very sick and very uncomfortable she has a way to entertain me with her dramatics. I don't laugh at the time, but later when I think about the things she says...I crack up.

She was in complete agony right before she threw up the first time, and then finally she threw up. I told her how sorry I was that she was going through this. Her response, "Oh Mommy, don't be sorry, I'll be really didn't hurt that bad." Talk about pulling my heartstrings!

And the then later that night when she had nothing left in her belly, she started begging for water. Now I knew from when Morgan was sick that giving her water wasn't a good idea. It just made her throw up for another hour. So, I told Haley she had to wait until morning, because it would just make her sick again. She pleaded..."Mommy, pleeeeeeese! I neeeeeeed's my only hope! It's the only thing I want in this whole world!"..."Mommy, water is soooooo cold, and tasty...I just neeeeeeeed it soooooooo bad!". Now, how can you say no to that?! I caved...and gave her a little. She vomited for the next hour.

I had to clean her up several times, which I know is no fun when you're achy and have chills. And she kept saying as I'm washing her, "Oh, Mommy....this is NOT a good night for ME!" Yeah, tell me about it.

So she seems like she's doing a lot better today. Fortunately, this illness is short lived.
Now...again...we wait. Three down...two to go.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Here we go again...

I know that I've been neglecting the blog lately. It seems any time that I'm online I'm searching for gifts...frantically. I'm doing pretty good with family members, it's the kids that I'm having issues with. I'm desperately trying to find a horse stable set for Haley. I've bought one, but may return it (this will be the third one that I've returned). I read really bad reviews on it. So the search continues. And I still have to get some stuff for Morgan. This will be the first Christmas we celebrate at home, our home...and I desperately want it to be a good one for them.

On another note...Haley's sick tonight. Her turn to vomit all night long. I can't believe this...I can't believe that this entire Winter has been surrounded by illness. I'm so tired of it. It's been TWO weeks since Morgan was sick...why now...I thought we were in the clear. What about Christmas?! It's next week! I don't want Ryan or I sick for Christmas! And what about our trip to CA?! More paranoia...more worry...more sleepless nights.

Haley's Christmas party is tomorrow. I was supposed to go and help out...I was going to read a Christmas story to the class. Haley was so excited about it. I'm so bummed. I'm bummed that she's going to miss out on it when she's been so thrilled all week.

I'll be glad when Winter is over.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Spirit...where's mine?

This month has been kicking my butt!! It's been going way too fast and I feel I haven't been able to soak in the joys of the upcoming holiday. Everyone (it seems) is full of Christmas spirit... decorations are in full swing, people have their shopping done or nearly done, menus are planned, and traditions in place. Everywhere, but here.

Lets see, since we've come home from our Thanksgiving trip...I've cleaned up a lot of barf, then lived in fear for the next week waiting for the next person to come down with that included basically being a hermit, and cooking lots of light meals/dinners not knowing if that would be the night someone would harf. Then lets see, I got Morgan her booster for her H1N1 vaccine that's good. Then when I finally felt safe that no one else was going to be sick and decided I should leave the house, we got hit with a massive cold front (temps in the single digits) complete with a huge dumping of snow. Who wants to drive in that?! Not me, is the answer. So yet again, I become a hermit, living in my sweats and sipping decaf all day. So you see...the month is slipping away. What have I got done?...NOTHING!

I should be listening to Christmas music, baking cookies, wrapping presents, trimming the tree, hanging stockings, lighting the fire in the fireplace...okay, we don't have a fireplace...but that sounds nice. I should be dancing around with a huge smile enjoying the wonderful spirit that Christmas brings. Because honestly...I LOVE Christmas!!! I love this time of year!!! But these past two years I feel like I'm drowning! I can't think of any good gifts, I stress about it more than I should, and I procrastinate like you wouldn't believe. Why?! Why do I do this?! I have got to get my act together!

So, starting this Saturday I'm getting myself in gear. We're getting a tree, decorating the house, and I've told Ryan I need part of that day for shopping. So Christmas spirit, here I come!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Big Scare

Now that Haley is in school, I have a whole new set of worries. It's so hard for me to let go...have faith in her to make the right decisions for herself. And to also have faith in her school to help her along the way.

Haley's bus arrives about 10 minutes before her school starts. The kids are to get off the bus and go straight to their classroom or play on the playground if the weather permits. I got a phone call from Haley's teacher yesterday...Apparently Haley did not come into class until 20 minutes after school had started! Apparently when Haley got off the bus, she went the opposite direction from the school and went to the nearby field to play in the snow and "look for horses" (her words). For about a half hour she was out in this field BY HERSELF wandering around! No one went looking for her, no one saw her and her teacher had already marked her absent! Luckily, she decided to go back to her classroom after she started getting a little cold. What if she didn't go back? What if she had gotten lost? What if she got stuck in the snow? Or worse things?

I am FURIOUS!!!! When I put my child on that bus, it is the school's responsibility to make sure my child is safe!! Where were the monitors making sure the kids get off the bus and go where they need to?! These kids are FIVE years old!! I admit my daughter sometimes gets distracted, and what kid wouldn't want to play in a perfect untouched field of fresh snow? This absolutely terrified me!! TERRIFIED me!! I got on the phone immediately with the principal. I hung up unsatisfied. He told me he was out there that day. She must have started in the right direction and then did a u-turn when he wasn't looking. IT IS NOT MY CHILD'S FAULT!!! Why couldn't he have just said, "We messed up. I'm so sorry. We are going to put some things in place so that won't happen again!". Why? Instead, he just kept saying that he was out there watching...he didn't know how she got past him. Whatever! YOU DROPPED THE BALL MR. PRINCIPAL!! I started getting a little fired up on the phone. I just kept saying that there needs to be more people outside watching and that I expect my child to be safe and protected at school!! And that better not ever happen again!!

I've talked with Haley. I think she realizes that what she did scared us. I'm pretty sure she won't do that again....but that didn't stop me from calling her teacher this morning to make sure she got there safely. She did.

But I'm still shaken up.

Friday, December 4, 2009

It wasn't food poisoning.

We've come to that conclusion about Jeffy's illness since we were up all last night with Morgan. She started throwing up at about 9:00 in the evening and didn't quit until 5:30...poor little thing. It's been a great long while since I've pulled an all nighter...and let me tell ya, I'm hurting today!

Morgan is feeling a bit better today, she's come down with a fever and is sleeping on the sofa this very minute. I even got a little nap with her while Haley had some quite time in her room after school.

Actually, I'm not as panicked now. Basically I know we're all doomed in this household, it's just a matter of who will be next. We bought the 24 pack of 7-UP and the mega pack of Popsicles...we're ready!

So our newest diagnosis of what this illness is...Norovirus. We're pretty definite on that.

I'm tired. I'm tired of sick children. I'm tired of cleaning up barf off my child, the sheets, the floor, the bed, myself. I try so hard to keep everyone healthy! What I'm doing wrong?! I even disinfected every doorknob in the house after Jeff was sick...along with the ENTIRE bathroom, top to bottom. Morgan doesn't deserve to be sick AGAIN.

Now, it's a waiting game.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Post Vacation Funk

I've had four days now to get back into the swing of things and I still feel like I'm in a post vacation funk. Although I have managed to get to the grocery store and got the laundry done and did a bit of cleaning...hmmm, maybe I'm not doing so bad. Let's ignore the fact that I've wore the same sweat pants and shirt for the last two days, and haven't done anything with my hair nor have I put on any make-up...but whatever.

Jeff spent his Thanksgiving back home in Long Beach. On Monday I picked him up from the airport and then took him directly to my parents' house to pick up his car and then he went straight to class. Later that day when he pulled up outside, I told the girls that Jeffy was home and go out and say "Hi". They go running out to greet him only to find him vomiting in the street by his car. Yes, lovely...I'm sure the neighbors loved that. The girls just stood there, not knowing what to do. I call them back into the house giving Jeff a little more privacy to take care of his business (although, there's not much privacy when cars are driving past). Poor guy. Anyway, the rest of the evening did not go very well for him. I went into panic mode to say the mother wants her children sick (fever I can handle...barfing is something I'd like to avoid!). And of course no mother has time to get sick herself! Luckily, his illness was short lived and surprisingly he got himself up at 7:00 the next morning and got himself to his work orientation at Sundance (he's going to be a ski instructor there). The orientation lasted ALL day...I'm just so impressed with him and that he was able to get himself going, as he looked like crap the morning he left. We've narrowed it down to food poisoning from a sandwich he ate Sunday night. However, that didn't stop me from disinfecting everything Jeff touched while he was gone...I went into super cleaning mode. So anyway, he feels much better today! Good thing! We don't want Jeffy boy sick!

So as you know, I take care of my little nephew during the week. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was scared about the fact that I'm having a third baby. But having Jett around (although not always easy) gives me a piece of mind and excites me for the arrival of our own new baby. The girls just adore Jett, and I think Morgan likes being older than another child...she gets to be in charge of Jett when Haley is at school. She sets up little play things in front of him, and she likes it when he laughs at her when she does something silly.

This morning I was messing around with the video mode on Haley's camera. When I lay Jett down in the living room he immediately zeros in on the girls' room...he knows where all the toys are. So Morgan and I were having fun cheering him on as he made his way down the hall.

Please, ignore my voice, I realize it's slightly high pitched...sorry.

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