Friday, May 23, 2014

The happenings this week.

The happenings for this week:
Piper graduated her first year of Preschool!

 Morgan and her bestie, Campbelle, were voted to perform in the school wide talent show!
They sang two songs, "Stan, Grumpy Old Man" and "Friendship", a song they wrote about their own was pretty darn cute.
What brave souls.

My little brother, Jeffy, went back to LB for the summer.
So bummed...we'll miss him.
We were able to race Wednesday night together before he headed out of town Thursday.
It was a fun night!  Thanks to my mom for watching the kids for me as Ryan had to work.

Happy Memorial Weekend ya'll!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Weekend Review

It seems blogging has taken a back seat lately...the days have just gotten away from me.  And can you believe that the girls only have two more weeks of school?!  

So anyway, these are a few things that we've been up no particular order.

We planted two trees in the backyard...because heaven knows we need more.  (17 total now...I think)  Actually I didn't plant them, Ryan did.  I just stood there and pointed to where they should go...oh, wait, I did help lower them into the holes.  We're trying to create a bit more privacy between our neighbors...and shade for our patio.

The little ones, playing in water every chance they get.

Jeffy and I were able to squeeze in some mountain biking this weekend.  We explored some trails that I'm not as familiar with...I only fell once...good times.

Piper riding her "big bike" to pick up the girls from school.

I've started painting again!  This time I'm focusing on the upstairs...the girls' rooms in particular.
I started with Piper and Rory's room.  That room through the hallway is our very boring spare day I'll tackle that room too!

Morgan with her bestie...I tell ya, they are just about connected at the hip.  And the best part...she lives right around the corner from us.  If Morgan looks glammed up, it's because she had just returned from a Princess party.

 And last but not least, Ryan and Haley went on a daddy-daughter ride over the weekend.
Hopefully we can get her out more the summer!
So, that's kind of what we've been up to.
 Now, back to it!  Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Weekend Review

Doesn't this picture crack you up?
It does me...I can't help but laugh every time I look at it.
I think they did a pretty darn good job at looking terrified...but then, these kids are two of the most dramatic people I know, so then again, I guess it's just second nature to them.

We had a very nice weekend!  Ryan's mom and her husband came for a long weekend visit.  And shame on me, I didn't get enough pictures...or really any for that mater!  I think I'm hoping to high jack some of theirs when ever I get a chance.  So in the meantime, enjoy this picture of the girls at the Museum of Ancient Life.

So here are some highlights to the weekend:
* Friday Ryan and I ran the annual 5K with Haley and Morgan while the grandparents kept an eye on the little ones and cheered us on.  Unfortunately, Ryan tripped pretty hard early on in the run and finished with a skinned up knee and very swollen ankle.  

*  Dinner at PF Changs after a very annoying wait of an hour and a half!!  You would think arriving at 5:30 we wouldn't have any wait...wrong.  Luckily there was a playground nearby so the kids were able to stay busy.

*  Saturday we hit up the Museum of Ancient Life.  The weather was on the chilly side so this was a perfect outing!  

*  BBQ'ed hamburgers Saturday night.

*  Sunday I woke up to some lovely little cards and fresh picked flowers (from our yard) from Haley and Morgan.  Also, Haley whipped up a bagel with peanut butter and a banana for me to eat.  

*  Went to church and listened to the girls sing for Mother's Day.

*  And that night we had ice cream sundaes while we watched Frozen (the grandparents hadn't seen it yet).  Luckily, we just can't get enough of it!

Monday morning grandma and grandpa left after walking the girls to school.  It was a really great visit...although it would have been a bit better if the weather was warmer!  Ryan also left Monday morning for CO...he'll be there all week.  So here I am...holding down the fort.

Happy Tuesday.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Mt. Biking, Dog Poop and a Confession

 Isn't this a good picture of Morgan?  I didn't take it...someone else did and then sent it to me.  It was from the Wednesday night mountain bike race.  And speaking of the mountain bike race...well, I'm pretty sure I was last...dead last in my category.  Wait...I didn't!!!   I just checked the results and I beat two people!!  How exciting...hopefully they weren't little kids or anything, my ego is already shattered, I don't need it to get any worse.  Just kidding...but seriously...I pretty much suck...I've got to do something about that, STAT!  But the good thing is my children have no idea where I place, they are just super stoked and tell me how awesome I did (Piper especially).  That makes me happy.

 So...onto a different subject.  We have a mysterious dog walker who lets their dog poop on our sidewalk and doesn't clean it up.  Sometimes it's in front of our house, sometimes it's in front of the neighbors, but there is usually poop somewhere within a block of our house.

So this morning I loaded the girls into the truck to go on some errands, but before I back out I walk to the street to bring the trash cans in.  What do you know...fresh poop...right by the driveway.  I look up and spot culprit!!!  A lady with her dog way down the street!! You bet I jumped into the car (after I quickly cleaned up the poop myself...I didn't want to run it over) and peeled out (not really, but it sounds good) to catch her!  Which I did.  I pulled up beside her and let her have it!  Okay, not really, she was really nice about it so I didn't have to get all bitchy with her.  So yeah...bottom line...clean up after your dog!!  That's just rude not to!

Then it was off to the store, which was most likely one of my worst shopping experiences.  Piper had the biggest fit about not getting a certain pair of shoes (I was picking up some sandals for Haley, Piper already has a pair that fit her).  She screamed, and when I say screamed, I mean SCREAMED for just about the entire time I was there.  It was awful...and embarrassing.  I had three big bins in the cart so I had to take the girls out, and they were both being very naughty and running away too (I think Piper kept wanting to escape to find the shoe section again).  So it just wasn't fun to say the least.  

So I bought myself this.

It doesn't help that they now have a Starbucks inside the was a moment of weakness.  I have to take the girls to their school's big end of the year carnival this evening, I was tired, Ryan is gone and my parents left yesterday back to the LBC for a week, I was feeling lonely...I bought it in desperation.  It's pretty risky buying coffee around here.  This area isn't all that big and when I'm out and about I usually run into someone I know...seriously.  And since everyone and their mother is LDS I feel like a rebel and try not to make eye contact with anyone, and sneak out as fast as I can (which really isn't easy when I have two loud children in tow, but I pretend).  But can I just  My guilty pleasure: Latte with one Splenda.  Perfection.

So, anyway...there you have little confession for the day.  I never said I was perfect.  I'll start over tomorrow.  As Anne of Green Gables says, "Tomorrow is fresh...with no mistakes in it."  Actually I think Marilla said it first...but whatever.

Now, I'm ready to tackle this Carnival.  Bring it on!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy May Day!

Happy May Day everyone!
Did you forget that it's May Day?  Because I almost did...luckily I was reading something on a blog about May poles and remembered! Whew.

The girls and I passed out little bouquets to our neighbors and even received a few as well!  I think this "holiday" is catching on!  It should, because flowers make people happy...they just do.
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