Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween today in Utah

Halloween is like Christmas in this house. The girls are bouncing off the walls weeks before the event actually takes place, and every day they ask, "How many more days now?!"

It's Halloween today in Utah since it falls on a Sunday this year. So Haley woke up before six this morning ready to start the day. Ryan sent her back to bed only for her to come out a few minutes later...he gave up.

Our neighborhood had a church Halloween party last night...we didn't go. After all the festivities they had yesterday at Haley's school...well, to be honest, the thought of putting the girls back into their costumes, watch another costume parade, more candy, more candy, more candy...need I say more? There is such thing as too much Halloween. Let me rephrase that, there is such thing as too much Halloween when you have kids! Am I being an awful mom? Hey, I just don't want to get sick of Halloween before it's even Halloween!

So yeah, Halloween is today. Let the celebrations begin...or the insanity, whatever comes first.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Almost there!

The fence is coming together quickly now! My dad has been working everyday...that is, as long as the weather permits. Unfortunately, the weather was pretty crummy all weekend so we lost a couple of days there. And this week we got our first Valley snow...I know, much too early in my eyes. It started snowing in the evening and then we woke up to a Winter Wonderland. Of course the girls were super, not so much.

So anyway, the's looking good!

One side completed...except for the gate.
Now the other side of the yard.
Big difference from last week...nobody is shirtless this time.
Sorry ladies.

Today my dad finished the gate on one all that's left is one more gate! Yay! Have I mentioned how grateful I am that my family is here! Well, I am.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Morgan

Morgan has been recovering from a little cold...actually, it's more like a bad cold. Last week she had a couple of days with a low grade fever and this week she just has a lingering cough. But she's well enough for school today. Anyway, I picked her up from Preschool and as we're driving home this is what she shares with me:

"MOM!! Today at school, I didn't pick my nose once!
And do you know what?! Brady, picked his nose SIX times!! And then the teacher made him wash his hands. But not me! And I had a REALLY big booger too!! But I didn't pick it! I waited till after school!"

Thanks Morgan for sharing.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall is Here!

We've really been lucky with the weather these past several, crisp mornings and temps reaching the 70's in the's been wonderful!

I've really been enjoying my walks to and from Haley's school. There is a little pathway (I assume it was put there special for the kids that walk to school) that cuts through the neighborhood, it's very nice to have. We pass two Walnut trees on the walk. I find this fascinating! The walnuts that is. I know it's weird, but I have never seen walnuts straight from the tree before! They grow in green pods, after they drop to the ground the green pod kinda dries up to a black leather. You have to peel the black leather stuff off and have your walnut. Sorry if you already knew this, but I didn't. So every time we pass them we gather up as many as we can find, take them home and snack on "fresh from the tree" walnuts!

Haley, my little nature girl, loves to snack on the concord grapes growing along our fence line. In the beginning I had to teach her how to squeeze the grape out of the skin into you mouth and then spit out the seeds. Since then she has become quite good at it. However, now we have grape skins scattered EVERYWHERE! All over our driveway, garage floor and I've even spotted them in the laundry room (we've had a little chat about where she can throw the skins since then). But anyway, I love that the girls have these things around them, the garden, the fruit trees and walnut trees...I love that they are being raised in this this town.

I think the nice the weather is coming to an end this week. Right now it's raining and the temps will be in the 50's all week. But you know, I kinda like it. I really do enjoy the Fall. I love to hear the rain fall and feel warm and cozy in my home. It's napping and baking weather today. Although I probably won't get a nap, I may get some baking in. Hmmm, I think an apple pie is calling my name.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fence Saga and Piper Eats Solids

Be prepared...this is only the second post about the fence...I have a hunch that many more are going to follow. I'm having flashbacks to when we built that shed...oh my, what a drag-ola that was! However, the fence seems to be going much smoother...except for a few broken sprinkler pipes that needed to be replaced...oh, and a phone wire that got cut on accident...but other than that, much smoother.

My brother, Jeff, had Tuesday off school so he helped quite a bit. Yeah, his day off and he spends it digging post holes...what a guy! I supplied a box of doughnuts.

Jeff and my dad.

Morgan playing while the men work.

Posts are up...on one side of the yard anyway.

Here is the new dog kennel. We were able to keep the same chain link fencing, so we just cemented in a new slab and a little walk way from the back door.
Piper watching from the stroller.

Now on a completely different topic...Piper started eating solid foods the other week! All she's had so far is rice cereal, I'll start her on some veggies next week. The first day she hated it, she would cringe before the spoon even touched her mouth. But since then she's come around and has decided that it isn't so bad after all.
Her favorite is the spoon...she loves sucking on the spoon.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Time to sum up the week.

I can't believe it's been a week since my last post! There's been a ton going on. I'll try to sum it up.

We finally got a cement pad layed in the backyard for the dog kennel to go more dog kennel on the driveway, which is was beginning to look a little like Cooterville over here. However, they (the dogs) have been going crazy since they don't have a backyard to roam around in. We try to get them out on walks as much as possible, but it's just not enough. So, the next project is the fence.

My dad working away. They had to reroute the sprinklers to make room for a post.
Ryan and my dad...thank goodness for family, or this project may have never happened!
I love that Haley is wearing a swimsuit in mid October.
We've been lucky, the weather has been amazing!

My grandparents have been in town this week, so we've all been getting together for yummy dinners. And I made my very first apple pie the other day using our very own Granny Smith apples! Delicious! I'll have to make another one. Not only do we have tons of apples, but the pears and plums are piling up as well!
The other house has officially been rented (yay), the woman that's renting it moved in last Thursday. I had to get some painting and cleaning taken care of before then, so that kept me busy. I don't mind painting...if fact, I'd even say I enjoy it...but painting with a baby screaming the entire time was not what I'd call fact, it was awful! So with Piper's screaming and Morgan's constant "Are you done yet?!" made for a very unpleasant experience! Glad that's done! Luckily my dad helped with the painting in one of the bedrooms...otherwise I may still be there trying to finish! Again, thank goodness for family!
There is still so much to organize at our house. The garage is absolute disaster! And I still have to unpack boxes in our bathroom...yes, I'm still digging through boxes! I have yet to find my 9x9 baking dish and ladle! I also need to put pictures on the walls...and I won't even discuss what my craft room looks like! So anyway, lots to do still.
I think that's it, although I'm sure I've forgotten something. Speaking of forgetting things, I completely forgot about Piper's 6 month check up on Friday! Yeah, that's what a scatterbrain I've been lately! But I guess that's what I get for scheduling it during the girls' Fall break, there was just too much going on! Yeah, the girls' had Thursday and Friday off of's to kick off the start of the deer hunt...only in Utah!
Okay, gotta get back to it. Taking the dogs out on the trail with the kids...wish me luck!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Corny Pictures

My dad snapped some pictures of the girls today while they were playing in the corn. It reminds me of how badly I want a new camera.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

6 Months

Piper is 6 months today!

I know I always say this...well, all moms do...but my does time just fly by! I can't believe it's already been six months! I take her in next week for her check-up so I don't have any stats on her yet. But I can say she is a rolling machine! She also loves watching her big sisters...she just thinks they are the greatest. She also loves to make sure she is heard as she can be quite fussy, especially in the late afternoons. Although, that may be partially my fault since her nap schedule is still a bit out of whack (we're working on it).

It won't be long and she'll be running around all over the I'm holding baby won't be a baby forever. *sniff, sniff*

The other week Ryan tackled the tandem and the trailer together! I was very impressed! Especially since he has to climb a bit of a hill to get back to our house no matter what direction he takes...I hope Haley is doing her share back there! It made for a very relaxing afternoon for me since Piper napped the whole time they were gone...thank you Piper.

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Weight Lifted

Ahhh...I can breathe a little sigh of relief today as we finally got a renter for the house. She signed the contract today and will be moving in mid-month. Now I have to get on it and finish a few things in the house, such as finishing that trim I started painting...hmmm, about a year ago! And the back bedroom needs to be and yellow on the walls doesn't work so well for a sewing room. So anyway, better get busy!

So today on our way to the old house (to meet the new renter) we got caught in a HUGE down pour, complete with lighting and thunder. We happened to be in the Wrangler and the back window was rolled up at the time. Morgan and Piper were in the backseat and got quite wet. Morgan could kind of lean forward to get out of it...but poor Piper, she just got nailed. So I pulled over, jumped out and pulled the window down...I got SOAKED! But better me than little Piper though. She survived...I'm sure she was pretty confused from the whole thing. One minute she playing with her little rattle minding her own business and the next she's being sprayed in the face. Poor little thing.

Then on the way home (the rain had finally stopped) we drove past a very large tree that had fallen over. Snapped right in half! It was big too!! I pointed to it (not that you could miss it) to the girls, "Look at that tree that fell from the storm!". Then I remembered Morgan's fear of falling trees!!! I didn't say another word...I just kinda hoped she didn't hear me. I glanced at her in the rear view mirror...her eyes were as wide as saucers...uh-oh.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Is Ryan Home Yet?'s one of those afternoons that nothing goes right.

Let's see, Piper will not nap this afternoon...I'm either listening to a screaming baby in her crib or I'm walking around the house with her cradled in my arm (not screaming, but she's not sleeping either). Or I'm nursing her thinking she'll fall asleep and then I can gently lay her down...ha, that didn't work. So, I've decided to deal with the screaming baby in her crib, at least my hands are free.

Morgan is a MAJOR crankola! Everything is upsetting for her today. "MOM! I need a toy in the basement!" Me: "Then go get it." "I CAN'T!!! You need to go with me!!". I've been saying "no" to her request because I think it's high time that she go by herself...I will not drop everything I'm doing to escort her down to the basement! (which by the way, it's NOT a scary basement) So, I answer "no" which then results in a full temper tantrum. This happens several times a day. So that, as well as every other little thing setting her off...she's been spending a lot of today throwing herself to the floor, screaming.

Then Haley, my little busy girl. I tell ya, she does NOT sit still EVER. Always doing something, always creating something, always getting into something. She was playing outside and then would come in the house grab a plastic grocery bag, and then run back outside. Then she came in and grabbed a arm full of stuffed animals, and ran back out. Next, she grabbed some paper. A few boxes were next (left over from the move). Then she came racing in to get some tape. Back and forth, back and forth. I have no idea what she was doing...and to be honest, I don't really want to know. When she fianlly came in (luckily only in the laundry room) with mud up to her ankles I had enough! No more!!! And stop taking things outside!!!!

I've had it. With Piper's screaming, Morgan's temper tantrums and Haley's little busy self...I decided to put on a movie for them. I need these kids to sit, don't move, and be quiet! Yes, because mommy needs a break!! I need to hear myself think! And I have to start on dinner. So there you have it...Friday sitting and not moving. I may have a little of my sanity back before Ryan walks in the door.

The good news...I think Piper finally fell asleep!

Now, off to start dinner before the girls' movie ends.
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