Monday, August 31, 2009

Lucky Day

This afternoon I had some errands to do. This was my first experience with three children...a crash course for next year I guess. For the confused...I'm watching my little nephew while my brother finishes up school this semester.

Anyway, back to the errands. So we're at Great Harvest picking up some bread...and the yummy samples of course.

It's a very tricky procedure getting the kids into the back seat of the wagon. There's a car that parked close to the side I have to load the infant carrier. So I open the door carefully (half way open) and have Morgan slide in first (her car seat is on the far side). Then I have to put the infant carrier in next (the middle). Meanwhile, I tell Haley to STAY PUT (she has to go in last) while I buckle the car seat in. Well, while I'm busy buckling she has decided to open the door ALL the way hitting the car beside us. I don't discover this until I finish buckling 20 minutes later (okay not really, but that's how long it feels I take to load car seats). I look over and see a HUGE smudgy spot on the other person's car and my door wedged tightly between the cars. I think I said...maybe a little too loudly, "JESUS CHRIST!"...sorry, but it's the truth. And then I frantically started wiping the smudge off only to discover that there was a little tiny dent. Which I think I may have said...yes out loud..."SH#T!". So I'm standing there still wiping the side of this person's car as if my wiping will magically make this little dent didn't. And as I'm doing this (most likely mumbling under my breath), the owner of the car appears behind me, and says, "OH, it's okay....don't even worry about it. My dogs scratch up the side of my car all the time." I must have jumped so high... she really came out of the blue! Who knows how long she was standing there watching me and witnessing my language. And just for the record, she had a nice wasn't even scratched up. So now I'm practically bowing down to her, "I'm soo sorry. I'm so so sorry." Like an idiot. She kept saying don't worry about it. And I believe she even said, "Your kids are too cute to get mad at them for that!". Say Whaaaaat? I almost said, "Are you an angel?! I love you!". So anyway, I must have said "thank you" a million times and then off we went.

The ironic thing about this whole incident....While we were sitting on the bench eating our samples I saw her pull into the spot beside me. And as I was watching her get out of her car I was thinking to myself, "She better not hit my car with her door!".

I'm awful.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

"She never complained once!"

I always come across different stories about people who may be going through a very difficult time in their life, such as an illness and it never fails...when someone describes that person they always say something like, "She NEVER complained once, through all those hard times...".

When my mom was going through her chemo treatments she would come across cancer survivor articles saying the same things, "She was a fighter...never complained...never asked, "Why me?"." So on and so on. Could that reeeeally be? They NEVER complained once?!

To me, I think people have the right to complain a little. When my mom was going through her chemo treatments, she was entitled to complain...I would be pretty weirded out if she didn't. Uh, you have a IV dripping pure poison into your body making you absolutely sick and miserable every single day...I certainly didn't expect her to say "Life is great...this is making me such a stronger person". NO, IT SUCKED! IT WAS AWFUL!! It was an absolutely miserable experience for her! I'm not saying she was a big complainer...she certainly wasn't! I think I'm just not a fan of the phrase, "They never complained once"...I don't think it holds a lot of truth.

So anyway, with that said...I'll start my complaining.

I thought I was in the clear with this pregnancy...up until about a week ago I was feeling super! Not so much anymore. My nausea hits about mid to late afternoon...right about the time I'm supposed to be thinking about getting dinner started. It's been nearly four years since the last time I was in the early months of pregnancy...long enough for me to have forgotten everything. Last night while I was cooking dinner I had to bend over about five different times to get the blood back into my head in fear that I was about to faint. Then when we sat down, the only thing I could even remotely think about eating were the mash potatoes...with lots of salt. So while everyone is eating away...Yes! I want a medal! I want some kind of acknowledgement for how difficult it is to muster all the energy I have and to fight back waves of nausea, fainting spells, or the thought of just curling up on the sofa and going to sleep, just so you people can have a good meal!

I've been trying to have big breakfasts since I know I won't be eating much in the afternoon and evening. I've found that Pasta Roni is something that I can't live without while I'm pregnant. And recently I've discovered mashed potatoes also does the trick (thanks Megan). Anything salty! Last night I had a bowl of cereal before I went to bed, I got a much better sleep!

I've been a bit comatose in the day, but I know this is all temporary...and it's all worth it! As long as I can complain about it on the way! When someone writes something about me I realize that they will never be able to write the phrase, "She never complained once." And I'm okay with that!

Just for the record...I'm not that big of a complainer (Ryan please defend me!).

Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten

Haley had her first day of Kindergarten yesterday...what an experience! She was so excited! It was actually really easy to get out the door by 8:00, she was so cooperative, it took no time at all for her to get ready. Hope that lasts!

Here she is all ready to go!

She just seemed waaay too small to get on that huge bus! Luckily, she had a lot of friends with in numbers, right? I just kept saying, "Stay with Kaitlyn and Laura". Kaitlyn is in Haley's class and Laura is her older sister. So we put a lot of pressure on Laura to get these kids to their right class. She took on the role of "mother" for all the new Kindergartner's.

So we said goodbye and "I love you" about a thousand times and off she went.

Then Ryan and I hopped in the car and went to the school to meet her. Call us overprotective, I don't care, I needed to make sure she got there okay. She did. And I got more pictures.

Morgan and I were at the bus stop promptly to meet her after school.

As all the other little kids came off the bus smiling and excited and shouting, "MOMMY!". This is what I saw.

This picture was taken right before she burst into tears. Let me explain...We made a scrapbook page all about her to take to school. Her teacher is going to make a class book with every child's page, so the kids can look at it all year long. Then at the end of the year her teacher gives it back. Well, she was extremely upset that her teacher kept her scrapbook page. I thought that I had explained what it was for, but apparently not well enough. So it wasn't the happy picture I thought I would get, but that's what happened. She got over it, and decided that she did like her teacher and wanted to go back the next day.
So there you have little girl is growing up!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Last Morning

Today is my last morning to...

not pay attention to the time.

let Haley sleep past 7:00 (pretty rare anyway).

have morning cartoons on the TV.

snuggling with them on the sofa for as long as I want.

letting them eat their bagel in the living room while they watch their morning cartoons.

lounge around and read the paper in my pajamas.

watching the girls run around the backyard barefoot in their pajamas.

stay in pajamas until I realize what time it is and then hurry up and get dressed before I'm placed in the category of a slacker mom.

let Haley choose her outfits...well, she can still choose, but I have to okay it. (No more princess dresses or skirts that she's desperately still trying to fit into even though they are waaaay too short.)

Today is my last morning to throw any type of schedule or routine to the wind. It's time to get in gear and realize I have a child in SCHOOL...real school...everyday school! My world as I know it is coming to an end. It's now going to be about being on the ball, keeping to a schedule, buses, class parties, PTA, homework and other things that I'm sure I'll discover quickly.

All of this starting this morning, I'm really going live it up! Slacker mom, here I come!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mellow Day

My parents and grandparents left this morning. Jeff, of course, is here to stay. And Jen is staying until Wednesday (or something like that, half the time I don't know what those two are up to). It was sad to see them leave, but the good news is that they'll be back in a couple of weeks to stay for the month on September! Yay! The tenants are moving out of their rental, so they'll be staying there (in case you wondering).

I'm not really in the blogging mood...I'm always a little bummed out the day family leaves. Ryan is racing and working at the Tour of Utah today. I was going to go, but it's been pretty rainy all morning and I didn't want to be stuck in a downpour with the kids plus a zillion other spectators at the race. I know...I'm complaining.

Anyway, I thought I'd post a few more pictures of the weekend.


Lifeguard Jeffy working with Morgan.

My grandparents.

We had a party for my grandma's birthday Saturday night. Morgan doesn't hesitate to help her blow out the candles.

Group shot.
Morgan was being difficult and refused to stand up and Haley has her face buried in Ryan's shoulder. My Great Aunt's son has a prosthetic leg and Haley was pretty much terrified of it. She spent the entire evening on her bed under her sheets. Not even the cake could get her out! Oh well...something she'll have to get used to eventually.

Actually the day hanging out at home is probably the best thing right now. The girls have been going full blast all week and have had a lot of LATE evenings...bedtime was thrown out the window! So we'll take it easy today...or at least try.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ice Blocking

My grandparents, parents, Jeff, and his girlfriend Jen arrived Monday...and I have been loving it! It's so nice to have tons of family around.

Last night we took the entourage to look at the house we're hoping to get. I told my realtor that I wanted my dad to look it over and I think she was a little surprised when two Suburbans pulled up and 10 people piled out. They all seemed to like it pretty well, and all agree it would be a really good investment. We're STILL waiting to hear from the bank and our finger's are still crossed!

Anyway, after that we all headed to Rock Canyon Park for some good ol' ice blocking fun! The last time we went ice blocking my dad dislocated his finger and I messed up my shoulder. Usually, there's some kind of injury (but it's sooo worth the risk). However, this time we were lucky! Other than some minor tweaks to the neck, sore butts and major grass stains we all walked away unscathed.

Jeff and Ryan

The girls may need to work on their technique a little bit.

Typical bike racer form: tongue sticking out.

Me eating grass while my mom takes the win.

Jen coming down...I think she gets the award for the most crashes.

Jeff and my dad's form cracks me up!

Matt giving it a go.

Pre and post crash of me.

We finally decided it was time to go when it got too dark and we couldn't see anything anymore. We ended the evening with some ice cream at the creamery...Mmmmm.
I LOVE summer!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bangs, Fairs and Two Wheelers

Pretty good Saturday. It was off to a rocky start with good bit of rain in the morning, cleared up by the afternoon. I got my haircut in the morning. I took the plunge and got bangs. Now, I have not had bangs since I was a child and I was pretty scared to go that route since I hated them when I was younger. However, I've been in a rut...I decided to give them another chance. I'm still on the fence. They're a little funky right now, but I think I maybe will be able to get them to work...hopefully. Anyway, I included a bad picture of them, but it was all I had. The wind was wasn't my fault.

Had a good time at the Utah County Fair this afternoon. We saw the animals (the girls' favorite part), watched a little of the tractor pull (good stuff), saw some really bad singing from this girl who came all the way from CA to perform (big mistake!), did some crafts in the kids area which included winning some free cake and donuts in the cake walk, and enjoyed some shave ice. Ahhh, good times.

Also, something very exciting. Haley has learned how to ride her two wheeler!! Ryan has been working with her several nights a week. He started out by learning balance without pedals (she just kicked with her feet). And then the other day she asked for the pedals to be put back on. Once he put them on, she was zooming down the street! She loves it!! Which is pretty big deal around you can imagine! She still needs help starting on her own and turning a sharp turn, but she doing awesome! We're very proud!

Just a side note...The bike she's riding was my younger brother's. Both Andrew and Jeff learned how to ride on that bike! It's about 20 years old and still going strong!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Mighty Mountain

A little fresh mountain air does wonders! Yesterday we packed up a lunch and hiked up Mt. Timpanogos trail. Although it was HOT in the valley, it wasn't too bad was very pleasant, with a nice cool breeze.

Here are the girls starting out. Yes, Una made the trek as well! Haley has this little backpack/carrier that came with a baby doll to put in it. She ditched the baby and uses it for Una. And I want you to notice the rock Morgan is holding. She carried that thing nearly the whole hike! When she was getting tired I told her it was probably that 5 pound rock you're lugging around...she finally decided to put it down.

Had to take my picture to document that I was there.

We made it all the way to the waterfall...I was VERY impressed that they did it!! The waterfall kept them going, they liked the idea that they were getting closer to it after every bend.

On the way back they had a few whining episodes, "It sooo hot." (It really wasn't that hot) "I can't walk anymore." "Carry me!". But luckily they got over it, and continued on.

Paper wasps Morgan found...very cool.

The day ended with a thunderstorm and huge down pour of rain, which Haley promptly ran outside to run in it. She was soaked! I do love a good summer rain!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Feels like Friday

Monday felt like Tuesday. Tuesday felt like Wednesday...yadda yadda yadda. I hate weeks like that! And I haven't felt like a very good mom/housewife. I've been getting the basics done: some laundry, a little bit of cleaning, some errands. But I'm not giving 100%. My dinners have been very mediocre (although we have not had cereal for dinner once this that's good). I'll go to the grocery store, and buy a bunch of food and later I'm still thinking, "I don't know what to cook for dinner!". Or I'll cook dinner, but major sides are missing...such as the vegetables! I kinda need that one! I hate when I get like that because I usually love to cook! But I've been so unmotivated do anything really. My mind as been so distracted! I started reading "The Life of Pi" this week, but gave it up when I had to start reading whole pages over again because I didn't remember what I had read. What's the point?! I'm in a weird funk and I've got to get out of it! I have to start putting the house thing in the back of my mind and try not to think about it...I have to be PATIENT! What will happen, will time.

As Ryan left for work I told him that I'll try to take the girls out hiking today. I try to tell him something that we may do, because then I'll try harder to actually do it. I don't want him to come home and ask the girls, "How was your hike?" and they look at him with a blank stare. Actually, they would do that even if we DID go on the hike...they seem to have short term memory problem. There will be days that I take them to do all these fun things and I can't wait for them to tell Ryan about it. Instead when they're asked what they did that day they'll say, "We watched a Barbie movie that we got from the library!". Great, out of all the fun things we did, they bring up the stupid Barbie movie!

Anyway...bottom line, I'm in a funky funk and I've got to turn it around and try to salvage this week! My parents, Jeff and his girlfriend are coming in next week, so I have that to look forward to! Yeah...not sure where everyone is going to sleep, but we'll figure it out (I need my big house!). The more, the merrier...that's what I say!

Monday, August 10, 2009


So while the bank people sit around a pick their noses and take their sweet time with our offer another offer came in on the house that we want. Pretty upsetting to say the least. I have decided that I hate banks...they are awful people who will do anything to make a penny! They have no idea the stress that this is causing...and even if they did they wouldn't care. And these other horrid people who had to put their offer in probably don't even care about the house like we do!! So it's come to this...a bidding war. Well, I guess it's not going to be much of a war...we don't have a lot of wiggle room with our offer. But it's worth a shot!

So let's see what going on:

Fighting for the house we want.

Frantically trying to get this place in tip top condition in case we need to sell quickly.

Haley starting school in a couple of weeks.

Family coming in for a visit next week and bringing Jeff back here for school.

Two dogs that are still extremely of these days I might train Belle...ha ha.

Might as well add something to the already full plate...


Anniversary Dinner and Haley's Birthday

Ryan and I strayed from our usual (cheaper) restaurants and went to the Foundry Grill up at Sundance for our Anniversary. Thanks to our friends for taking the girls with a very late notice! It was a very nice and leisurely dinner. I didn't feel like the service was trying to rush you through a meal like they normally do when you have children at the table. We were able to have a conversation uninterrupted! We didn't have to cut up someone else's chicken. We didn't have to tell kids to stay in there seats or to use their napkins. No spilled drinks and no "I have to go potty" to speak of. It was wonderful!

Saturday was Haley's birthday party. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate and it was a bit chilly! Who would have thought...chilly in August?! But, it didn't stop the kids from swimming in the little pool's amazing how kids don't seem to care that they are freezing!

We had a few games: Pin the tail on the Donkey, a game where they "fished" for a prize and the much loved pinata. And of course cake and presents. After two hours with six 5 years olds, we were beat! I think I need to start letting them have birthday parties every other year!

The Horse Cake I made...I'm very proud of it!

Haley beating the horse pinata. She wanted to keep it after it was all torn up, but we talked her out of it...luckily.


Friday, August 7, 2009

10 Years in Pictures

Ryan and I are celebrating 10 years of wedded bliss today. Over the years I've saved our Christmas photos from every year we've been married (one day I'll put them in an album). I thought I'd share...









And many more years to come!

Happy Anniversary Babe!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Going through the motions.

I know that we have to sell this house to afford a larger one. I've even starting the process to fix this place up: took down our old crummy fan and installed a nice hanging light fixture, painted the hallway, painted all door frames and trim (I haven't quite finished this one), organized the girls room (I have three bags of toys and clothes to donate), and fixed up our room (took out some furniture to open the space up...I must say, it looks a lot better!). I'm trying to fix up the backyard, but this one is hard. I've started giving the dogs these little biscuits everyday that is supposed to stop them from killing the grass every time they pee. We had so many little dead circles all over our lawn (that won't look good for a buyer). It seems to be working! But it's hard to keep a lawn looking at it's best with two dogs tromping all over it!

So anyway, I'm doing all these things but I just can't imagine selling this house! The thought breaks my heart! We always knew that someday we were going to move, we can't stay in a three bedroom, two bath forever. But, I didn't think it would be this hard. And the market is so bad right now...I'm just so scared that it won't sell or that it will sit for months and we won't get the money we need from it.

And then there's the bank...when, when, WHEN will we hear something?!

I'm a worrier...that's what I do.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Idaho Falls Weekend

We spent last weekend in Idaho Falls for the annual Alan Butler Memorial of our favorites! Alan was a close friend who passed away several years ago when he was struck by a taxi on the Vegas strip while walking across the street.
It's great to see his family every year and it's a nice town to spend the weekend. We always enjoy it!

I try very, very hard to get a decent photo of the never works! Haley never remembers how to smile, and has no idea what "LOOK AT THE CAMERA" means. And then there's never know what you'll get! Just so you know, those are goldfish crackers in her mouth.

The annual group shot after the race which Ryan won! I was bummed because I missed the finish. The girls and I were making our way around the course, but didn't get to the finish line in time. I'm sure it was spectacular! I'm very proud of him!

The next morning was Haley's birthday so we had a little celebration in the hotel room. I brought a few of her presents to open that morning...I'll save the rest for her party on Saturday. She loved it!

Swimming with their daddy.

Right outside our hotel room was the river walk that ended at the falls (Idaho Falls). It was very beautiful and the weather wasn't too hot. We could see the falls in the distance and Ryan and I were pointing, "Look girls, we're getting closer! Can you see the falls?". Morgan was squinting and straining to see it. And then she said, "Let me get out my binoculars!". So the below picture is her looking through her "binoculars".

Here's a picture of me with a man's arm. What's up with that?! My arm looks so mannish!

Very nice weekend...I'm sure we'll back next year!
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