Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's my Birthday!!

I can selfie if I want to.

I think my favorite is the lower the left corner...just because it reminds me of my young teenager days.  I'm pretty sure my parents saw that look a lot.

And the lower right corner is the look my children see right before my wrath comes out.  Just kidding...but seriously.  Actually we all know my children make me feel like the middle left picture.

Anyway, yeah, it's my birthday...and Ryan is out of town...I'm thinking I need something sweet tonight...preferably chocolaty...and really rich.  I'm thinking my girls and I may have to go on a hunt to find something.  
Yeah...that sounds good.

P.S.  I'm pretty sure my kids thought I was crazy when I was taking these.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spring like temps...gotta love it!

We've been having Spring like temperatures these past few days, and I have to say it's been quite nice!  Upper 50's...not too shabby!  Although, it's not so good for would be nice to have some fresh snow on the mountain.  Skiing in what feels like mashed potatoes isn't all that fun.

Speaking of skiing, Ryan and I enjoyed a fun day of skiing last week!

Well, happy Tuesday ya'll!  

Oh, by the way...does everyone know that tomorrow is a very important day?
(It's my Birthday!)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

We celebrated Valentine's Day with our traditional steak dinner.
Steak = a happy man or men in my case as my brother, Jeff, joined us.  

 Not sure what's up with my children and goofy faces for all these pictures.

Morgan defacing my beautiful molten lava cake with little gummy worms...she was so proud of it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wednesday Woes

First off...look at this.
That, my friends, is my carpet at the bottom of my staircase.  And yes, that would be a hole in it.  We have a certain dog to thank for this one.  Oh my, I cannot even tell you how furious I was...and still am for that matter!  That dog is lucky to still be living.  We have had our dogs in the house in the Winter for a couple of years now...they have never ruined anything thus far.  And then yesterday we let them in for the night and after only 15 minutes I hear a suspicious chewing noise...15 minutes people!!  I run to check it out...and yep, there's Etta...caught her red handed!  I could have strangled that dog!!  Needless to say they were banished outside last night.

And then about noon today I get a phone call from Morgan at school.  She's not feeling well so I go to pick her up.  As soon as we walk out the front doors of the school she says she thinks she's going to throw up.  I quickly turn her toward the flower beds and yep, she throws up...right into the wood chips.  People were coming and going passing us while I'm standing there holding my kids hair back while she barfs...lovely.  "Don't mind us people...just a kid barfing here...keep walking."

She's all cuddled up watching a movie now...poor little thing.

I'm hoping that since she missed the last time everyone was sick with a stomach bug, perhaps she's just paying her dues now?  Seriously, she was the only who didn't catch it last Fall.  Time will tell.

But that doesn't stop Piper from acting sick today.
As soon as I got Morgan all tucked and cozy on the couch, Piper starts in.  "I don't feel well either, I need my blankets too."  We'll see how long this little act lasts...funny girl.

So there you have woes for a Wednesday.  Oh, and I forgot to mention that it's raining in the Valley today too...boooo!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Weekend Review

This is what we were welcomed to when arriving to work Saturday morning.  This would be the path leading to the infamous stinky yurt.  Don't worry, this yurt is not open to our guests...but this is the yurt that houses all of the instructors gear, and when you get 60+ ski and snowboard boots stored together, well, you get the idea.  But don't get me wrong...I am very grateful for that yurt.

So yeah, snow, and lots of it.  The problem:  we had lovely powder snow earlier that week and then Saturday we got wet heavy snow...the perfect recipe for avalanches.  There were road closures throughout the day, and people were getting stuck was a mess.  It snowed ALL day and I was soaked to the skin by the end of it.

It rained all day Sunday in the was awful.  All of our snow in our yard as melted away and we are now left with lovely mud pits everywhere, which are so much fun when you have dogs.  Yuck.  I usually welcome warmer weather, but this year I would rather have snow.

On a different topic Ryan and I were invited to a special screening for the movie "Rising from Ashes" last Friday.  We got a babysitter and everything so we could go, and I'm I glad we did!  If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it!  It's so inspiring!

Ryan with Abraham and Obed, two teammates from the movie.

This week we're gearing up for Valentine's Day!  The girls have their parties at school and I'm teaching Piper's Preschool tomorrow and having a little party.  And of course I'm super excited for my traditional Valentine's dinner on Friday!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Peanut Category

That is what the doctor said about my little Rory...she's in the peanut category.  And she truly is.  I took her in yesterday for her two year check up...granted, she turned two on December 1...but in my defense, December is a really busy month!

She weighed in at a whooping 22 lbs (2%tile) and measured 33.5 inches long (32%tile).  See?  She's a little one...but healthy and happy, and that's the most important thing.  She reminds me of other little string bean.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Everyday Life

It's amazing how much mess these two little ones can make in a day...or in five minutes.

Ryan doing dishes in the evening, as he does every evening.  I'm so thankful...I'd much rather do the cooking (aka: make the mess) than clean up.  We make a good team that way.

Haley and Morgan spent a good chunk of time making videos on Ryan's computer...seriously, hours...and they have the videos to prove it.  There must be around 30 videos and who knows how many photos they took on that thing!  They have really been into Webkinz lately and I think they were creating "How to take care of your Webkinz" videos and "How to navigate the Webkinz website".  I may have to post one for your entertainment.

I'm hurting today.  I just finished four days straight of ski lessons (most of which little ones around the age of 5).  My left knee, ankle and foot are so sore.  I'm not sure if it's from the constant backward skiing in a wedge that's causing it or not...but let's just say that I'm glad I have three days off before I work again.

Speaking of lessons...I had a doozy last night.  Two five year old boys.  Let's just say, after an hour on the tow handle we attempted the chair lift in which one kid almost didn't make it on and another almost got on the chair alone...luckily the lifty stopped the chair in the nick of time so I could regroup them and try again.  And I won't even begin to tell you how we looked getting off the wasn't pretty.  And then finally on the hill one kid decides to go warp speed going completely out of sight and nearly taking out a dozen other skiers and a "Slow" sign in the middle of the run.  And one of them nearly went off the edge of a run into a very steep section and I basically had to ski to catch him and carry him out.  And lucky me...all of these incidents were witnessed by their dads who were skiing for the evening...and to top it off one of the dads captured it all on his GoPro.  Lovely.

I've had lots of four and five (and a few three) year olds on the hill, but never at the same time.  It's a whole new experience!  These two little boys nearly gave me a heart attack the entire time.  And it didn't help having their dads right there either!!  But it all ended well thankfully.  I think their dads were just thrilled that their kids were actually skiing and loving it!  No tears = success!

Now, I'm playing catch up...lots of laundry and cleaning to do.
Happy Tuesday!
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