Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sweet Sisters

If these three ever bicker and fight when they're older, I'll just pull out these pictures! They adore each other (most of the time)...I hope it lasts forever.
In other news...well, a lot is on my mind. Let's see...
*I didn't lose a single pound this week...devastating.
*I think I dislocated my ring finger on my left hand. I grabbed Belle by the collar and my finger got caught in it. This happened on Friday and it's still swollen and when I try to bend it, it goes in a funny direction...not cool. With that, I haven't been able to wear my wedding keeps people guessing when I'm out and about dragging three kids around. I think I'll wait it out a little while longer before I see a doctor...maybe it will miraculously heal itself.
*Started looking at houses we go again. We've been doing a lot of number crunching the past few days. I think Ryan is terrified that his Summer will turn out like last year. I'm trying to assure him that it won't...I promise...pinky swear.
*We're off to the LBC tomorrow...yay! The girls cannot wait to go the beach... so that's probably first on our agenda. It's gonna be good times.
*Today, I'm hunting down some poor soul to look after our very spastic dogs. Yes, I'll pay them. Probably not enough for what they will have to endure though...but at least it's something. Luckily, we live on a street with tons of kids/teens...I think I'll be able to find someone.
With that, I think I better get back to it...laundry, packing, house cleaning...ahhhh, joy.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Hanging out in Logan

Ryan had the state road race Saturday afternoon held just outside Logan. Not wanting to spend the afternoon at home I decided to pack the kids up and go along for the ride. It's about two hours away and I'm always up for a drive.

The girls and I went to the race and saw the guys start, then hopped back in the car and drove into the town of Logan...about another 20 minutes or so. Actually for me it ended up being about 40 minutes because I thought I was going the wrong way, so I backtracked and took another road...decided that wasn't right, so I backtracked again to the original road, found a police officer and asked for directions to Logan. Turns out, I was on the right road the first time...I shouldn't trusted my instincts. Anyway, after much frustration...we made it. Pretty sad really, when all it is out there are little farm roads and I can see the town I want to get to. I think I'm a good candidate for a GPS!

I took the girls to Willow Park...pretty big place with tons of play equipment and right next to the park is a little zoo. Perfect!

I snapped this picture of the girls, but Haley was actually the photographer for the day.

We hung out for a few hours until the race was over, then Ryan and Sleevie drove to Logan to meet up with us. We enjoyed a very late dinner (it was around 8:30) in town and then headed for home.
Now were gearing up for the next road trip to the LBC this week! I love Summer!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let's talk about weight.

The good news...I bought a new scale today and learned that I'm five pounds lighter than I thought I was! Woo hoo for me! The bad news...I haven't lost a single pound in over two weeks. And really...the past three weeks, I've only lost two pounds. Boo.

I'm not one to talk a lot about weight...actually, Ryan would disagree...and my mom...since I complain about my weight to them ALL the time. But, I'm not one to blog about it probably bugs people....well, it would bug me.

The truth is, I've never really had any issues with my weight. If I gained a few, I could lose it pretty quickly. In college I gained my freshmen 15 (plus a few extra), but was able to get rid of it once I put my mind to it...and stopped eating pizza at midnight every night. Not sure what's up with pizza and college...but the two go hand in hand...especially in the dorms!

Then I had Haley. The year after I had her the weight literally melted off me! I couldn't keep weight on!! I would even say I was under weight...I had what we call the "no butt syndrome". And it was exactly the same after I had Morgan. I hoo, huh. You want to smack me, I know...I want to smack myself....because honestly things have changed this time around. It's just not that easy for me back I guess!

I blame it on my age. This is my first baby after the age of metabolism just isn't the same!

I do not believe in wacky diets...I hate them! I do not believe in cutting anything out of your diet...just cutting back. I don't think you should deprive your body of certain'll just crave them more. As Paula Deen would say, "Only in moderation". I follow the very simplistic "eat less, exercise more" mentality. So, I'm doing that...but the weight isn't coming off as fast as I would like. Now...I just need some patience...which I'll admit...I have none...for anything...something I need to work on.

But you know...also, now that I'm exercising more...I'm tired more in the day. I'm not sure how people (who exercise routinely), keep up with the every day things that need to get done. For the past three days I've needed to mop the floor, but I haven't' mustered up enough energy to actually do it! Maybe one day I'll find a balance...until then, I guess I'll have a dirty floor.

That's it...I'm done. No more weight talk...for now anyway.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Evanston Weekend

What a weekend. You just never know what you'll get when you travel with a kid...make it three kids, and it's really a toss up!

Ryan had a stage race in Evanston, WY. I've gone several times so I knew what to expect, but this is the first time we've done an overnight road trip with Piper.

The first day was a point to point race which started in Kamas and finished in Evanston (about 80 miles). The girls and I saw the racers off, and then hopped back in the car (after a quick nursing session) and drove the course. We stopped once at the feed zone for a little cheering...saw some hurting faces. I followed Ryan for a bit...but then the girls started to get a little crazy in the car, so before I started banging my head on the steering wheel I decided to hurry up and get to the finish and meet up with him there. His team took first and second...pretty good day for them!

Then it was off to the hotel...the girls couldn't wait to get to there...they talked about the hotel ALL day. Not sure what's so exciting about a room with a bathroom and beds, but they LOVE it! After much jumping on the beds, some T.V. watching, and a swim in the pool we headed out for dinner. We went to a Mexican place that we've gone to before, but this time I wasn't too crazy about their service. Things like having menus are kinda important in my eyes (after sitting at our table for about 10 minutes someone finally brought us some). And also when we ask for more utensils that usually means we would like to have knives and napkins, not just a fork. But the food was it wasn't all bad.

The girls did pretty good at night...I think they finally settled down and feel asleep around 9:30 and Piper did fantastic...she was asleep by 8:30...even with all the ruckus in the room! And I only had to get up once with her at night...yay Piper!

The next day was the Time Trial in the girls just hung out in the hotel while Ryan did that. More jumping on the beds, T.V. watching, coloring, and playing with Barbies passed the time.

When Ryan got back we had about five hours to kill before the crit. After some more pool action we checked out and went to get lunch at this little coffee house/deli right on the course of the crit. We ended up staying there for nearly two hours! The girls entertained themselves with a deck of cards and a chess set they had there...who knew a chess set would keep a five and three year old happy for that long!! They were amazingly good...hard to believe they were my children! While in there, one of the highlights for me was meeting Billy Demong (Olympic gold medalist in the Nordic Combined!). Ryan has known him, but I had never officially met him of the nicest guys you'll ever meet! And to be honest, I was a little star struck!

Having three children is a whole new world at bike races. Trying to nurse and keep track of the other two is challenging! Luckily, they're pretty good at staying within the boundaries I set, so I don't have to do too much yelling for them to come back. At one point, Morgan had to go to the bathroom (REEEEALLY BAD!! Her words) while I was nursing. I told her to go find a bush on the other side of the building...which I think was some kind of government building (is that bad?). She did not hesitate! Hopefully, she did it discreetly...although I did notice her skirt was a bit wet when she came back. Oh well...she'll get the hang of it eventually.

Ryan ended up crashing in the last lap of the race...and I feel like an idiot, because I had no idea. He road up to me after the race and I'm like, "Yay...good job!". And he's like, "I crashed!! Didn't you notice I wasn't in the break anymore when they came through!!". So now, not only did I not know he crashed, but I had assumed he got dropped from the break. Talk about GUILT!!! I felt so bad! What kind of wife am I?!! Luckily, he wasn't banged up too bad. That's another did I not see all the blood on his leg when he came across the finish?! Oh...I'm awful!

We got him cleaned up and the went over to the pizza party they have at a park after the race. Unfortunately, Morgan came down with a bout of the runs all of a sudden. So I camped out near the bathrooms with Piper and Morgan for nearly the entire time we were there. At one point she didn't make it in time and a pair of panties had to be sacrificed...poor princess were a good pair...sorry to say goodbye so soon. After a while she feel asleep on my lap with Piper in the stroller beside me (she wasn't too happy to be stuck in there that long)...thank goodness for pacifiers!! Haley basically ran a muck...I think she managed to sneak a couple cups of Coke without us noticing, because...she....was....WIRED!!

Ryan and his team did very well this weekend! At one point in the coffee house Ryan and his team were talking about the prize list for the race when I promptly said, " just show me the money baby." A woman sitting close to us with her kid quickly gave me "a look" after I said that, like I was some horrible wife. I was joking!! Kind of. But anyway, we managed to come out ahead, money wise, which is nice.

Ryan even won a pair of nearly $700 ski boots in the raffle!! And what do you know...they're a women's size 8 1/2...which...just so happens to be my size!!

The drive home wasn't quite as I had planned. I thought maybe the girls would sleep the whole way home. But after Haley's Coke consumption and Morgan's nap on my lap...that wasn't going to happen. So between them arguing about who sings the prettiest songs, and Piper's screaming...we finally made it home. Gotta love road trips!

The girls have this thing where they put a number in front of something to emphasis the intensity of it. For example they say things like, "I'm 200 hungry!!" or "I'm 500 excited to go to the hotel!!". So after this weekend...I can easily say I'm like 1,000 tired!! Today is going to be a mellow one.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Doesn't this picture just make you want to smile?!
It does me!
Piper was sitting in her swing just kicking away. Then she discovered her limbs and couldn't take her eyes off them. It was cracking me up!
"Are these my hands?!"

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What's new with me...

...not much, really.

I've been determined to lose the weight I've put on from my pregnancy...about 15 pounds. I finally caved and bought some new clothes (just a couple things) to wear in the meantime because I still can't get into any of my normal clothes...How thin was I?!! Geeze!! Wearing elastic workout pants everyday just won't cut it in the heat of Summer! I've been eating less (no more snacking) and I've been trying to exercise consistently. I even had enough willpower to say "no" to a cake sitting on my counter this morning...whereas normally I wouldn't have hesitated to eat a slice for breakfast! Maybe I'm so anxious to lose the weight because this in the one time in my life that I can be thin and have big breasts (thanks to nursing)! And for someone who is normally flat chested...that's a big deal! So...flat stomach and stripper I come!!

Okay...enough of that. Probably too much information...but whatever!

On another note...I've become really into card making and stamping...thanks to my mom! I've always enjoyed scrapbooking (nothing too elaborate...I like things simple)...but stamping is very new to me. It can be very pricey...but I've been using a lot of coupons to build up my stamp collection. There's so much out there!! And you can design the cutest cards! Anyway, so that my latest little hobby...and the girls enjoy it too! Now all I need is a bigger house so I can dedicate one room for all my craft stuff!

We have some fun stuff planned in the next few weeks. A weekend in Kamas/Evanston, trip to Long Beach, then a weekend in Idaho Falls. Yay for road trips!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Helpers

Have you ever seen someone so happy to vacuum?!

Haley only needed one more sticker on her chart to get a prize, so she was doing everything and anything to earn it! I gave her the chore of vacuuming her room...she loved it! She ended up vacuuming the whole house...and for a five year old, she didn't do that bad!

Morgan wanted to get in on it too. She decided to do some "dusting"...with a baby wipe. Ahhh, my little worker bees!

It's kinda nice that they can start doing more chores around the house. Haley says she wants to vacuum all the She's really into anything that makes her more like a grown up. She's decided that she only wants to take showers now...she hated it when I helped her, but I needed to wash her hair! She will not drink out of anything that resembles a sippy cup. And she is now very particular about her clothing. She really wants new shoes because she says the ones she has are too babyish. Oh little girl is growing up.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Evenings

So, either Piper is a dream baby or I'm way more relaxed this time around. Probably a little bit of both. I will say she is a bit fussy in the day if she doesn't have her pacifier or isn't being held...but she usually sleeps like a champ! Note the "usually"'s not all roses people! But I don't have time to agonize over it. If she cries in the day and can't always scoop her up immediately if I'm busy with the other two...she just has to cry for little bit...she'll be okay. Or if she cries after I put her to bed...I know it won't last forever. Whereas with Haley, I panicked..."I can't get her sleep! Why isn't she sleeping?!".

One of my favorite times of the day is in the evening when I'm nursing Piper before I lay her down for the night. It's just me and her. I'm not pausing every few minutes to help someone go potty or get a snack or answer the phone. I get to sit and rock her in distractions...just me and her. Last night was no different...except this time while I was rocking and nursing her I got to listen to Haley and Morgan playing chase in the front yard with Ryan. Something about sitting there cuddling with Piper and hearing my other children's laughter with their dad, enjoying a Summer brought such an overwhelming sense of happiness to me. I thought, "This is the life!".

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2 Months

My little Piper is two months old today!

She had her two month check-up this morning. Everything looks good! She weighs in at nearly 10 lbs. and is a little over 23 inches long. Long and lean...that's how we make 'em!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Finally Done!!

I am so happy to report that the shed is finally done!! We spent nearly the entire weekend working on it. Saturday we worked in the morning until Ryan left for his race, and then we had a friend over for dinner that evening. But Sunday we worked morning til night...ALL DAY. Well, as much as we could with three children. A few nursing breaks for Piper. We also had to stop working to help the kids with various things: help with the potty, snacks (although they raided my pantry at one point while we were working), getting toys down, finding swimsuits, applying sunscreen, making them lunch, and settling disputes between the two of them. And at one point on Saturday the girls completely disappeared! We ran around the neighborhood knocking on doors looking for them, I was completely panicked! We finally found them at a friends house down the street...very scary!! They've never wandered off like that before! So we recovered from that, and then back to work! So you can see, things just take a bit longer with children.

Handy Manny hard at work!

So after many hours, a little bit of bickering, burnt hands from the hot metal panels, several bonks to the head from the low beams, a couple scraps and cuts, some cursing, a few mistakes, and lots and lots of sweating...the shed is DONE!!

Piper did a lot of this while we worked.

And these two had to spend a lot of time in the kennel...sorry doggies.

And these two enjoyed the day terrorizing the house and running amuck outside.
Haley is wearing Morgan's clothes in case you wondering why they were so tight. Yeah, don't ask.

The final result: path and shed.
Ahhhh...feels good to be done with it!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Sheds and Birthdays

Yesterday was Ryan's birthday. I would have done a post that day, but I literally did not a moment to spare! Before he left for work I made him a birthday breakfast: bacon (a way to any man's heart), eggs and cinnamon rolls...complete with a candle on top! However, not put a candle in a hot cinnamon roll, unless you want a waxy center (Ryan didn't seem to mind though). So for once, I think he actually went to work with a full belly!

Then my parents came over for breakfast (same meal...just made again a little later). My dad was going to help me with a home project. This week I had a cement path put in connecting the dog kennel and patio (hopefully lessening the amount of mud that accumulates in the Spring)...and then I also had a cement pad put in for a shed I bought. So...I needed my dad's help putting the shed together, and my mom was able to watch the girls for me.

So in my mind I'm thinking we'll start working after breakfast, and have the shed done by...say...2:00. WRONG!! I'm so thankful my dad was there!! I think if he wasn't, I would have opened the box...had seen all those pieces...the instructions (which might have well been in a foreign language)...and just cried! I had no idea what a project it was! This is an actual quote from the instructions: "The remainder of the building assembly requires MANY hours and more than once person. DO NOT continue beyond this point if you do no not have enough time to complete the assembly today." We continued...even when we knew we weren't going to make it...yeah, we're rule breakers! We basically worked until about 6:00, and I'm sad to say...we were unable to complete it. But, my dad helped me get the hang of it, and I think (hope) I can finish it before August when they come back...ha, ha!

That evening I was hosting a party for Ryan. It also happened to be my parents last day in town (boo hoo), so I thought we could have a farewell dinner for them, and Ryan's party. So since, my dad and I were sweating it out trying to finish the shed, my mom took over everything else!! She watched the girls AND got everything ready for the party! She even ran out to get the cake (cupcakes actually). I was going to make the know...that darn shed! So, the party went on as planned thanks to my mom!

So parents spent their last day in town helping me...boy, do I owe them!!

Here's the floor.
Hopefully I'll be able to post the finished product soon!

For Ryan's birthday dinner I ( mom) made taco salad with lots of cut up fruit! And for dessert: cupcakes with BYU creamery ice cream! I think he was a happy birthday boy!

Happy Birthday Ryan...I love you!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


My baby girl is already starting to smile!
And she's even making little cooing noises!
She melts my heart everyday!

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