Sunday, February 27, 2011


I had a pretty relaxing birthday yesterday.

Ryan and Haley went out first thing that morning to a local bakery and picked up some raspberry rolls and cinnamon rolls. They were delicious! I had two...and enjoyed every bit of them!

I have been reading Charlie and Chocolate Factory with the girls and we finished it the other night. The girls absolutely loved it! So, after our breakfast I layed Piper down for her nap and we all snuggled on the couch and watched the movie Wilie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original with Gene Wilder). I haven't seen that movie in FOREVER, so it was fun to see it with the girls for their first time. Morgan didn't really like it...she got scared when Charlie and Grandpa Joe drank the fizzy water and floated into the air toward the ceiling fan. She says she hates that movie and never wants to see it again...but I think she'll come around.

That afternoon we went off to the mall...I wanted to use some gift cards that I've had forever. This ended up not being as fun as I thought it fact I left the mall, not only empty handed, but depressed as well. I felt very...overwhelmed. Shopping used to be very easy and fun when I was young...but now, I just feel very out of place. Every piece of clothing looks either too fancy for my every day wear, or just over the top and not for me. Every woman in the store looked very made up and glamorous...I felt very ordinary and plain. Depressed. I tried on a few pairs of jeans...but nothing worked. I tried on some skirts...but again, nothing worked. I looked at some shoes...but nothing called out to me. I need a personal shopper...someone to find things that will work for me. I was tempted while at Nordstroms to go to the make-up counter and let them make me over. I was scared I would just burst into tears, "Please, it's my birthday today...and I'm not feeling good about myself...Make me beautiful!! And can one of you find clothes for me too!". But I didn't. To be honest, the girls behind the counter kinda scared me...they were a little too made up...and I certainly didn't want them to make me look like a clown.

So was a shopping failure.

Luckily, things turned around and I didn't stay in a depressed state all day. That afternoon Ryan got a fire was so nice to sit by the fire and watch the snow was just what the doctor ordered! Ryan also whipped up a good dinner of brats and fries...yummy! And we had a HUGE cake that he bought earlier...double yummy!

Ryan and I ended the day cozying up on the sofa watching a NOVA special about Typhoid Mary (hey our options are slim at the library). It was actually very interesting...but of course as much as we fought it, we still may or may not have dozed off a few times in front of the TV.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I should probably do an update on what's been going on around here.

I started weaning Piper on Monday. I started with her midday nursing's the easiest to start with...half the time I end up skipping that on anyway because we're too busy running around on errands. So yeah, started Monday. Well, turns out...she HATES the bottle!! She spent the majority of the afternoon Monday crying. Any time I brought the bottle close to her, or even in her eyesight, she just went ballistic! Luckily, it's improved over the last couple of days. Yesterday, I got her to drink 4 oz of formula!! So, I think she's coming around...I think she's realizing that if she wants to eat, she has to start getting used to that stuff.

My birthday is quickly's Saturday if you want to know. Not sure what our plans are just yet. We thought about going into Salt Lake for breakfast, but the weather might be crappy so we have to think of a plan B. What ever we do...I want to eat some good food (maybe not good for you food, but good food none the less). If we don't go out to breakfast I want a big huge cheese danish...yeah, that sounds good...with a big huge cup of coffee to go with it! Yeah, that's the way to start a birthday morning! And I think I want to go shopping! I have some gift cards that are burning a hole in my pocket!!

Yeah, so another year...another year older. Not that I'm old...I know I'm not old or anything. But you know what I've the checkout line at the grocery...all the people on the magazine covers are now younger than me. Seriously though, when did that happen?! They used to be all older than me! Now, when I see who's on the cover, they are so young!! Taylor Swift, Kardashians, Justin Bieber...and a bunch of other people I don't even know!! Crazy.

I'm starting to get the desire to start decorating around the house more. We have a huge window slider door in the family room that has yet to have any type of window treatment on it. So in the evening when we're watching TV it's like we're in a huge fish bowl...the neighbors have a full view of our family room...with us it in. So, no chances of getting frisky in that room that's for sure! Just kidding...but seriously. So, anyway, I finally bought a curtain rod to hang something up. Turns out, table clothes are the exact same size of the curtains I need...and they are waaaay cheaper. So yeah, I'm hanging up table clothes for our window treatments. I'll let you know how they turn out! I'm also getting the itch to paint. I have some ideas floating around in my head! Keep you posted!

Monday, February 21, 2011

What We're Watching

First, a quick update on the weekend. I was able to adjust my attitude (my dad would always use that phrase growing up..."This kid needs an attitude adjustment!") So yeah, I had an attitude adjustment. The afternoon was very nice. We went to the Life Science Museum and then to the library. Perfect activities for a rainy day.

So anyway, as you probably already know, we don't have cable (yes, I miss it at times). We've been through all of our Mad Men (3 seasons)...I'm anxiously waiting for season 4 to come out. We've been through season 1 of Big Love...I haven't been willing just yet to shell out the 35-40 dollars for the next season yet. We've watched the first two seasons of Flight of the Conchords. We've also watched a bit of Alias...but the discs decided to crap out so we never finished season 2. And then we've watched some of the movies in our library that we haven't seen in a while or at all. Juno, Cold Mountain, Valentine's Day, Ocean's Eleven, Ocean's Twelve, European Vacation...of course, this is over a great deal of time...we don't watch that much TV at once. In fact, we rarely finish a movie in one night. By ten at night we're both falling asleep in front of the TV...goodness, that's sad.

Anyway, I know this is very thrilling...our TV watching. But, at the library I was excited to find this:
The PBS series, Manor House.
I'm a big fan of these types of series PBS puts out. If you're not familiar, they take ordinary people and plunk them into a particular year in history and they have to live as the people actually did from that era for three months. Everything is totally often they can bathe, what they ate, how they dress, activities they did, and so forth.

Years ago we watched the 1900 House.

And before that we watched The Frontier House.
The Manor House is a little different because it deals with three distinct classes: the aristocrats, the upper servants and the lower servants. It's quite interesting to see how they all get along. The lower servants are not even supposed to make eye contant with the aristocratic family...they must make themselves invisible and basically hide in a corner until the Lord or Lady leave the room. And then the poor Scullery Maid...she's the lowest ranking of servants...she basically stays in the kitchen ALL DAY cleaning dishes and scrubbing floors. She isn't allowed anywhere else in the house. And for one dinner party they can go through over 1000 pieces of silver!!
Anyway, I just find it fascinating how people lived years ago. I wonder how I would do if I lived during that sure makes me grateful for the things I have today, that's for sure! Dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, cars, disposable diapers, Tylenol, tampons...need I go on? I think you get it.
So you may want to check these series out if you're in need of some good TV watching.
In other news, Ryan has off today...I know it's a miracle!! He took Haley up to Sundance for some skiing snowed a little more overnight, so they're going to take advantage of the fresh pow pow this morning!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's Saturday...

...I should be happy, right?

I'm feeling down, grumpy, irritable. I hate when I'm like this. Not motivated, and mad at everyone.

Winter is getting to me today. It would be so nice to have an outdoorsy activity to do with the kids. Instead, here we are...inside. We have plans for later, but it's a gloomy, ugly day.

I want a vacation. I want to go camping in St. some hiking and feel the sun on my skin...maybe even sweat.

In other news, I think I'm going to start weaning Piper next week. I'm tired of nursing. I know, what kind of mother am I?! I'm feeling a bit trapped lately. I want my body back...I need a break that's longer than 3 hours.

I want to go skiing with Jeff before the season is done. I can't do that if I'm nursing.

I love being a mother...but I'm tired today. I'm tired of Piper's high pitch screams she does...she does it when she's happy...she does it when she's mad. She probably screams about every 30 seconds throughout the day. It's like finger nails on a's ear piercing...I'm not even lying...or exaggerating (okay, I may be exaggerating about the every 30 seconds). When I'm talking to my brother on the phone he says it's like there is some type of parakeet in the background. After hearing her screams all day, I'm about ready to start banging my head against a wall by dinner. I truly may start wearing big ear protectors soon...anything to keep my sanity.

It started to rain...swell.

Ryan is out training in it right now.

Kids are watching Shrek. This is the only way I can get them to be quiet and still while Piper naps...because she wakes up at the drop of a hat.

I can see the dogs through the window....they're getting soaked. One is sitting on top of her dog house and the other is eating her poop...lovely.

I think I'll stay in my jammies for a while longer...drink another cup of coffee...and wallow.

I better turn around my attitude around before Ryan gets home...I really, really don't want this day to go into the crapper.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Better Example

I know swim suit season is still a few months away, but I got to thinking about it, and the fact that I need to purchase a new one. A full piece. Wait, I'll start slow...a tankini.

I realized something this morning when Haley came down stairs. I gave her a morning hug and kiss and then attempted to lift her onto my lap. Fact is...I can barely lift that girl anymore! I realized how big she is getting...she is turning into a full fledged kid. A kid who notices EVERYTHING! And a kid who listens when we don't want them to. (I have been known to curse under my breath...that needs to stop...she is listening!) So anyway, I've come to realize that I need to be a better example to her...because she is watching!!

That's where swimsuits come in. Haley has become very interested in bikinis lately. I'll put a lot of blame on Barbies...I tell ya, you can never find a decent outfit for those things! Anyway, she's been asking for one this year. Of course I say no. I have never been a fan of small children wearing bikinis...I think they look absolutely ridiculous! The top always hikes up around their neck and their little kid bellies stick out's true! Don't pretend you don't notice that too! Sorry if your kids wears one...but that's how I feel. So, back to Haley. I tell her no...she can't wear one until she's 18...seriously...I'm not joking...18...okay, who am I kidding...who knows when she'll actually wear one, but I know, not right now! Her response to my "no", was, "well you wear one, so why can't I." And she's right...I do wear one.

So I've decided to be a better example...I'm going to buy a new one...more modest one...for my children's sake. There are actually a lot of cute ones out there. But, I'm not going to get rid of my bikinis...when Ryan and I go off to some tropical island vacation spot...just the two us...I'll wear them. Ahhhhh, that sounds nice. I think I'm ready for a vacation!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Venting about Valentine's

It's time for an update.

I've been in a blogging funk to be honest. Around any type of holiday I have to be careful about what articles or blogs I read. I have a tendency to see all these neat things that other people are doing or making (I'm amazed with how creative people can be!)...and then I feel I don't measure up. I have tons, TONS of crafty blogs on my google reader that I like to read...but at times it can be a bit overwhelming. Or I read these blogs, and then I feel the need to take pictures of my little crafts that I I have to keep up or something...or prove myself to the world. "Look, look what I can do...See I can be crafty too!!". And especially Valentine's day posts bother me. Sometimes it feels people like to go over the top with how they celebrate or what they give to their loved one...then they love to post about it. "Look what we did" type post..."See how much we love each other!!!". "See what I did for my love!!!" Like they are the only ones in love. I know, I know...people can post what they want, it's their blog. But, some people "live to blog about it" instead of "blogging what they live." (I totally stole that phrase from someone, I think that's how it goes). And I don't like it when people post things just to show's phony...and we can all tell. I don't like reading something that makes me feel inadequate or that I'm a crummy mother or wife. I'll have to stay away from those blogs.

I'm not sure any of that made sense to anyone...but whatever.

Anyway...okay, enough of that, I said my piece.

We had a very nice Valentines. I made my traditional Valentines dinner: Steak with mustard cream sauce, fresh green beans, mashed potatoes, and molten lava cakes for dessert! It was delicious! That was, after I welcomed Ryan home by standing naked in the doorway...okay, not really (although Ryan would have loved that!) I just wanted to make sure you were all paying attention.

No it wasn't quite like that...but it was a very nice and delicious dinner. Jeff joined us...even if he did have to eat and run (he had to finish studying for some exams this week) it was nice to have him with us. Simple evening at was perfect.

Some pictures of Piper.
She loves to sit by the window and watch the dogs run around the yard.

Ah, the joys of the Tupperware cabinet...every kid's favorite!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The First Tease

Yep, temps in the 50's today...well, upper 40's, low 50's. It's BEAUTIFUL! The sun is out, I actually felt the warmth on my skin! This will mark the first (of many) Spring like temps coming our way...a glimpse that Winter will eventually come to an end. It may be a tease, but it gives me hope. I long for BBQ's, eating on the patio, picnics, and going out for ice cream. But then, I remember, it's only February...we'll get hammered again. Must have patience!

So today the girls spent a huge chunk of the morning making cookies with our neighbor. She is such a nice lady...she has really made us feel welcome in the neighborhood, and she really enjoys our children. So yeah, how can I say no to that! I not only get a break for a few hours, but also got cookies out of it!! Win, win for me!

While they were gone I spent the morning ripping out the shower door on the tub in the girls' bathroom. Those slider doors weren't working for me. Ah, it felt good to rip something out of the wall! However, Piper didn't agree. She spent the entire time screaming. I don't think she liked the noise of me banging the shower doors around...sorry Pipes, but I had to get it done!

This afternoon Ryan did some manly work around the yard. He cut back all the grape vines and started trimming the trees...if you've seen our yard you will know what a huge task this is! I had every intention to help...honest. But somehow I never made it past the chair on the patio...once I sat down with the sun on my face...ah, it felt so good. All of sudden the thought of sludging around a muddy, poopy backyard didn't really appeal to me anymore. Sorry babe, maybe next time I'll be more motivated. You did good work though!

So now to kick off these lovely temps we're having, I think we're headed off for some burgers.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Defaced ink pad

I've been doing a bit of crafting this week. Just recently I bought an embossing heat tool and I'm loving it! I've been making some gift tags to go on treat bags for the girls' teachers for Valentines, and of course Valentine cards. So anyway, Morgan and I were getting our craft on the other day and I noticed this little addition to the girls' ink pad:

Hmmmm, I wonder who did that?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Speaking of wish lists...

...this would be the latest on Haley's wish list:

That would be a Justin Bieber doll...she is obsessed. And let me add that she is six...I thought I wouldn't have to deal with obsessions until the tweens. But no. One of her favorite things is to watch the video of his song "Baby" on Youtube. In fact, I believe she knows the lyrics by heart now.

So anyway, she has informed that she really, REALLY wants to get the Justin Bieber doll as her reward when she fills her sticker chart. But I think it may be more than I'm willing to pay. So we have compromised and I will give her half of what it costs and she has to earn the other half herself. So, she has already started a Justin Bieber doll "account" where she puts all her earned money in a little cute coin purse. So far, she has 72 cents...I think she actually found that 72 cents in the bottom of my purse...whatever.

So now she asks everyday, "What chores can do for you today mommy?". Ah, a dream come true...oh, wait, I have to pay her. Well, I'll take what I can get!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On my wish list...

I've been wanting a new camera FOREVER! But it seems just recently I've been REALLY craving one. Maybe seeing my dad's photos and how much better they come out, or maybe the wonderful pictures I see on other people's blogs...they truly are better! I'm so envious! So we've been saving our pennies around here...after last years big expenditure (my dream home).

So the latest on my wish list: a new camera!

Of course the other biggie on my wish list:

Or, on days when I'm really dreaming:

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weekend Update

On Saturday we took the girls ice skating...well, Ryan actually skated with them and Piper and I watched from the bleachers. Haley couldn't wait...she has been slightly obsessed with figure skating since she checked out a book on it from the library a few weeks ago. Anyway, I think she had the idea that as soon as she got on the ice she would glide off like it was nothing, doing little jumps and twirls just like a pro. So when she did finally get on the ice she realized (very quickly) that it's not that easy! She fell several times, and got super frustrated with it. She absolutely refused to use one the pusher things...that's for babies she says. So although it was tough in the beginning she didn't give up, and by the end of the session she was doing pretty well, zooming right along. I was very proud of her!

And Morgan, she did use the pusher thingy to help her stay upright and I must say, she did very well too! But after an hour of being on the ice, she was ready to hang up her skates. She came off the ice, plopped herself on a bench and said, "GET THESE SKATES OFF ME AND I WANT TO GO HOME!!". Yep, that's Morgan for ya! When she's had enough, she's had ENOUGH!

Then that night we finally celebrated my brother's Birthday...a couple of weeks late, but better late than never, right? I cooked up some lasagna, foccacia, salad, and a ginormous birthday cake! Good times!

I wanted to include some pictures of Piper. Did you know she's turning 10 months soon?!!
So I dressed her in these footie jammies the other day and noticed that they were getting pretty worn in the feet. A few minutes later I see this:
Hmmm, maybe it's time to put her a bigger size!

Getting some love from Belle...although Piper doesn't seem to be enjoying it.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A little article from the past.

I thought I'd share an article that Ryan wrote during our first year of marriage. I guess it kinda goes along with yesterday's post. It was published in our little college newspaper. I guess I'm still feeling a bit nostalgic today.

Funny stuff.

Click it to enlarge.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How Far We've Come

I was reading a friend's post the other day...she was remembering back to the first year of her marriage and seeing how far she had come from the days of living in a basement apartment with sheets for curtains. That of course triggered my own memories of our first year of marriage...because we all have to start somewhere...and for the majority of us, it usually starts with nothing.

Ryan and I got married the Summer before our last year of college. We had nothing in terms of furniture...nothing. We were living in Indianapolis and I had some relatives living close by. They had some old stuff that they willingly gave us, and we of course greatly appreciated! A table and two chairs, a chair for the living room, a lamp, bookshelf, bed (which had a huge indent where the springs had broke, lucky for us it was at the foot of the bed and not at our heads), and a dresser. However, the first couple of months we didn't have the bed and we were sleeping on the floor. I would arranged the bedding perfectly to make it look as homey and inviting as looked as if the bed had sunk down beneath the floor boards and just the blankets and pillows got left behind. We had a big vacuum box for our coffee table, and crates stacked up for our side table next to our bed. I layed folded sheets over them to disguise them as best has I could. The sofa we used was a small love seat I picked up on the side of the road one day and used it in my dorm room for a couple of years prior. Yeah, that's right...on the side of the road. Who knows what was lurking in that thing! But it worked. The apartment did have a fireplace though! Every so often Ryan went out to the "woods" and gathered sticks...those, along with a duraflame and we had ourselves a pretty nice fire!

We only had one car, which I mostly used because I was doing my student teaching at the time. I had to drive in the snow/storms/blizzards for the first time ever! And Ryan had to ride his bike to school in the same weather! Yeah...what a guy!

I found some old pictures:

Ryan training and studying...look at that multitasking!
This was the day we graduated. My little brother, Jeff, is sitting on the infamous love seat.

Behind our apartment was a little pond. The Canadian geese would stop by on their way South.

All the ducks left, except for this little fellow. Our little green friend. We would stand out our back door and he would come running to us to get some bread.

I look back at that year, and I have nothing but happy memories. We sure didn't have much, but it's fun to see how far we've come since "side of the road" sofas and cardboard box coffee tables! What a year...I wouldn't trade it for anything!
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