Tuesday, November 15, 2016


You know the saying, "When it rains, it pours."?
Well, that's exactly how I feel these past few weeks, like everything is happening all at once, and I have no control.  I'm just trying to stay afloat.  
Little known fact....I'm terrible at handling stress.  Note to self: do more yoga this month!  

We've been getting our old house ready to rent and in the process we noticed a leak in the bathroom.  The toilet had come off the wax ring and had been slowly leaking and ultimately destroying the sub floor.
So, we were delayed advertising the house a few days while this was taken care of.

Since we were not able to find the original tile anymore to replace what was ripped out (and we did not want to rip out the entire floor to put something new in) we opted to put in a completely different tile around the toilet.  This is now an official throne room, ha!
A little weird looking...but fully functional.

So, long story short, we realized we had the same problem in our own house.  Specifically, the girls' bathroom.  
Here we go again...
There was leaking around the toilet as well as the tub, so out went ALL the tile this time and most of the sub floor.
The new tile was installed Friday night but the bathroom was still out of commission for the weekend.  Which proved a challenge with 7 girls in this house over the weekend!!  Yep, that's right!  We had three cousins stay here overnight...the girls were in slumber party heaven!  Me on the other hand...I think I'm still recovering.  Kidding...but seriously.

As for this week, the toilet and shower are now functional, but we are in the process of putting in a new vanity.  

So with our bathroom being under construction here and driving back and forth to our rental, and my own daily chores (laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc.) are being neglected...it's all taking a toll.

And Thanksgiving is next week!  I have so much on my mind, this holiday has completely sneaked up on me!

And then Christmas???  Oh my, don't even get me started!!
Hopefully things will slow down in December??  

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Halloween 2016

We had another successful Halloween!
Funny how when I was a kid, Halloween came and went, just like that...at least that's what I remember.  Now, for these kiddos, Halloween lasts weeks it seems!  Parties, trunk o' treats, school parades...you name it!  By the time actual Halloween comes you're lucky if their costume isn't rags, ha!  And the make-up (if they have some for their costume) gets simpler every time they have to dress up...I guess they start to lose their patience.

But, as always, the kids love every bit of it!
This year, we have (from oldest to youngest): Cheshire Cat, crazy cat lady, ninja, and a vampire.

Rory got tired of people calling her cute all the time.
She's not cute people!!  She's scary!!

And Ryan and I went as Napoleon and Deb, from Napoleon Dynamite.
But really, lets face it, Ryan stole the show on that one.
However, can I just say that fanny packs rule...so nice having everything (phone, chapstick, vampire teeth) right there, but without a purse hanging off me was kinda nice!  

Haley (for the first time) went trick o' treating with friends...gasp!  She's getting so grown up!!!
Ryan took the other kiddos out trick o' treating and they made out like bandits.

And that was that.
Happy Halloween.
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