Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Morgan

This morning as Morgan walked through the parking lot and into her Preschool class she sang (loudly),

"Tonight's gonna be a good night!
Tonight's gonna be a good night!
Tonight's gonna be a good good night!"

Nothing like a little Black Eyed Peas to start your day!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hanging on

The girls were outside playing the other day and when I went out to check on them I found this.

They found all this stuff, sleeping bags, chairs, play tent, in the garage (still waiting to be put away) and decided to go "camping" in the backyard. I thought it was pretty clever.

I'm desperate for normalcy around here! We have absolutely no routine yet. With the driving back and forth to our old house (sometimes twice a day) to take care of the dogs or show the house to potential renters, it's nearly impossible to get anything else done around here. I'm just hanging on. I had to put Haley in jeans today (it will be in the 90's) just to hide the dirt on her legs from yesterday...I wasn't able to get find any time for her to get in the shower. And when her hair is in a braid...that means it hasn't been washed and it has too many tangles to leave down. And then I use a little mom spit to wash the banana bread that she had for breakfast off her face before sending her on her way. Oh my...too sad. I have got to get with it! And my little Piper...she has to take most of her naps in the car...or not at all...which makes for a very cranky baby! And Morga-Muffin...well, she's cranky most of the time we'd never know the difference with this lack of normalcy on her.
So anyway, it's a bit crazy around here. And to be honest I've been a little down lately. With the other house not rented's making me a bit uneasy. Plus, it's a little sad seeing the home sit many memories there. And my poor dogs...being cooped up everyday, it's just not good for that breed. Belle especially is very affectionate when we go see them...I think she misses us.
Well, one of these days I'll feel caught up...I hope. And maybe have a normal life again without all the running around...Ha.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Some House Pictures

I thought I'd add a few pictures of the house. I'm still trying to organize things and boxes still line some of the rooms (of course I moved them before snapping a picture).

I included a picture of the foyer because I've never had a foyer before, and I've always wanted one. Weird...maybe. But I love having it...although, give it time, and I'm sure shoes, bags, papers and what ever else will soon fill up the space. The door at the bottom of the stairs is a formal dining room (another room I'm really excited about having).
The formal living room.
My old furniture doesn't look so least I don't think so.

The massive garden.

I included a picture of the back door leading to the garage just because I like the way it looks. Something about how the grape vines drape around it...reminds me of a cottage door. I know, I'm weird.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sad Day

This morning my cousin's husband passed away. It had only been nine months since he was first diagnosed with cancer. Nine months. I just don't get it. Why? He was so young, so strong...healthy one day, sick the next. The cancer spread so fast. He was my age. I believe in God...I believe that everything happens for a reason...and sometimes we don't know why until later...this is one of those moments. There is a greater plan that we just don't see...or understand. I guess that's why we have faith.

What is my cousin going through right now? Or his two young children? It hurts to think about it. I wish I could be there for her...they're in another state and I'm feeling very far away.

I just can't stop thinking about it...I just can't believe it...or maybe I just don't want to believe it.

Roger, you will be missed.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Oh my...I'm ready for this transition phase to be over. This has been a very trying week for me...and it's not even half way over yet. So much to do! And without Ryan this week it makes for very slow going. Luckily my brothers have helped take a few loads of stuff from the old house to the new...yes, I am STILL moving things, it never ends!! Mostly everything is out of the house, it's the garage that's a pain. But we're making progress. I finally got the girls' bunk bed set up, and Piper's crib...Hallelujah! Thanks to Jeff for his man power. The girls had been sleeping on their mattresses all week and Piper was in her Pack 'n Play.

So anyway...progress...slowly, but surely. I have a lot more, but I'm spent.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Quick Update

I'm in our new home, and I'm loving it!! I still can't believe that it's ours! We're still trying to get settled, there is so much to do! Not only unpacking and finding places for everything in the new house, but I'm still getting the other house cleaned out and ready to be rented. And Ryan left today for Interbike for a week...I know, talk about bad timing! So I have a lot on my plate right now. A lot of back and forth driving from house to house. Plus, our dogs are still at the old house, we have to get a fence up before we can bring them home. But the location of this house is so wonderful...I can walk Haley to school and I can even walk to a little about Euro! I have to learn about gardening quick as we have the hugest garden and about a gazillion fruit trees on our property. Seriously, we have about four pear trees, two plum, two peach, four apple, one apricot, two massive grape vines, raspberries, blackberries and currently in the garden we have two rows of corn, watermelon, squash, tomatoes...and I'm sure I'm missing of ton of other things growing around. I kid you's an adventure in our backyard, I'm finding new things all the time! The girls like the berry bushes the best...their hands are permanently stained red...not to mention the berry stains that I have to constantly clean from their clothes! So anyway, I need to start learning how to maintain it all quickly!

I'll hopefully have pictures up soon!

Friday, September 10, 2010

New Home!!!

I really debated posting this picture...I mean we haven't moved in yet...but, I think we're safe now. I can't believe it...I can't believe we finally made it to the finish line...we got the house!!

It was quite an ordeal yesterday. We had a 4:00 appointment to sign the papers...however, literally as I'm driving to the title company I get a call from my lender saying they weren't ready yet, don't come, wait until further notice. You can imagine how freaked out I was! 4:00 came and went...6:00 came and went...8:00 came and went...finally, around 10:30/11:00 we get everyone at the title company to sign (including my children...Piper was sleeping soundly in her crib when I had to yank her out and throw her in the car. Okay, I didn't "throw" her, but you get the idea). Luckily, they had a play room at the office for the girls...yeah, they had no problem staying up that late.

Anyway, our deadline was the 9th, so I assumed that as long as we signed by midnight we'd be safe...WRONG. I didn't know this at the time, but the contract ended at 5:00 that day. I think my realtor and lender withheld that from me since they knew I would go into complete freak-out mode! So everyone was scrambling around I'm assuming...and low and behold the sellers stayed with us! I am so grateful! I LOVE this house! And I tell ya, I NEVER want to do this again!! I will stay in that house FOREVER and EVER!! I will be quite happy there for the rest of my life!

The bad news is that we probably won't be able to move until Tuesday. We have to wait until all the funds get transferred around. So unfortunately we won't be able to use the weekend. And Ryan leaves for Interbike next, a lot to do in little time.

But the home is ours! I can finally relax...a little.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Day in the Uintas

Last Saturday Ryan and I took the girls up in the Uintas for a day of sightseeing, a picnic, and hiking. Such a beautiful area! I've only just driven through (following a bunch a bike racers) so it was nice to really see it. It was a bit on the crowded side being Labor Day weekend and all...but not too bad. And the weather was perfect!

The hike around Mirror Lake was just right for the girls...we even took Piper in the stroller on this trail! We had to carry it over a few rocky areas, but the Zooper held up fabulously!

We also stopped to see the Provo Falls. Of course it didn't take long for the girls to get in the water.
The entire time Morgan (still being scared of trees falling on her) pointed out EVERY SINGLE fallen tree that she saw. And she constantly asked "Is it going to storm?!" every few minutes...any breeze she felt meant a storm was coming. Did I mention it was a beautiful day? Not a cloud in the sky! So this next picture cracks me up of Morgan...hood up (because you know, there was a slight breeze, gotta be prepared for that storm!)...and she's looking at some nearby trees that may fall on her. Poor child...hopefully we didn't traumatize her with this outing!

I thought I'd just add this one of Piper. She's fast asleep while holding on to her foot...she has to be ready to suck that toe at a moments notice...yes, even with a pacifier in her mouth!

Regarding the house...we have been given a time and a place to meet tomorrow...yes, to sign. I'm scared to really talk about it...I don't want to jinx anything...or I'm just in shock...more soon.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Almost there...I hope.

I think I can see the light at the end of this very long and dark tunnel. I'm referring to the house we're trying to buy (in case you didn't know). Our closing date is September 9th. I think we're going to make it...if fact I think we may sign on the 8th...I hope, I hope, I hope. Every time our lender turns in our paper work, the banks comes bank with something else they want. It's as if they want to sabotage this loan..."What's one more thing we can throw at them to screw this up? Ah, how about some random tax document from two years ago? Or how about having them prove they have three children by supplying each child's Birth Certificate?". And I think we've given the bank about a million copies of our bank statements and current mortgage never ends! I've done more scanning of documents than I've ever done! I've been on the phone with my lender more than you can believe! I've had to do so many business type things...on the phone talking money with my lender, banks, etc. or on the computer downloading documents, scanning things, copying things, or just plain rummaging through my files (thank goodness I'm somewhat organized!)...I've done all these things with kids in tow. I'm tired...I'm tired of having an important phone call and trying my best to listen while trying to console a screaming baby, or having another child yell "Mommy, can you wipe me?!!" while I'm frantically writing important numbers in a tablet. I feel like I should be in a business suit when I'm doing all these things, not in sweats (complete with spit up), baby in one arm, phone wedged between my shoulder and ear, all while I wipe a child's bum.

Yes, it's's time I put this whole process behind me. I'm ready!

I don't want to be let down...I've been through too much.

Oh...and Morgan is still scared of trees.
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