Friday, November 21, 2008

Getting ready to head out of town!

Yesterday was a whirlwind kind of day! It seems that I was constantly running around going somewhere. Lets see...Dropped off Haley at Preschool, Target, the mall (which Morgan screamed the entire time), dropped off Jeffy at class, picked up Haley, Costco, the dump (unloaded 4 bags of leaves), my parents rental (pick up more bags of leaves), the dump again (unloaded more bags of leaves), camera repair place (got my camera back), and finally Home Depot. Ugh! And I realized as a was running around in the afternoon I never ate lunch!!! We went home in there somewhere to eat, I did feed my children, that I know! Etta got out again while we were gone on our morning errands! She's too smart, and she knows that if she keeps at it she can push boards off the fence. Luckily, I neighbor found her and put her in our garage. So anyway, I think I was too busy trying to figure the Etta thing out that I forgot to eat! I remember munching on something though...oh yes, I did eat a leftover pop tart sitting out. There you go...lunch of champions!

For those who are curious, I ended up buying a backless booster that is purple with flowers for Haley. I weighed her the other day and my scale (although probably not the most accurate) says she's 40 lbs. And she's nearly 43 inches tall, so I decided to get the backless one. She loves it!! She loves the little slide out drink holder I think the best! Plus it gives us sooo much more room in the backseat!

We're leaving tomorrow morning for Sedona...can't wait! We're always ready for a road trip!! Unlike any other time before a trip I'm stocking up the pantry and fridge instead of leaving it nearly empty. Jeffy will be here until Wednesday, he leaves for Long Beach to spend Thanksgiving with our parents. So my freezer is loaded with Hot Pockets and Taquitos and there's plenty of Ramen, cereal, Pop Tarts, and cookies in the pantry...everything a 18 year old needs to survive! I'm making a bunch of pizza tonight, so that should hold him through the weekend.

Like I said earlier, I got my camera back from the repair shop...AGAIN! Hopefully, this is it and it's finally fixed. So last night I was testing it to make sure it in fact these are our testing pictures.

This one is pretty crummy of me, but Morgan is super cute!

Uncle Jeffy/Big Brother and my girls. We actually had to bribe Morgan to sit on his lap. We said Jeff would swing her around if she cooperated, she decided that sounded like a good deal.

Oh, and I have to mention...There is nothing better in the morning than to look into the paper and see a big photo of your husband!! Yeah, that's right...Ryan was in the Outdoor section of the Deseret showing off his cyclocross skills! Check it out!
Look in the photo gallery.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pink Flowers or Neutral Colors?

I might as well just start living in my car since that is where I am the majority of the time. Maybe if I was a little more organized I wouldn't have to be, but I guess I like to make my life as complicated as possible, so I'm sure I won't be changing any time soon. So anyway, I'm on the lookout for a new car seat for Haley, she's ready to upgrade into a booster. Actually, she was probably ready for it long ago, but like I said I'm not very organized, so I'm finally getting around to getting one for her. The selection wasn't great at any of the stores I went to this morning. I'm looking at the Graco ones, since the other car seats I have are Graco, and no way can I mix brands!! So they had a cheaper model that pretty much had no cushion, it would be like sitting on a rock! That one's out! The next one up was really nice, but the only design they had in stock were pink flowers. Super cute! And of course Haley went crazy for it! But I just can't do it. Every major baby/toddler item I have ever purchased has been neutral colors: stroller, high chair, crib stuff, paint colors... everything! I just always think..."What if?...What if I ever have a boy?". No little boy is going to want to sit in a booster with pink flowers all over it! So the search continues, and I had to break Haley's heart. I tried to explain..."What if you someday have a brother Haley?". She says, "But Mommy, I already have a brother....Jeffy!". Jeffy (yes, that is what we call him...I've been calling him that since he was a baby, and I'm not stopping) anyway, he's taking on a role he never knew he had...a big brother that is!

I'll probably be destined to only have girls...and then I'll be kicking myself that I didn't buy super girly things!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Saturday Cross Race

So I was able to race after all. A big huge thanks to Jennifer and the whole Primary presidency for all they did to prepare for Sunday's program...they are awesome! The program was wonderful, I thought everyone did a super job. Haley said her line in the microphone, no mumbling!! Yeah, Haley!!

So I felt pretty good Saturday and I really liked the course this time! There was a lot of single track and it was way more technical. I only almost biffed it once...not bad! I even practiced dismounting before the race and I think I've got it if I only knew how to get back on the bike fast. Anyway, it's pretty fun seeing Ryan and the girls cheering for me when I go by. It would be so neat if the girls got into this...they love mud after all, so they've got that going for them!

I took these pictures from Rio's Rider. I have no idea why they are so small, maybe you can click on them to get them bigger. Just check her blog to see them full size, she has a way better race report anyway. This is Ryan mixing it up in the A's race.

Rio's Rider right behind me...she was coming for me!

This picture kills me...what's up with my baggy leg warmers?! Nerd alert!!

Here I am jumping the's way steeper in real life, honest!

I don't know....but.....I think I'm starting to like this stuff!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Rambling today

Well, these last two days have been a bit nerve racking. They are making some big changes at Ryan's work and to make a long story short...a lot of people are without jobs right now. Thank goodness Ryan is not one of them! But we weren't sure what was happening for a while, but I think I'm safe, and I can finally take a breath! This is such a bad time right now for the economy, and I can't help feeling so bad for all those families who are scrambling now to find work. Timing could not have been worse with the Holidays approaching. I have not been shy when it comes to complaining about Ryan's hours...12 hour days are not ideal!! We never really see him during the week!! But I guess I'll zip it and just be thankful he has a job!! So, no more complaining...for today anyway!

In other news, I got my haircut yesterday. I'm not super crazy about it. I hate when that have visual of what you think it will look like, but when you leave it's not at all what you expected! Oh well, I think I'm calling it quits with short hair. I'm growing it out starting today!

Warning: This is kind of a gross story...

At Costco when I'm done actually shopping I like to meander through the book isle before checking out (I'm in need of a new book to read). Anyway, so Morgan is sitting in the shopping cart and Haley is beside me, I wasn't really paying attention to what she was doing. Anyway, I'm reading about some book when I notice a lady talking to Haley. She's like "Oh, honey, I don't think that's a good idea!". So I look down and I see Haley slapping her hands in a puddle of something on the floor. So of course I pull her away from it. I'm all confused as to where this mysterious puddle came from, because it wasn't there moments earlier. I look all over the cart thinking something must have broke open. Nope. Then I notice that Morgan is sitting in a little puddle and her pants are soaking wet. So yes, apparently Morgan's diaper was already full and then she peed again leaking it all over the seat onto the floor where Haley decided to start splashing in it. EEEEWWWWWW!!!!! No one around me actually saw me discover Morgan's wet seat, so I pretended it came from her sippy cup and got out of there. Kids are so gross!!

Oh, and by the way...I'm racing tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 little grump!

I'm having the hardest time finding a layout that I like. I really liked the last one I had from "cutest blog on the block", but it took way too long to come up every I had to pull it. How do other people create such cute blog layouts?! I want to know! So anyway, I'll probably keep messing around with'll just have to put up with me!

So today did not start out well. I feel bad for Jeff because he witnesses all my "moments of rage". Luckily, he's an easy going kinda guy and really could care less that I'm storming around the house ranting. My girls are constantly fighting...what's up with that?! Please, please, I hope they grow out of it. I hope it's just Morgan's age...she's in the "terrible two's" and believe me, she fits the bill as she is grumpy most of the time. Her favorite phrase right now is "NO WAY!". She says it for everything! Even when someone smiles at her and says hello at the grocery store, she gives them a grumpy look and says, "NO WAY!". It's quite embarrassing! The other day I wanted her to say sorry to Jeff because of something she did, so I had her stay in her room until she did. I would check on her every few minutes to ask, "Are you ready to say sorry." Her response, "NO WAY!". There was even one point she was standing in the hallway right outside her room crying to come out. I say, "Your choice is to say sorry and come out, or go back to your room." She stood there for a few seconds thinking it over and then she turned around went into her room and shut the door. She stayed in there for about an hour until she finally gave in and said sorry. I really thought she was going to be my easy going child, but I was wrong...she's as stubborn as they come!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Totally Bummed!

So sorry to let all my fans down...but I won't be able to race at Wheeler Farm this Saturday. I know, I know, I'm sure all of you are super upset right now...but don't worry I'll try to come out again sometime. But that will be hard for me because it's only getting colder, and you all know how much I dislike being cold. I may have to race in snow pants, a puffy jacket and maybe even snow boots, but I'll be back!! I'm really bummed about it because Rio's Rider is planning on racing this weekend! I'm totally going to miss out! But we'll see...I've been known to change plans very last second, so you never know, maybe I will show up!

Haley has her Primary program practice Saturday from 10-12. And because I'm a teacher for another class it's pretty important that I be there too. Plus, Haley NEEDS the practice!! She mumbles her line in the microphone, so we really need to work on that! And when I say mumble...I mean mumble!! You can't understand a word she says! Oh, and then I found out on Sunday that the teachers are going to sing!! Noooooooooooo!!!!!!! I don't want to give away the program (there may be people from church that read this) but I will say the teachers will be front and center, STANDING in the AISLE singing!!! So I really can't fake it this time! At least the song is one of my favorites...although I still don't know all the words to it. This will be me,

"Called to serve Him. Heavenly King of glory,

bla bla bla bla...witness for His name.

Far and wide...bla bla bla bla bla bla bla

Far and wide His love proclaim."

OK, hopefully not! Just for the record (and for all my non LDS readers) there are more words to this song, this is only the first verse. But in any case, I better start practicing so I don't look like a complete idiot standing there.

So I decided to change my layout, but I'm not sure about his one. It takes forever to come up on the screen...that bugs me! But I was pretty tired of the old was kinda boring.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I survived!!

Not only did I survive, but I had a lot of fun racing cross! Luckily the weather was very pleasant...maybe a little on the chilly side but at least sunny! I had to borrow Ryan's gloves because I forgot to bring some and my leg warmers were constantly falling down (I may need to update my Winter gear). Other then that, I think I fit in pretty well...I mean the whole idea is look fast, right? I was hoping people would be like, "Who's that new women?"..."She looks fast!". Then after the race starts they find out how bad you suck!! Oh, and I was on a mountain bike (most people had cross bikes).

I want to explain why all my photos are blurry. My camera is a piece of crap, there! So anyway, this is me right after the race. My race was a whopping 20 minutes, that was two laps around the course, which was perfect for me! Any longer and I might have started hating it. They end the race when you're still having a blast, so then when you finish you're thinking, "Wow, that was fun! I want to do it again!". I think they do that on purpose. The course had three barriers in a row we had to jump over. Unfortunately, this is where I got passed by everyone. I have no idea how to dismount properly so I of course lose a lot of time. I have to roll up to the barrier, stop, get off, run over the barriers, stop, swing my leg over and start off again. I know...nerd!! Then, there was another barrier to jump over before we had to run up a huge hill that was basically made of mud, all the while carrying your bike. But I had to so much fun! I ended up getting fifth out of six women...hey, not bad, right?! So we'll see about Wheeler Farm (that's where the next cross race is).

My girls had a blast playing in the mud, it's probably their most favorite thing to do! These pictures are of them making "Pat-a-Cakes". It kept them busy for quite a while. Mmmm, they look scrumptious!

After playing in the mud they spent the remainder of the day picking dandelions. Two other little girls joined in with them, but they were very reluctant at first. They stared Haley and Morgan in complete horror because of how dirty they were. These two girls were as clean as a whistle! How is that possible with mud everywhere?!!! Impressive! So anyway those two girls finally decided that they were dirty, but not dirty enough to pass up playing together.

Friday, November 7, 2008

What to do...what to do?

Ryan suggested that I race cross on Saturday. He's even posted some pictures of me racing back in the day to try to motivate me. Of course at first I thought there's NO WAY I'm going to race cross...I'm terrible at it! But then, I do have a lot of fun mountain biking...hmmm, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. So we'll see.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Preschool and Primary

Haley got her preschool picture today. I know it's small, but I don't know how to enlarge scans, or any picture for that matter, so you're gonna have to just deal with it! She doesn't look very happy in the fact she's the only one not smiling! But hey, at least she's looking at the camera, and more importantly she's not making some kind of silly face, which was my fear. Our Primary program is coming up in a couple of weeks for church. For those not familiar, every year the entire primary (all kids ages 3-11) spend the first hour singing the songs they learned that year. Also every child has a speaking part. Anyway, this will be Haley's first year participating in it! I'll actually be up there with all the kids since I teach the 8 year old class. I just hope, hope, hope they don't make the teachers sing!! Last year we had to, and if you aren't aware, I can't sing nor do I like even trying! Unless of course I'm in my car alone where I can really rock out! I come from a family of non it's not completely my fault. But hopefully Haley changes all that, because she LOVES to sing, and sings all the time! In fact, I've heard her singing the primary songs recently around the house! It's pretty cute! There's only one song that I'm not that fond of (I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on this one!). It's a beautiful song, but a few lines I'm just not crazy about.

"Home is where there's Father. Strong and wise and true.
Home is where there's Mother and all the children too."

Say What?!! I'm sure all the dads love this song. They all sit there and nod there heads..."Yep, that's right...strong, wise? Yes and yes." We're not just baby makers people!! We have an important role around here too!! Anyway...enough of that.

Something about seeing all those kids up there singing, it just gives chills. And this year my kid is in it!! Hopefully, I don't start crying or anything!! Women do have a tendency to burst into tears while standing at the podium, and I'll be sitting pretty close to it during the program so I'll try to control myself!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And so it begins.

We woke up to snow this morning, and it was still coming down pretty hard when Ryan left for work! He has to drive to work with a big coat, snow gloves, and beanie to try to keep warm...two windows don't zip up anymore in the Wrangler. So I'm sure his drive was not only long, but chilly! And of course Haley was up with us (because she never sleeps) running around the house yelling out, "It's snowing, it's snowing!!!!". She has already asked when we're buying our Christmas tree. One Holiday at a time Holiday at a time!!!

Haley and Morgan couldn't wait to get outside! Not me...I need time to get used to this cold weather before I can just jump out there, I may freeze to death! I mean wasn't it about 80 degrees just last week!!! My girls are true Utahns, cold doesn't seem to phase them! Ryan must have passed on some toughness in that area, because it certainly didn't come from me...I don't like being cold. And it seems in the Winter I'm always cold! My hands, feet and nose are always freezing. The worst is trying to get dressed in the morning without my hands ever touching my skin, yikes, it's like ice touching me! Just ask Ryan, I've nearly punched him when he tries to touch my stomach, back, or neck with his cold bare hands! It's just a reflex, I have no control of my actions when he does that. So watch out!! My mom is the exact same way. The doctor was telling her all the side-effects she would have as she goes through her chemo. One was a sensitivity to the cold! She's like, "But, I'm already super sensitive to the cold!!". So if you happen to be in the Long Beach area during the Winter season and you see some lady wearing a huge puffy jacket, snow boots, scarf, gloves, and a beanie...don't worry, it's not a crazy homeless lady, it's just my mom trying to keep warm!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cross race melt down

So I've been thinking about this last weekend and feel the need to post about my "crazy mama moment" at Saturday's cross race. Maybe because I'm embarrassed...I'm afraid that someone that reads my blog saw me loose control. It was one of those moments that you can feel yourself becoming more unraveled but there is nothing you can do about it. I became completely oblivious to everyone around me...and most likely drawing their own conclusions. But hopefully not...I'm sure everyone was too busy watching the cross race then to notice the frantic crazy lady with her hyper puppy and two children that refused to walk in the same direction that she was!

Let me explain. So I went with Ryan to the cross race thinking it would be a fun family activity...WRONG! I brought Etta with, which was my big mistake. I can't handle a dog (hyper puppy that is) and two children by myself. Etta went every which way so I tripped over her every few feet. Plus, the girls were obsessed with all the other every time I turned around they were completely out of sight and I had to go hunt them down. Every time I found them around someone elses dog. Finally, Morgan decided it would be funny to hide out under the bleachers. I normally wouldn't care, but the bleachers were right along the finishing strip of the race and I was scared that she would jump out in front of a racer. So that resulted in me screaming for her to come out. These are the moments that you just hope so badly that they listen since there are tons of these people around. But it never works that way, huh? So I continue to scream at her all the while holding onto Haley (I think I might have been holding her jacket hood) and of course Etta is getting tangled in my legs. Yeah, I'm sure I was looking pretty unraveled at that point. Morgan just sat under there smiling at me with a little smirk. Ooohh, the NERVE!!! So finally, I got her out and dragged them both to the car with Etta practically being strangled as I dragged her too. Put them all in the car and left the race!! Don't worry, I went back to pick up Ryan, but I just had to get out of there! So as I drove away I thought how crazy I must have looked to everyone around me and then got really embarrassed about it. And this point I never want to go to another cross race again. Not really, I'll give it another go...but this time I may leave Etta home. So anyway, please don't judge me...I'm really a perfect mother, honest!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My two Fancy Nancys

It was a very successfully Halloween, the girls made out with tons of booty this year. And the weather couldn't have been better! Jeff and I were able to hang out on the porch all evening while we passed out candy. I thought the girls looked great as Fancy Nancy. However, I failed at getting their hair curly. I must have spent over an hour with the curling iron and hairspray...but their hair still went flat pretty much as soon as I finished...bummer. But of course that didn't phase them! They were chomping at the bit to get out as soon as the first trick-or-treater came to our door at about 5:30!! They like to start early around here! Ryan told Haley that as soon as it got dark they would leave. A little bit later we caught Haley yelling on the porch, "You have to wait until it's DARK, people!!!!!". Oops! We had to explain that was our rule, but other families can do what they want. So the girls of course didn't eat a bite of dinner...does any kid on Halloween?! They basically stayed on a sugar high to get them through the evening...but that's what Halloween is all about, right?

You have no idea how long it took us to get this picture! They were like little ping-pong balls bouncing all over the place, they would not sit still!

Then Morgan got grumpy and refused to get her picture taken at all! So this is her turning her back to the camera.

They have finally come down from their sugar high, and the rationing of the candy has begun. I think we have enough to last us until Thanksgiving at least!

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