Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's all fun and games...

...until someone gets hurt!

How many times have we told the kids NOT to play on the swivel chair?!  A LOT, that's how many!
Yet, they still seem to gravitate to it.  But then what kid doesn't love sitting in a swivel chair while their siblings spin them at warp speed?  Not mine.  
Yep, it's all fun until a kid goes flying off and hits their head on the piano...that kid being Piper.  

She got a pretty bad cut to the head resulting in five staples.

Piper is such a tough cookie.  She amazes me!  The whole process didn't phase her in the slightest!
She was all smiles while we waited for the numbing gel to kick in.

The final result.  Oweee!
(Aren't you glad I biggie sized the picture?)

At first I thought, STAPLES??!!  But then I was told it is pretty standard to use staples as opposed to stitches on the scalp.  They're quicker and easier when dealing with hair all over...plus, scaring isn't a concern unless she decides to go bald when she's older.

The whole process pretty much kills me.  I'm making light of the subject now, but like always I had to fight (hard) not to faint when I was first examining how bad the cut really was.  And even now looking at the staples on her when she's running around makes me incredibly uneasy.  And let me just add since her hair is so wispy it's pretty much impossible to hide those suckers!  They are constantly staring at me!  And unfortunately they'll be staring at me for the next 10 days!!  Give me strength.

I'll try to keep my brave face on.

1 comment:

sp said...

Staples are common and will come out easily too. Plus they are tough, which is perfect for a kiddo who wants daddy to let her have another go at the spinning chair!

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